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    Chapter 88: The Six Sword (1)

    Mun Ku, who was sitting down on a small rock, also became confused. It was understandable if it was just to look at the overall balance, but fixing every small detail was unlikely to happen from looking at everyone at once.

    ‘Should I watch too?’

    She too had learned the Seven Demon Sword and read through the books tens of times that she now remembered it. Maybe she could also give a few pieces of advice.

    “W-Why don’t we give it a try anyway?”

    Hu Bong offered to try it with the other hesitant cadets. In Hu Bong’s experience, whatever Yeowun said never ended weirdly.

    “Ready your sword!”

    Yeowun shouted and all seventeen cadets prepared to perform the Seven Demon Sword.

    ‘Oh well. I guess he’ll change it to private lessons if it doesn’t work out.’

    Most of the cadets thought of the same thing. Yeowun ordered to Nano.

    ‘Nano, activate Augmented Reality.’

    Yeowun’s eyes then shook and he saw lines drawing various pieces of information about the seventeen cadets.

    ‘Nano, analyze all these seventeen people and see if there is any movement they’re getting wrong with the Seven Demon Sword.’

    [Understood. Activating multi-tutorial mode on seventeen entities. Target martial art: Seven Demon Sword.]

    With Nano’s voice, Yeowun then saw seventeen circles locking onto each of the students. Yeowun shouted, “Going from the first formation! First Sword!”

    “First Sword!”

    The cadets repeated the name of the formation and began to move. Wooden swords shot through the air as the seventeen cadets all swung their swords in unison.


    Ku moaned silently. There were many cadets who were not doing it correctly. Actually, most of them were a mess besides the three cadets who were top-class warriors already. The cadets stopped in place after finishing the first formation. There was just too many things that needed fixing. Mun Ku tried to send a telepathic message to Yeowun on what she had seen for the few cadets that she had seen at least, but Yeowun spoke first.

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    “We’re training, so I’ll call out numbers. First, 31st cadet.”

    “Yes, sir!”

    “Your arm is weak when you start the First Sword, and that causes all connected movements to become weak as well. Be careful of that.”

    “Yes, sir!” The 31st cadet, Yuk Kinming, shouted back. This was only the start. Yeowun then went over to the other cadets. After going through few, Yeowun called out Hu Bong’s number.

    “23rd cadet.”

    “Yes, sir!”

    “Your sword drops when you move. On the third movement, you only use wrist when you step with your right. You need to use your waist, not only the wrist.”

    “Yes, sir! Thank you!”

    Hu Bong answered excitedly at such detailed advice. Mun Ku was shocked. Hu Bong was one of the few cadets that she observed, and Yeowun had gotten everything correct.

    ‘Did he really see what every cadet did?’

    Yeowun then went over to the other cadets. After the number of cadets receiving advice went over the count of ten, all the cadets were astonished.

    ‘Did he really see everyone? He wasn’t just saying it?’

    The 22nd cadet, Kong Jino, just joined yesterday. He was dumbfounded and suspicious at the same time. However, the cadets who listened to their faults seemed to agree.

    “22nd cadet.”


    Jino frowned as he answered. He was a top-class warrior and he had the ability to do the Seven Demon Sword more perfectly than the other cadets, but he didn’t put in much effort in doing so. He was at the very back, so he thought Yeowun would not see him anyway.


    Yeowun was glaring at him however. Surely Yeowun was angry at his laziness.

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    “You think I would not notice if you didn’t put in any effort?”


    “What was that slow, clumsy sword movement? Do you not want to do this?”

    Yeowun snapped and Jino flushed red from embarrassment. He couldn’t even find the right words to respond. He claimed that Yeowun would never know when the cadet next to him, Im Yuhan, told him to stop fooling around.

    “I-I’m sorry.”

    “If you do that again, then you will be practicing the sword formations alone.”

    Jino then went down on his both knees.

    “This will never happen again, Master.”

    This gave every cadet the chills. They thought to never do things without letting Yeowun know.


    Yeowun accepted Jino’s apology.

    “You must act accordingly if you have the power. But you are second to being correct among everyone else here. Make sure you do it right next time.”

    ‘Second? I’m only second?’

    Who was first then? Yeowun then turned to the 11th cadet, Im Yuhan, with a satisfied voice.

    “I have nothing much to say to you, 11th cadet. You were better than everyone here.”

    “Thank you, Master.”

    Jino frowned. Jino and Yuhan were always competing with each other, so Jino didn’t feel so good about losing. He then regretted for not doing it right.

    After Yeowun met all seventeen cadets, they began to trust Yeowun on what he was doing.

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    “Okay, we’ll go with the first formation again. Remember what I told you and repeat slowly.”

    “Yes, sir!”

    And the swords began to move again. Not everything was fixed at once, but all the movements had gotten much better now.

    “Wow,” Ku gasped in astonishment. This proved that Yeowun was not only a good fighter, but he was also a good teacher.

    ‘He’s really amazing.’

    Of course, all this was due to Nano’s ability. Yeowun’s eyes saw the analysis notes that Nano placed over all the cadets. Without this knowledge however, it only made Mun Ku more surprised.

    After going through the first movement again, Yeowun pointed out their mistakes and had them go over remaining seven formations to fix it. It seemed like it wouldn’t take too long to learn the Seven Demon Sword at this rate. There were some who were falling behind like Hu Bong, Jin Guuk, and Machil, but they put more effort which was fortunate.

    “We’ll train until dinner!”

    “Yes, sir!”

    And ten days had passed after the training started. It took a bit more time for everyone to perfect all the Seven Demon Sword formations. Even if Yeowun put in all the effort he could, it still took time for most of the cadets to learn, especially those who weren’t from high-ranked clans. The last, or the Seventh Sword, was especially hard for most cadets. Part of it was due to Ohjong joining the team late, after he spent five days in the medical room. At least it was fortunate that Ojong was talented enough to catch up quickly.

    And the groups who scattered to train on their own, gathered in one place.

    “…I lost. Hmph.”

    Bakgi spoke and turned away. Ko Wanghur burst out into laughter for winning his bet.

    “Hahaha! So, you accept your loss! Good!”

    The winner who taught his teammates to learn the sword skill faster was Wanghur. He took a total of seven days to train his teammates. Gallen also only needed nine days whereas Bakgi took ten days.

    “How did you manage to teach them in seven days?”

    Bakgi too realized that it took more time to teach cadets who weren’t that experienced in martial arts. However, Wanghur had managed to do it, making Bakgi curious.

    “Hahaha! There’s not much. You just have to ram it in until you learn it.”

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    “…Ram it in?”

    Wanghur then looked back at his teammates and grinned while all of his cadets flinched and shuddered in fear.

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