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    Chapter 87: Learn the Seven Demon Sword (4)

    The next morning, Yeowun reported about the yellow tag to the main building of the Demonic Academy and was declared as the leader for the third test. There were only eleven leaders up until yesterday morning, but with Yeowun’s five groups under him, the total number of groups increased. Chun Kungwun of the Sword Clan also made another group under him, so there was now a total of sixteen groups. 700th cadet Sama Chak had two tags, but he didn’t make another group.

    So, a total of fifteen cadets were not in a group, and they were destined to fail when the test came around. They had to find groups within the remaining twenty-one days.

    After registering to become the leader, Yeowun and his members got breakfast and went up to the small hill behind the dorms. It was time to train the Seven Demon Sword.

    “Since I have my own group, I want to teach my members by myself.”


    They originally planned to train the Seven Demon Sword altogether, but Yeowun was surprised to hear the unexpected request. Ko Wanghur agreed with Bakgi’s request.

    “Bakgi is right. It will be too much to teach all these members at the same time. It’s better for us to teach our own groups instead.”

    It did make sense. Chun Yeowun was the strongest warrior in his group, but it was too much for him to teach every member.

    “I second that idea myself.”

    Gallen also wanted to teach his own group since he had his own way of training the 12th group.


    Yeowun hesitated for a bit. He knew that they were asking for this for an entirely different reason than what they were proposing. There was a faint hint of competition going on between Bakgi, Ko Wanghur, and Gallen. This all started during breakfast.

    ‘It will take at least seven days to train the Seven Demon Sword.”

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    ‘That’s too long. I only need three days and then start formations after seven.’

    Bakgi made this claim thoughtlessly when Ko Wanghur was just sharing the idea. This brought fired up the competition between them. And when breakfast was almost over, they were now making bets on who would finish learning the Demon Sword formation faster.

    ‘I heard you guys talk already…’

    Yeowun shook his head. He was with them all along when they were talking about the competition, and it was funny that they were sharing ideas for different reasons. However, it wasn’t too bad to use the competition to make them learn faster.

    “Okay. Do what you will.”

    “Thank you.”

    The three members then took their groups to train in different spots.

    “Master, I need more members.”

    “You too, Wumin? Me too. Master, can you train our members while we gather more members?”

    Ja Wumin and Hou Sangwha needed more members, so they couldn’t start training today. There were still many cadets who didn’t have a group, so both of them walked down the mountain to recruit other cadets.

    ‘Hm… actually, Bakgi needs more members too.’

    Bakgi, who hated accepting help, probably went down to recruit more members without asking Yeowun. It would have been too much if Yeowun had to take Bakgi’s members also. Bakgi, Wumin, and Sangwha all needed to recruit members who are willing to become Yeowun’s forces, so it would probably take them some time.


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    Seventeen cadets all lined up with wooden swords in their hands. Most of them had just become top-class warriors, so the Seven Demon Sword was their first top-class martial art. They were used to the skill after reading the book already.

    ‘Finally we’re learning from our master!’

    Hu Bong looked at Yeowun with anticipation. The other cadets also looked forward to being taught by Yeowun as they knew how powerful he was. However, since there were too many people here, they probably wouldn’t get the chance to watch Yeowun one on one.

    ‘Should I start now?’

    It was Yeowun’s first time teaching someone else, so he became nervous. But he was going to do his best to teach his members just like how Right Guardian Submeng had taught him.

    “Let me show you how it’s done first.”

    Yeowun got up slowly and readied to use the Seven Demon Sword. When everyone began to concentrate, Yeowun unleashed the sword movements of the Seven Demon Sword.

    He did it very slowly so that every cadet could carefully observe every movement.


    They were astounded as Yeowun’s movement was just like how the skill book described it. Most martial artists had imperfections in their movements if it was a martial art that they had just learned, but Yeowun did it like he had trained in the art for tens of years.

    ‘Was he really locked up in a prison cave just until yesterday?’

    Mun Ku was beyond shocked to see his movements. She knew that Yeowun had been locked up for five days, but his movements were just too perfect.

    ‘This is incredible… is he a genius?’

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    Mun Ku was also a very talented warrior who was well into the master level, but she would also say that it was almost impossible to perfect the skill in such a short amount of time. Of course, this was the only result of Chun Yeowun having the entire skill book transferred into his brain.

    “Good. Did you see it all carefully?”


    It was done very slowly, so the cadets were able to identify the right movements easily. Yeowun then glanced over at them and said, “So, I will guide each one of you. Go ahead and try your best in showing me the sword movement.”


    “Is it for real?!”

    His members rejoiced. This meant that Yeowun was going to teach them one by one.

    ‘We’re so lucky!’

    It wasn’t very common for highly experienced warriors to teach others one on one. Hu Bong became excited also and asked, “Master, who should start first then?”

    Everyone tensed up after hearing such an important question. There were so many people here, so it was better to be the first one to get taught. However, what came out of Yeowun’s mouth was unexpected to say the least.

    “What do you mean? You all will be showing me the sword art at once. It will take forever for me to go through each of you one by one.”


    Everyone was dumbfounded. They all knew that Yeowun was powerful, but how could he watch all these people’s movements in detail at the same time?

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