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    Chapter 97: Just happened on its own (2)

    “We are now giving you the weapons you left with us when you joined the academy.”

    Many cadets entered the academy with the weapons of their specialty. Until now, they had to receive training on basic sword formations and tactics that required no special weapons. So, they were forbidden from using those weapons. However, it was now time to train these warriors to be the best in the cult, so they were allowed to use their own weapons now.

    “Whoa! My sword!”


    The cadets were excited to receive their old weapons back.

    “My baby! I missed you so much!”


    As Hou Sangwha got her weapon back and caressed it like a baby or puppy, all the cadets were shocked. She had a giant axe that was as tall as a grown man, and no ordinary cadet could possibly wield that.


    Now everyone could understand why Hou Sangwha had large, developed muscles. Ja Wumin was also happy to get his red-feathered spear.


    Yeowun did not have a special weapon. He wasn’t the type to become envious, but after looking at all those weapons, it reminded him of the Crazy Blade that Teacher Submeng held. Submeng told him that the Butterfly Blade Dance was only perfect with the Crazy Blade.

    ‘Will there be a sword that fits the Sword Force of the Sky Demon?’

    The likely candidate to fit such criteria was the Sky Demon Sword which symbolized the Lord himself. But Yeowun had not seen it with his eyes, so he could only imagine.

    “Other cadets without weapons, you can get one at the armory.”

    Yeowun then went to armory to get a sword and blade. There were just generic weapons, but it was better than not having anything. After meeting with Submeng, Yeowun thought he would train the Butterfly Blade Dance also.

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    After receiving everything, the cadets gathered back at the training ground and lined up. Lee Hameng glanced over everyone and spoke.

    “You all looked like fools when you walked in, but you look like good warriors now. I will now explain the next test.”

    The cadets all became serious at the mention of the next test. Beginning with the fourth test, they were now going to appoint those who passed to be Squad Leaders. This was where they would be trained as powerful warriors.

    “Beginning with the fourth test, there is no due date.”


    The cadets gasped with astonishment as they were glad to hear that they were now freed from meeting hard deadlines. Hameng grinned.

    “You can take the test individually whenever you want during the four years you are here in the Academy.”

    ‘Four years?’

    This meant that the fourth test alone might take four years. The cadets became serious.

    “The fourth test is the simplest of all tests held here at the academy.”


    The tests only got much harder as time went on, so there was something behind that. While the cadets were confused, Hameng grinned, “If you defeat any of the instructors at any time, you pass the test.”

    The instructors all glanced at cadets, asking to threaten them at any time.

    The cadets were startled. They barely defeated one instructor with the twelve of them teaming up to form a formation. But to defeat an instructor alone, it only meant one thing.

    ‘Become a master level warrior.’

    That was the basic requirement to become an instructor. However, most instructors were well into the late master level.

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    ‘It’s obvious.’

    Yeowun nodded as he understood the requirement. However, the cadets didn’t seem to be too eager. There were some who were barely at the top-class level who were concerned, not to mention the other cadets who were either reaching the master level, or those who were at the master level already.

    ‘Dammit! This is crazy! Even the leaders cannot defeat the instructors who only used the Seven Demon Sword. How can we defeat them?’

    ‘Our leader barely got the yellow tag!’

    ‘It’s okay, we’ve got enough time.’

    ‘Didn’t you hear? You have to train yourself!’

    Becoming a top-class warrior was easy if given enough energy and martial arts. However, becoming a master was different since it required the understanding of qi. There were many warriors who did not have the talent to understand qi, and that stopped them from reaching the master level.

    This meant that the fourth test was to see if they were worthy to be more powerful.

    “And I will warn you again. As I said in the beginning, you will be expelled the moment you fail the test.”

    There was only one chance for the test. If the instructor used their own martial arts, then it was going to be much harder this time around. Lee Hameng then explained the other facilities that were now available for use and ordered them to be dismissed.

    “You are now dismissed. I wish all of you good luck.”


    The cadets all shouted in unison and began to scatter. However, most of the cadets went to a similar destination. Those who wanted to increase their energy went to the private training room, and those who wanted more powerful skill books went to the library.

    Yeowun and his members all stayed behind and gathered. This was to say goodbye to those who had failed the test.

    “Master, thank you for everything.”

    “We would not have gotten the chance to take the test if it wasn’t for you.”

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    “I will wait for you outside, Master.”

    Members bowed to Yeowun, and as they all said farewell to each other, someone called out Yeowun’s number from behind.

    “7th cadet!”


    Everyone turned to the voice. The one who called Yeowun was instructor Sang Munyo who had to stay in the medical room for three weeks after his rib fracture from Yeowun. Sang Munyo didn’t look all that friendly while talking to him.

    “Follow me to the main building.”

    “What is it?”

    “Do you have the right to ask me questions?”

    “…Yes, sir.”

    It was weird that he was telling him to follow, but Yeowun had a guess. Maybe the Chief was calling him because of what happened a while ago. Yeowun told his members to go back without him and followed Sang Munyo into the building.


    Unlike his expectations, Sang Munyo walked past the building and went toward one of the buildings that was not available to the cadets yet. When they arrived at empty space where no one was around, Sang Munyo stopped.

    “This seems like a good place.”

    Yeowun realized that something was strange and said, “…So, the Chief didn’t call me.”

    “Did I tell you that the Chief wanted to see you?”

    He didn’t of course. However, it seemed like his intentions weren’t good either. And the expectation was correct this time. Sang Munyo pulled out his blade and aimed at Chun Yeowun.

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    Yeowun looked at him coldly, “What is this?”

    “What is this- you said? Bastard. Listen carefully. You just challenged me for the fourth test here. That’s how this will end.”

    And Munyo swung his blade against Yeowun’s neck without warning.

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