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    Chapter 93: The dangerous third test (3)

    During the first round of the test, Left Guardian Lee Hameng’s eyes did not leave the man from the Force of Justice. As written in the request document to change the test, the man had been in prison for three years. Therefore, he couldn’t use the best of his skills. If the cadets didn’t make a mistake, it would be easy enough for the cadets to defeat him.

    ‘There was no chance until now. Then they must be after…’

    Hameng then turned to Chun Yeowun. Two princes had already been taken out of the academy already. One of them had her arm cut off and one had his internal energy destroyed, thus losing the chance to become the Lord forever.

    ‘It will take forever for them to wait four years.’

    It was apparent that those clans were dying to kill Chun Yeowun. However, they couldn’t go against the rule of the academy with the Lord watching over them, so they changed the test to do something else.

    ‘Whatever it is, it will be your undoing.’

    The next group came up to start their test.

    “Walk straight!”


    Two instructors brought up another criminal. They untied the man and took off his mask. He was also very rugged looking with scars all over his face.

    “Damn, bastards!”

    It was apparent that he wasn’t from the Force of Justice. Instructors looked at the second group with a sympathetic expression. They were against a bad enemy.

    ‘They aren’t so lucky. He’s from the Force of Evil.’

    Both forces had very different ideals and thoughts. The evil forces had no sympathy and they did whatever they could to defeat their enemies. They tried everything in their power to survive.

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    With Lee Hameng’s shout, twelve cadets readied the Seven Demon Sword. Their leader was Chun Mukeum from the Loyal Clan.

    ‘Damn. This is bad.’

    Mukeum ranted in his head. Unlike the first man, this enemy looked very aggressive and dangerous. If there was any slight mistake, it was going to be bloody.

    “Foolish kids, you dare to try to fight me?!”

    The man then charged ahead without giving the cadets time to get into formation. He attacked the only girl cadet who seemed to be weakest in the formation with his most powerful attack.


    “Fifth formation!”

    Mukeum shouted annoyingly. The fifth formation was based off the Fifth Sword of the Seven Demon Sword, which was a defensive formation.

    ‘So, you aren’t just some ordinary kids then?’

    The man grinned. The twelve cadets made a sword barrier by moving defensively, and the man then shifted to attack another cadet.


    The cadet’s left arm was struck by the sword. He gasped in fear that he might die and tried to back away. Mukeum shouted quickly, “Fall back ten steps!”

    The cadets quickly took ten steps back. If only the injured cadet backed away, it could break the formation and put the other cadets in danger. It was the right call.

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    [Man up, you asshole! We’ll all die if we fail!]

    Mukeum shouted with his telepathic message, and the injured cadet nodded with a pale face.

    ‘Heh, so he’s the weak point.’

    The man then charged at the injured cadet again. He knew well that an enemy who was scared was the weak point of any sword formation.


    With the man charging in, the cadet panicked and unleashed the Fifth Sword to defend himself.


    However, a mere top-level warrior had no way to fight against master-level warrior. As he was pushed back, Mukeum ran toward the enemy and shouted, “Dammit! I told you to man up! Third formation!”

    The cadets then unleashed the Third Sword at their enemy. However, the man ignored the other attacks and cut the injured cadet’s right hand which was holding the sword.


    He then twisted to unleash a defensive movement to defend against all the other sword attacks.

    With one missing from the formation, their power had decreased tremendously. The man then found another weak point.

    ‘They’re just kids.’

    He stabbed out with his sword and the sword pushed out a few cadets, loosening the swords from their hands.

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    “Hahahahaha! I did it! I beat the formation!”

    The cadets frowned as they saw their swords flying up in the air. That’s when a fist struck the delighted enemy’s back.


    He spat out blood and was pushed forward. It was Chun Mukeum who attacked from behind. Mukeum, who feared for his life, had used his Loyal Fist skill instead of Seven Demon sword. Mukeum shouted, “Now! First formation!”

    The remaining five cadets quickly unleashed the First Sword of the Seven Demon Sword without thinking. There were only five of them so they lacked power, but that was enough.


    Swords penetrated into the man, and the man who was happy that he defeated the formation died with dumbfounded shock. The other cadets who were watching Mukeum’s group were also lost for words. They now realized how hard the test could be.

    The instructors then took their hands off their swords. They were ready to jump out if things went out of control, but such an incident didn’t happen, fortunately.

    “I will announce the result.”

    Lee Hameng called out a total of six cadets from Mukeum’s group. And the 80th cadet, Jahyun, one of Mukeum’s most loyal servants, failed the test.


    With the second group completing the test, a glimmer of hope came to the cadets waiting to be tested. It was to have a chance to fight against a member from the Force of Justice. But that was a false hope as not every member from the Force of Justice was weak-minded like the first person.

    The third group was actually against a warrior from the Force of Justice, but the enemy wasn’t the sympathetic type. He tried hard to survive and injured almost all the cadets within the group. Only three of them had passed the test.

    Five more groups went through the test, and the only group so far that had every member pass the test was the fifth group, Chun Muyeon’s group.

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