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Sins of the Everlasting Twilight: Otome Romance

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■Synopsis■You live a peaceful life in a beautiful town lit by a neverending sunset. But you can’t help but question the world you live in. “There are too many things that don’t make sense in this world.”One day, for some reason, you find yourself inside the forbidden clocktower that stands in the middle of the town. Inside, you meet an enigmatic young man who claims to be an “observer.” He claims that this world has been twisted by evil and entrusts you with a key that will supposedly help you return it to its true state. Guided by the mysterious key, you unwillingly release three dashing Demons. Are they truly the sinful beings that everyone says they are? What secrets do their titles hold? Will the key be the secret to not only letting them free, but also unlocking their hearts?■Characters■[Zarek]“Listen carefully dearest human, and make no mistake. You’re mine and mine only until you pay back your debt to me.” Audacious and arrogant, Zarek very fittingly holds the title of the Sinner of Pride. His alpha male tendencies get on your nerves at first, but you soon begin to realize that he’s not just a royal pain… Will this handsome demon allow you to stay by his side? [Theo]Theo is a taciturn individual and seems hard to approach. You think he’s cold at first, but he quickly overturns that image. When you’re down and in trouble, he’ll be by your side to support you. His kindness is like the faint moonlight that shines your path in the darkest of nights. “I will never forgive you… Never! I will end you!”How is it that Theo could be the Sinner of Wrath…?[Noel]When things are tough, Noel’s friendly smile helps calm your nerves. If only he weren’t so mischievous other times… This mercurial demon will be playing tricks on you one moment and then be kind to you the next. However, he holds the title of the Sinner of Doubt...“It's cute how easily you're affected by my teasing. However, If you don't doubt others, and stay on guard, you'll end up losing yourself.”Could “doubt” be the armor he wears to protect his heart? Only you will be able to discover the truth...


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Genius Inc
Android 5.0+


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