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    Chapter 99: Just happened on its own (4)

    ‘H-he’s not entry master level!’

    Sang Munyo became shocked and tried to back away. If Yeowun’s strength was equal to his, then Munyo needed to fight carefully. That’s when Yeowun charged in like lightning, unleashing the sixth formation of the Butterfly Blade Dance against Munyo.


    Munyo swung his blade defensively, but the blade came at him like a butterfly leaving traces, making his eyes dizzy. It was much faster than his own blade.

    Munyo’s blade was thrown away, ripping Munyo’s palm. As Yeowun did not stop on his blade formation, Munyo quickly shouted, “I-I lost! You passed the test. Stop now!”

    It was not a matter of pride anymore. It seemed like Yeowun’s blade was coming at him as if it would kill for real. Yeowun’s blade stopped in front of Munyo’s nose.

    “Hah… hah…”

    Munyo’s face was drenched in sweat. Yeowun asked suspiciously, “Did I pass the fourth test?”

    Holding up his both hands, he stuttered, “Y-yes. You won, so let’s stop it here.”

    It was to signal to him that he had given up, but it was actually a scheme. Munyo decided to change his method now since he knew he couldn’t just defeat Yeowun with the normal way.

    ‘I would die rather than have you pass the test!’

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    If he were to let Yeowun safely go, then there was the risk of letting everyone know that Munyo ambushed him alone. Munyo gathered the energy in both of his hands. He was going to strike Yeowun’s head as soon as he pulled back his blade.



    As Yeowun retrieved his blade and placed it back into the scabbard, Munyo narrowed his eyes. However, at that moment, Yeowun’s fist struck his body, throwing him back. The sheer strength of the attack blew him away. Munyo became dumbfounded.


    “You should’ve hidden the energy from your hand if you were going to lie.”

    “H-how did you know…!”

    Munyo was so shocked that he stuttered. How did Yeowun know when the energy wasn’t let out of his hand? The energy scattered away from his both hands as he lost will to secretly attack him.

    [Energy focused in the enemy’s hands no longer detected. Lowering risk level.]

    There was no way Sang Munyo to know about Nano’s ability to sense danger. Yeowun then came up to him with a cold look on his face. Full of fear, Munyo exclaimed, “I-I’m sorry. I’m not lying anymore. I accept my loss! I’ll go tell the Chief that you passed the… AAAARGH!”

    Before Munyo finished speaking, Yeowun stepped on his right rib, crushing his bones. The rib bone that barely healed after three weeks of rest and meditation was gone. Yeowun glowered at Munyo.

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    “You should’ve done that before. It’s too late.”

    Munyo became grim with despair. Yeowun then stomped on Munyo’s left chest, crushing all the left rib bones also.

    After about an hour, instructors gathered at the Chief’s office to create a report on the third test. However, they were now sympathetically looking down at someone who was slumped down on the floor. It was Instructor Sang Munyo.


    Lee Hameng, who was sitting down on his chair, looked down at Munyo embarrassingly. Chun Yeowun had brought Sang Munyo here on his shoulders a while ago. Sang Munyo had already passed out and Yeowun, who came together with guards who helped him to carry Munyo, put down Munyo on the office floor and explained what happened.

    ‘I knew he would do something…’

    ‘Thinking of getting revenge against cadet? What a fool.’

    Most of the instructors seemed dumbfounded and were lost for words at what Munyo did. They needed to hear both sides of stories in most cases, but it didn’t seem like it was necessary for this one. The fourth test required the cadets to duel against an instructor anyway. If Munyo ambushed Yeowun, then he was going to be cast out from the academy. If Yeowun challenged him, then he would’ve just passed the test.

    ‘…He did just enough.’

    Even if Sang Munyo attacked him first, if Yeowun cut his arm off or did anything too terrible, it might have angered instructors. However, Yeowun destroyed all of his ribs so that it wasn’t too obvious.

    ‘He’s learning.’

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    This meant that Yeowun was now learning to look after himself. Hameng wanted to compliment him on this, but he couldn’t say this in front of all the instructors. Hou Jinchang spoke up first.

    “Well, he still… passed.”

    Lee Hameng also grinned and nodded. So, throughout the entire history of the Demonic Academy, this was the fastest record for a cadet to pass the fourth test: just an hour after the third test.

    ‘Well, it was only a matter of time anyway.’

    Yeowun was able to defeat the criminal who used the Art of Blood Reversion and pushed back Hou Jinchang. Hameng took something out from his desk and threw it at Chun Yeowun.

    “Take this.”


    It was a silver medal with the word ‘L’ written on it, proving his status as a Squad Leader. Hameng went up to him and took the black number tag off from his chest.

    “Congratulations on passing the fourth test in the shortest amount of time, Squad Leader Chun Yeowun.”

    Exactly after two months, Yeowun was now able to regain his name from being the 7th cadet. He now had earned the title of Squad Leader.

    ‘Oh! I can look at the pedestals on the third and fourth floors then!’

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    This was what excited Yeowun most.

    On the second floor medical room, Baek Jongmeng was looking down at instructor Sang Munyo with a sympathetic look on his face.

    “I thought you wanted to leave this place as soon as possible? Poor guy.”

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