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    Chapter 95: The dangerous third test (5)

    Just a few minutes ago, all the cadets who were watching the third test thought Yeowun’s group would pass the test easily. However, the perfect sword formation was easily blocked.


    “M-my sword!”

    With Yeowun’s members’ swords all being broken, they were thrown way back. The enemy was much more powerful than a master warrior.

    ‘W-what is going on?’

    ‘Who is that man?!’

    All the cadets got up in shock. Yeowun’s other members all realized something was wrong with the test.

    “This isn’t right.”

    “Master is in danger!”

    Ko Wanghur and Bakgi exchanged glances. If needed, they were ready to jump in to save their master, even if this was in the middle of the test. Before they could make their move, Senior Instructor Hou Jinchang dashed in first.

    “Oh! Instructor Hou is going…”


    To everyone’s surprise, Hou Jinchang was thrown back while trying to grab Machil. The cadets were shocked by the power that was thrown together with Machil.

    “Wait… is that?”

    “That’s the Art of Blood Reversion!”

    The man’s eyes were blood red and his face was covered with his veins popping out in a disgusting manner. His voice was also coarse like that of an animal.

    “How can a criminal from Force of Evil use that art?”

    The cadets were aware of the forbidden art’s existence. And as they watched, the man charged toward Yeowun, unleashing a terrifying sword move that scared even the cadets who were spectating. Every of Yeowun’s members charged in.


    That’s when an amazing thing happened. Yeowun’s sword moved gracefully, leaving the afterimage of Yeowun’s body as he shot past the man.


    With the powerful storm of energy, the man was thrown up into the air, spinning, and the blood began to gush out from every one of his blood points. He then dropped to the ground, drenched in blood as if he was dead. Every cadet was at a loss for words. What they had just witnessed was Yeowun easily defeating the enemy who destroyed the perfect Sword Demon formation and defeated grandmaster level warrior Hou Jinchang with the power of blood reversion, in just one sword formation.


    Chun Mukeum was also at a loss for words. How strong did Yeowun get that he could do so much? But Yeowun didn’t look relieved as he looked at the enemy.

    ‘What was it?’ Yeowun thought as he looked at the man. He then turned back to his sword.

    ‘I felt resistance.’

    His Sword Force of the Sky Demon had struck perfectly, but Yeowun felt strong resistance as he attacked the enemy’s blood points, and the sword couldn’t penetrate deeper in. The man then began to move.

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    ‘I see. So, it didn’t work.’

    The man’s upper clothes were ripped apart as his upper torso expanded abnormally. With veins popping up all over him, he didn’t look like a normal human anymore. He had turned so large and growled like a ferocious beast as he glared at Yeowun while getting up.

    “Ggrrr… I… I will kill you….!!! KAAAAAAAAARGH!”



    The man shouted. It was a sound energy attack. The shouting created a painful wave of energy that made cadets put their hands over their ears. But the power was so strong that some cadets vomited blood and fell.

    [Detected series of harmful energy waves from the sound. Activating emergency defense mode. Blocking all sounds coming through the eardrum and body.]

    With Nano’s ability, Yeowun was unharmed by the attack. The man frowned at Yeowun who seemed to be fine.

    “Grrrr…. You… you have to die here…. Kaaaaaargh!”

    It seemed like he was losing his mind now. Yeowun then aimed his sword at him and mumbled, “Try to defend against this one then.”

    Yeowun then decided to kill the enemy before things got worse and tried to unleash the second formation of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon. It was then…


    The man’s left arm was cut off. The man’s body which was so strong that even Yeowun’s master-level energy couldn’t penetrate was cut off so easily.


    Yeowun’s eyes grew large. An unexpected figure was standing behind the man shouting in pain. He had rugged clothes and a bottle of liquor with a red nose. It was Right Guardian Submeng.

    “Heh, you dare try to touch my apprentice with your dirty hands?”


    Yeowun was surprised by Submeng’s sudden appearance, but it didn’t last very long.

    “Be careful!”


    The man roared with anger and turned to attack at Submeng.

    “I was only told to keep you alive.”


    Submeng swung his Crazy Blade and easily countered all attacks. He sliced off the man’s muscles. The man then slumped down to the ground like a doll.


    Yeowun was astonished. The Butterfly Blade Dance skill was much more powerful when a powerful warrior like Submeng performed it. He was twice as powerful than what Yeowun experienced through the avatar simulation.


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    The man tried to get up, but it was useless. The man then turned grim as he realized the power difference between him and Submeng. His face began to redden and he began to shudder when Submeng grabbed his head.

    “No, no. You can’t die yet.”

    Submeng’s hand unleashed an energy shock and struck the man’s head, making him pass out. His attempt to commit suicide by reversing the energy within him had failed. Submeng got up and shouted toward the stage.

    “Bah. You’re taking too long against such fools.”

    Everyone then turned to the stage where they hadn’t even been able to pay attention to until now.


    There were men with their upper clothes ripped apart like the enemy that attacked Yeowun, slumped down on the stage, and Lee Hameng grabbed another man who was flailing painfully in his grasp.


    With Hameng’s hand that unleashed the energy, the man turned quiet. Hameng threw the man down and shouted annoyingly.

    “You merely took care of one, you drunkard.”

    He had defeated a total of seven men using the Art of Blood Reversion while the cadets didn’t even know it was happening.

    ‘This… is the guardian.’

    It was such astounding power. They easily overpowered master-level warriors who had increased their powers greatly from the Art of Blood Reversion. This was only possible because the two of them were within the top ten powerful warriors in the cult.

    “Bah. Who cares.”

    Submeng shook his head.

    “Come out.”

    Hameng snapped his fingers and warriors with dark clothes and blue crests popped out from the surroundings.


    “Since when did they get here?”

    There was a total of forty men here, but no cadet had realized they were here until now. However, there were cadets who knew who they were.

    “Guardian Army!”

    They were warriors from the Lord’s palace that consisted of master-level warriors and they only took orders from the Lord.

    ‘The Guardian Army is here in the Academy?’

    ‘What’s going on here?’

    ‘Well, the criminal used the forbidden art.’

    The cadets became frantic as the incident had happened during the third test and now the army of the Lord himself had appeared. And there was one cadet in particular who was disappointed by all this. It was Chun Kungwun from the Sword Clan.

    “Arrest them all.”

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    “Yes, sir!”

    The warriors began to tie up the criminals and began dragging them out from the training ground. Submeng then walked up to Yeowun and greeted him.

    “Long time no see, my apprentice.”

    “It has been a long time, Teacher.”

    Yeowun bowed and Submeng grinned. Submeng, who had been waiting since the beginning of the third test, was actually very astounded by Yeowun’s increased power.

    “You have grown a lot.”

    “No, sir. I have far more to go.”

    “Heh, but I would have liked to see you use the Butterfly Blade Dance skill.”


    Yeowun was speechless. Submeng, however, didn’t look mad or anything. He was rather curious.

    “But that sword…”


    Submeng tried to ask something but Lee Hameng coughed as he walked up. Submeng then glanced around and noticed many cadets were watching them.

    “Hehe. I will leave that for later.”

    There were more things he wanted to share, but Submeng knew the third test was still going on.

    “I wish you luck, my apprentice.”

    Submeng then jumped out, leaving the academy. Yeowun watched his teacher leave. He had to look forward to meeting him again in four years. Yeowun thought to himself as he looked.

    ‘Next time we meet… I will meet you as the heir to the throne.’

    Submeng left and glanced back at the academy.

    ‘I am not sure about the Lord’s intention here.’

    Submeng didn’t like the whole idea when he was on his way. He thought the Lord was using Yeowun as bait to put pressure on the six clans, so Submeng was going to intervene as soon as Yeowun was in danger. But when Yeowun used a powerful sword skill, Submeng was shocked.

    [Stay quiet about the sword skill. You must not tell anyone.]

    He was able to confirm it after hearing from Lee Hameng’s telepathic message that the sword skill was very similar to that of the Sword Art of the Sky Demon. He wanted to ask Yeowun how he learned it, but he had to stop it when he heard from Hameng.

    ‘If he knows, then it must be coming from the Lord himself.’

    That seemed most likely. If Yeowun learned the best sword art of the cult, then the Lord’s true intention of succession lied within Yeowun.

    ‘Well, we shall see.’

    He knew that the Lord was not to judged lightly. He had used Chun Yeowun to oppress six clans until now even when he was the son of the Lord’s only loved woman. So, Submeng didn’t think the Lord had changed his mind so easily. But if the Lord really intended on having Yeowun as the next Lord, then it was bound to bring changes to the cult.

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    “Let’s go then.”

    “Yes, sir!”

    With Submeng in the lead, three hundred warriors from the Guardian Army ran out. It was in the direction of the Sword Clan’s mansion.

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