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    Chapter 90: The Six Sword (3)


    The cadets wondered if this maybe meant that Yeowun was going to appoint only six high-rank members.

    “I will appoint the top six warriors. They will not have ranks over each other and they will be titled the Six Swords.”

    “Master, what is the reason for having the Six Swords?” Wu Sojung raised his hand and asked. The other cadets also had the same question.

    “If we graduate from the academy, we will be fighting against six clans. I need the Six Swords who will complete that job on the frontlines of battle.”

    Everyone nodded. All of the people here knew that Yeowun was trying to fight the six clans and create a new Demonic Cult.

    ‘But wouldn’t we just be repeating the same thing then?’

    Ko Wanghur and a few others frowned. It was still far into the future, but if they managed to defeat the six clans and the Six Swords replaced them, then they could end up in a power struggle again. However, Yeowun continued speaking and soon removed that fear.

    “But the Six Swords today will not remain Six Swords forever. I will open a competition each year to give the title to more powerful warriors.”


    The cadets gasped in excitement. This meant that the title was not going to remain permanent. Everyone would be granted an equal opportunity to prove themselves and rise above the others, just like how the Demonic Cult normally functioned.

    “This will continue even if I reach the top of the cult.”


    Wanghur, Bakgi, and the other cadets then nodded in satisfaction. There were only seventy-two cadets here in total, but if Yeowun really took over the entire cult, then it was bound to be open to all the members of the cult. This would certainly put an end to the current six-clan system.

    “Since we are facing the important third test soon, I will simplify our process to choose the Six Swords this time around.”

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    “Yes, sir.”

    It would be too time-consuming to have everyone duel each other, and the power balance between the cadets were too great anyway.

    “Those who are masters, please step forward. Everyone else, step back.”

    Many of the cadets took a few steps back, leaving Ko Wanghur, Bakgi, Mun Ku, Hou Sangwha, Che Takim, and Wu Sojung behind. It was exactly these six cadets that required no competition.

    “I’m sure no one will complain about having these members as the Six Swords?”

    “Yes, sir!”

    No one had any complaints since these members were significantly more powerful than the rest of them. Some cadets like Kong Jino, Im Yuhan, Ja Wumin, and Ohjong had the urge to become stronger to take the spot later on.

    “Then the First Sword…”

    Bakgi then raised his hand to intervene.

    “Wait. I have an idea.”

    “What is it?”

    “Since we now have the Six Swords, it’ll be better for us to figure out the ranks between each other.”

    The other cadets all nodded. They liked the fact that they had been chosen as the Six Swords, but it seemed it was better to have the right title according to the level of power. It was a matter of pride.

    ‘Hmmm, should I be happy about this?’

    It didn’t feel bad for his members to compete against each other for the best servant title. Yeowun smiled and agreed with the idea. With the master’s approval, all they had to do now was compete.

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    “Oh, I’m still injured so I forfeit.”

    Mun Ku gave up on fighting first, so she automatically became the Sixth Sword. It seemed like Bakgi wanted to fight Mun Ku since she seemed to be the most powerful warrior here, but it couldn’t be helped.

    “Don’t hurt each other.”

    The fight was to be held at once, battle royale style. Yeowun told them to not use more than 30% of their internal energy to not hurt one another.

    “Then, shall we start?”

    Wanghur took off his top and flexed his large muscles. It was to bring up his morale, but it wasn’t a good choice. It made Hou Sangwha and Wu Sojung feel disgusted at the toplessness and they both decided to attack Wanghur first.

    “Hahahaha! This is good!”

    “Ugh, this muscle gorilla!”

    Ko Wanghur was still laughing while he fought.

    The five warriors fought for quite a while. The first one to fail was Wu Sojung.

    “Ugh… I’m ashamed.”

    He didn’t think he would lose to Hou Sangwha who was a girl. Wu Sojung thought he would defeat her easily, but his shoulder almost got pulled out from its joint.


    The second to lose was Che Takim. He had intervened in the fight between Bakgi and Ko Wanghur and he fell after getting hit by their attacks.


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    Hou Sangwha gave up and sank to sit on the ground about thirty minutes later. She thought she had a good amount of stamina, but she couldn’t last as long as Bakgi or Ko Wanghur.

    Both of the boys fought fiercely. They were also always competing with each other and thus they did not want to give up. Each of their groups cheered for their leaders, but the experience paid off.

    Bakgi increased his kick power with his energy and put down Wanghur’s large body. Wanghur tried to fight back by putting all his strength in his muscles, but he couldn’t overpower Bakgi’s energy. Wanghur laid flat on the ground and panted.

    “Hah… hah… I lost.”

    “Whaaaaaaa! Bakgi won!!!”

    Bakgi’s group all got up and began to cheer. Meanwhile, Wanghur’s members became depressed.


    They ran up to Wanghur and helped him stand up. After the long fight, the rank of the Six Swords was decided.

    Bakgi, the First Sword.

    Ko Wanghur, the Second Sword.

    Hou Sangwha, the Third Sword.

    Che Takim, the Fourth Sword.

    Wu Sojung, the Fifth Sword.

    Mun Ku, the Sixth Sword.

    And thus was the birth of Chun Yeowun’s Six Swords.

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    ‘…It’s getting there.’

    Yeowun clenched his fist as he looked over at his members. He had come into the academy with nothing in his hands, and now he had forces that cannot be ignored, especially considering the clans of these members outside of the academy. However, Yeowun was not satisfied yet.

    ‘I need to become more powerful than anyone else so that no one in the Demonic Cult will ever try to defy me.’

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