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    Chapter 89: The Six Sword (2)

    Within that ten-day training period for the Seven Demon Sword, Bakgi, Hou Sangwha, and Ja Wumin’s groups also filled up. Bakgi only needed a few more members, so he was able to fill it up quickly, but Sangwha and Wumin took three days to recruit more cadets.

    ‘Total of nineteen.’

    The new cadets fell into two main categories. There were those who came to admire Yeowun for his feat of defeating Hou Jinchang and Chun Yuchan, and the other group consisted of those who were not happy with the current six clan system in the cult, thus wanting a new wave of change from Yeowun.

    Although these new groups had two different ideas, they were recruited carefully. These groups became more connected with each other because of Yeowun.

    ‘Wow! That group only has girls!’

    ‘When did that kind of group form?’

    ‘I want to join that group.’

    The boy cadets couldn’t peel their eyes off of Hou Sangwha’s team. Her group was the first only girl group in the academy at the moment. It was bound to gain attention from boys in their puberty.

    ‘Hah. Boys…’


    The girl cadets also welcomed that kind of reaction. Some of them even explicitly flirted with the other cadets.

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    However, Chun Yeowun was more interested in the cadets who could become group leaders.

    ‘708th cadet Che Takim and 52nd cadet Wu Sojung.’

    Both of them were entering the master level warrior level. Che Takim was from a high-ranked clan of the West Gate Clan who didn’t show himself even during the second test. Takim had visited Yeowun’s dormitory to speak to him.

    ‘Water rots if it sits. I don’t want to see the cult wasting power from the six clans competing against each other. You are a Chun, but you are not from six clans. I think you might have what it takes to change things.’

    Yeowun liked Takim who was passionate about changing the cult, so he accepted him. And Wu Sojung, whom Hou Sangwha brought over as a friend, was rather aggressive.

    ‘Only the strong survive here. You show me your strength, and I will serve you for my life.’


    Sojung challenged Yeowun and lost after just three formations. Yeowun only used the Butterfly Blade Dance and it was enough. And with two more master-level warriors, Yeowun’s forces became more powerful. There was also more good news.

    “Congratulation on becoming masters.”

    Ko Wanghur and Hou Sangwha had become master-level warriors since they didn’t slack off on their own training when the team training was over.

    “Thank you, Master.”

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    Hou Sangwha was glad that she had become a master-level warrior. She was now the second master-level girl cadet.

    “This isn’t enough. I will do my best to be the First Sword of the master.”

    Ko Wanghur was not satisfied however. The words from Wanghur ignited a weird competition between cadets.

    ‘First Sword?’


    With an increasing number of cadets, they began ranking themselves unofficially. One of the members of Bakgi’s group, Yi Chan, spoke out.

    “I’m not trying to offend anyone, but I think the First Sword title fits my leader Bakgi, or Mun Ku better.”

    “Yes. They are stronger in terms of power.”

    Cadets from Bakgi’s group agreed and Wanghur’s members began to respond.

    “Wanghur is strong enough to claim that! I’m offended, thank you.”

    “He can be the Second, or Third Sword.”

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    Members began to speak up with their thoughts, arguing with each other. This made all the group leaders surprised. Yeowun then heard Che Takim’s telepathic message through his ears.

    [I expected this would happen as you have many who follow you, but it was faster than I expected. Master, its time for you to decide on the ranking of these members.]


    [Loyalty is good, but the cult relies on power. You have to keep that in mind.]

    Yeowun nodded at Takim’s message. It seemed like it was time for Yeowun to clear out the ranks, as that was needed for an organization to function properly.

    ‘What should I do?’

    The best thing to do was to have everyone duel against each other since that was the Demonic Cult’s tradition, but it didn’t seem like a good idea to duel against one another since the third test was just around the corner. He couldn’t let anyone get hurt in the process. Yeowun thought for a while and finally made a decision.

    “Everyone, be quiet.”

    He didn’t speak loudly, but every cadet became silent at once. Yeowun’s influence over the seventy-one cadets was commendable. When everyone became silent, Yeowun began to speak.

    “I have heard your opinions. I think it is time for me to appoint our ranks. Do you all agree?”

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    “Yes, sir!”

    The cadets answered in unison. They also became curious as to how Yeowun would decide on these ranks. Obviously, some members were more powerful than others, and they would most likely stand in front of the other members.

    “Six people.”

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