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My Little Pet Girlfriend: Moe Anime Dating Sim

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App Description

■Synopsis■You’ve got a bad reputation at school. Teachers aren’t a fan of you and the other students seem to be afraid of you. However, you’re just a little misunderstood. One day after school, you come across someone abusing one of the hamsters the school keeps and you decide to intervene and teach the jerk a lesson! But… this gets you in more trouble than expected when the headmaster says you’re getting expelled for beating up another student! Luckily, one of the teachers is on your side and lets you go easy, and instead, you get assigned community service by helping out the school’s small animal research club! There you meet three very cute girls that are extremely passionate about little animals like hamsters, rabbits, and ferrets! You don’t seem welcome at first but you decide to accept your fate helping them out. However, you soon discover that there’s a secret reason these girls are so passionate… In fact, they are animal girls! With your reputation on the line, will you be able to help these girls and keep their secret safe? Find out in My Little Pet Girlfriend!■Characters■KanamiTimid and quiet, Kanami is actually a hamster and seems to be more accepting of you joining the club from the start. Could there be a reason that she shows an interest in you when others seem to dismiss you? MichiruThis rabbit girl can be abrasive at times, but you soon find out that she’s just bad at expressing her feelings. Being a rabbit, she doesn’t handle being alone very well and likes to be in others’ company… Even if she doesn’t admit it. MamiMami’s the leader of the gang and isn’t a fan of you at first. However, once you get to know this ferret girl, you realize that she can be fun and playful! She can’t stand injustice and you discover that you actually share a lot in common with her.


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Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Android 5.0+


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