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    Chapter 94: The dangerous third test (4)

    “Perfect! That was a perfect Sword Demon formation.”

    Lee Hameng complimented Muyeon’s group as they defeated the enemy after two formations. No one had made a mistake and they were all unscathed.

    ‘It’s our turn soon.’

    The group tested just now was the cadet who registered to be a leader right before Yeowun. If it went in order, Yeowun’s group was next. As expected, Lee Hameng called Yeowun’s group.

    “7th cadet Chun Yeowun’s group, come up.”


    While Yeowun’s members went up with anxious expressions, all the criminals whose faces were covered with masks all flinched.

    ‘Ugh, I hope it’s not too bad!’

    Jin Guuk looked at the criminal who was pulled forward. None had died yet, but over thirty cadets had been injured. He was bound to be worried.

    “Please… justice, justice, justice…”

    Hu Bong was mumbling, hoping that they would fight against a member from the Force of Justice. After watching all the tests, enemies from the Force of Justice didn’t seem to threaten the lives of the cadets at least. However, the groups who fought against members from the Force of Evil had many cadets who had their limbs cut off.

    “Stay still. I will untie you.”

    ‘Instructor Hou?’

    The person who brought up the criminal was Senior Instructor Hou Jinchang. Yeowun became curious as Hou Jinchang usually stayed back to oversee the other instructors.

    The mask was pulled off from the criminal’s face. He had a long beard and glaring eyes with aggressive features. He still was still tied up with sealed blood points to stop him from moving, but his aura proved that he was not from the Force of Justice.


    Hu Bong frowned. It was exactly what he had feared. Even the cadets who were watching expressed sympathy as they saw the enemy.


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    The man glanced at Yeowun’s group, looking to find someone.

    ‘…Something’s a bit off.’

    Yeowun narrowed his eyes. Most criminals were usually nervous or tense as they would try to find a way out or become frantic with the urge to survive.

    [Be careful.]

    Yeowun then heard Hou Jinchang’s short telepathic message. He then was able to confirm that something fishy was going on.

    ‘What can it be…?’

    Yeowun was already curious as to why the test had changed at the last minute. If there was something going on, he needed to pay attention to everything.

    And the cadets watching the test observed the group with anticipation

    ‘What’s going to happen?’

    ‘Maybe he’ll finish it like the 1st cadet.’

    ‘Yeah, but he fought the man from the Force of Justice.’

    ‘Right. Maybe one or two might fail.’

    Chun Yeowun had shocked all the cadets throughout every test and every incident. They were curious as to what Yeowun would show them this time around.



    With Lee Hameng’s order, Yeowun’s members shouted in unison and readied for the Seven Demon Sword. But even when surrounded him, the bearded man didn’t attack first and quietly readied himself.

    ‘Is he ready for anything?’

    Yeowun then shouted at his members.

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    “Fourth formation!”

    ‘I found him!’

    The man then turned quickly and glared at Yeowun. It was as if he were an eagle that had found its prey. However, the twelve members unleashed their swords at the man.


    It was a perfect sword formation, just like what Muyeon’s group had showed. However, the man did not seem to care. He quickly moved his sword to easily defend against all the sword movements. It was so fast that it was even hard to track it with the naked eye.


    “What kind of power is this?!”

    Hu Bong and Jin Guuk’s swords were thrown back at such powerful energy



    The man shouted and a clear qi was unleashed from his sword, breaking all the swords that touched his sword. Lee Hameng got up from the chair with shock.

    ‘He’s not a master-level warrior!’

    If used by top-class warriors, the Sword Demon formation allowed them to fight against master-level warriors. Yet, this criminal was not just defending; he was actually pushing them back. He was recorded as a master, and he had master-level internal energy when checked prior to the third test.

    ‘No, he’s not a master-level warrior. He’s agrandmaster warrior.’

    And just like how Hameng realized it, Hou Jinchang also realized this at the same time. If he wasn’t a master-level warrior, this test had to be stopped.

    “Fall back!” Hou Jinchang shouted and charged in. He quickly unleashed his sword attack, trying to attack the bearded man.

    “Back off!”


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    Hu Bong shouted as the man grabbed Machil’s neck and threw it at Hou Jinchang.


    Hou Jinchang quickly took his sword back and grabbed Machil.


    And Hou Jinchang was thrown way back with Machil with the energy that came at him. The energy was so powerful that even Hou Jinchang could not defend against it although he was also entering the grandmaster level. The man then turned and growled at Yeowun.

    “Heh… I will kill you now.”

    Yeowun glared at him with cold eyes.

    ‘So, this was it.’

    The man’s eyes had turned red, and veins were popping up all over his entire face. The reason for him pushing back Hou Jinchang was this: the Art of Blood Reversion.

    ‘What is with him? Does he think he can survive?’

    The man became curious. He heard from ‘that man’ that Chun Yeowun was just a child who was merely at the verge of becoming a master. However, he didn’t run away. Instead, the kid was glaring back with no hint of fear in his eyes.

    “Foolish kid! I will kill you as painfully as possible!”

    The man shouted angrily and unleashed the attack at Yeowun. It was so powerful that it shot through the air, threatening to cut Yeowun into pieces of meat. But that’s when the man heard Yeowun’s voice in his ears.

    “No, you die.”


    At that moment, Yeowun’s sword shined with white qi light and twenty-four sword movements were unleashed upon the man like a storm.

    ‘W-what is this?!’

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    He became shocked. His sword movement was countered immediately and Yeowun’s body flew right past him.


    The qi flowed through and the man twirled away, flying up into the air.

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