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    Chapter 98: Just happened on its own (3)

    Sang Munyo woke up three days later in the medical room. His bone was sticking out of his skin, so he was in quite a serious sate. When he woke up, he was even angrier and furious that he had lost to a mere cadet.

    ‘This is so embarrassing!’

    He had lost in front of many instructors and cadets. Sang Munyo was a very ambitious man who cared about his honor and pride, so this was humiliating. And such humiliation turned it into a fit of anger.

    ‘If I could only use my skill…’

    He was restricted to only using the Seven Demon Sword that he wasn’t good at fighting with. If he was only allowed to use his own skill, then he was certain that he could defeat Yeowun within ten formations. Even if Yeowun was powerful, he had merely just become a master warrior.

    Munyo gritted his teeth as he thought about getting revenge. He thought to kick out of Yeowun as soon as he got out of the medical room, and the day finally arrived. He wished Yeowun would pass the test since he knew that the next test was the duel between the cadets and instructors. This was the perfect chance to find Yeowun and kick him out himself. He had waited for so long that he now had lost all patience to wait for Yeowun to come to challenge him.

    ‘Do I need to wait for him to challenge me? I’ll just beat him up bad so he can’t talk, and tell everyone that he challenged me later.’

    If he shocked the brain and damaged it, then Yeowun would not be able to keep his sanity to speak the truth. Moreover, it didn’t seem like anyone would blame him for injuring cadets like Yeowun who did not have a special background like the princes from the six clans.

    ‘Fool. I’ll make it so that you can never wield a sword again!’

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    Munyo swung his blade without warning at Yeowun’s neck. He didn’t think Yeowun would be stronger than him, but he remembered that the sword skill that Yeowun used last time was quite powerful.

    ‘I’ll ambush him so I can put him down quickly.’

    No one was watching either, so he didn’t hesitate about ambushing him. When the blade almost reached Yeowun’s neck…


    Yeowun’s blade defended against his sudden attack. It was so quick that Munyo was shocked and glared at him. Yeowun then looked at Munyo coldly and said, “Good. Don’t take back what you just said.”


    “You said that this is the fourth test.”

    Munyo couldn’t hear what Yeouwn was saying now. He became angry that Yeowun had blocked his attack and so he unleashed all of his entire energy to push Yeowun back. Yet, he didn’t even budge. It was actually his hand that held the blade that was shaking now.

    ‘His power… but how?’

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    Sang Munyo was at the master level. His energy was not something that an entry-level master warrior like Chun Yeowun could defend against. However, he defended against it and didn’t even budge.

    ‘Did his internal energy increase in that short amount of time?’

    That’s when Yeowun’s blade unleashed its energy, throwing Munyo’s blade back. Munyo was pushed back and the hand he held his blade with actually felt pain from the energy that sent his blade back. Munyo, who was excited until now just thinking about getting his revenge, became shocked and grimaced at the realization.

    ‘He’s gotten much stronger!’

    He didn’t think Yeowun would have gotten this strong in such a short amount of time. Considering the shock he received just now, Yeowun had at least the same amount of internal energy as Munyo himself. It was unbelievable.

    ‘How can he become so powerful in just a few weeks?’

    Yeowun did not consume any more Black Dragon Balls after he had dueled him, so it was weird. Of course, this was due to the Poison Clan’s leader, Baek Oh. The use of poison ball had actually increased Yeowun’s energy instead of decreasing it. But there was no way for Sang Munyo to know about this.

    ‘Whew… let’s keep calm. Just because he has more internal energy doesn’t make him a master level warrior.’

    To reach the master level, one had to understand qi to be able to use qi freely. Just having more energy didn’t mean Yeowun was as powerful as Munyo himself since there was no way Yeowun could have acquired such deep understanding in such a short amount of time.

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    “Hah! So, you’ve gotten a bit more powerful. I won’t go easy on you then!”


    “A-arrogant fool!”

    Sang Munyo was provoked by Yeowun’s casual nod and he sent qi to his blade. The blade shone brightly with the white light of qi. Munyo felt a strong urge to cut off Yeowun’s arm at least to make this anger subside.


    Munyo charged in, unleashing his Blade skill. His blade divided into two, coming down at Yeowun at once.

    ‘It’s fast. But…’

    It was much slower than the Butterfly Blade Dance. Yeowun’s body spun quickly and the blade in his hand left a trace and defended the blade attack coming down at him. It was the second formation of the Butterfly Blade Dance. Sang Munyo’s eye grew wide with shock.

    ‘He blocked this?! H-how…!’

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    Munyo then saw the clear white qi on Yeowun’s blade. Its shape wasn’t perfect yet, but it was proof that Yeowun was an established master.

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