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    Chapter 86: Learn the Seven Demon Sword (3)

    Late at night, Chun Yeowun finally got the time to train in a private training room for a long time before he came out satisfied. He learned that having a good place to train instead of a dark and humid cave was quite important. When he came out, Hu Bong and the other cadets were waiting for him.


    Not all of them were waiting since it was too hard to walk around with a group of fifty-three people. Yeowun had ordered them to group up with their group leaders, so there was a total of nine members with two missing. One was Ohjong who was still receiving medical treatment, and the other was Mun Ku who was at the dorm.

    “Let’s go.”


    It was the last night for getting a yellow tag, but they weren’t attacked on their way back. This was due to the fact that the cadets had realized that they couldn’t mess with Chun Yeowun who had defeated Chun Yuchan. While Yeowun was not targeted, a total of two leaders were stripped of their yellow tags that night.

    One of the cadets who stole a tag from another leader was Chun Mukeum from the Loyal Clan. He had just gotten out of the medical room yesterday after staying there for almost ten days. Nonetheless, he had his loyal servant, Jahyun.

    Jahyun had gathered members to form groups for Mukeum who would be coming out of the medical room soon.

    “Ugh… dammit.”

    Mukeum became exhausted after taking the tag. He tried to take on the leader alone, but most of the groups were moving together so they had to have a group fight instead.

    ‘I was left behind.’

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    It was only ten days, but the cadets had gotten much stronger now. Most of the cadets were now at the level of top-class warriors. Mukeum also consumed the Black Dragon Ball and that pushed him to the entrance of the master level.


    So, even when he fought 321st cadet Han Pengwon who lacked ten years of internal energy compared to Mukeum, it took a total of thirty formation battles. Mukeum also had pain in his left shoulder where Pengwon had injured him.


    Mukeum became annoyed that he was injured by a mere warrior from a high-ranked clan, and kicked Pengwon’s stomach although the boy had already passed out.

    ‘I need to become much stronger if I want to defeat that monster.’

    He didn’t call Yeowun a peasant anymore. After Yeowun defeating Chun Wonryou, Chun Jongsum, and Chun Yuchan, Yeowun was a terrifying monster in Mukeum’s mind.

    ‘I’ll catch up to him!’

    He didn’t look down on Chun Yeowun anymore. To him, Yeowun was not a target of his anger, but an obstacle he had to face in order to become the Lord.

    At the same time, Yeowun had returned to the dorm. The room was lit, and Mun Ku was reading the Seven Demon Sword skill book on her bed.

    “Oh, you are here.”

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    Mun Ku greeted him and Yeowun nodded awkwardly. Yeowun still felt awkward about letting a girl stay in the same room with these boys.

    ‘What have I done?’

    His promise to keep Ku’s secret had come back to hit him. He regretted making the promise, but there was no going back.

    ‘She does look like a boy though… ugh.’

    She had the mask on, which made her fit right in, but the problem was that Yeowun knew she was a girl. Yeowun then thought he had to pay attention when they changed clothes. Then that happened.

    “Ughhhh, this is so hot!”

    Hu Bong, who was drenched in sweat, took all his clothes off. He quickly grabbed some spare clothes and ran out of the room to go wash up.

    ‘Uh… Hu Bong…’

    Yeowun covered his face with his hand. This was a boy’s dormitory and a lot of boys went straight to the bath butt naked after training.

    ‘I’m sorry. I can’t protect you.’

    Hu Bong had shown off everything just now. Yeowun glanced over at Mun Ku, but she was concentrated on reading the book.

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    He sighed in relief. Yeowun then tried to tell the other members to not strip themselves naked within the dorm room, but…

    “Let’s go wash!”

    “Ugh, I’m so sweaty!”

    Before he could even speak, half of his members stipped themselves and ran out to wash. It was too late.

    “Don’t leave me behind!”

    Jin Guuk, who was usually shy, even threw off his clothes and ran after them. Even the remaining three members who still had some clothes on went out in their underwear.

    ‘…This is crazy.’

    All his teammates just showed off their body parts to a girl. Yeowun turned to Ku, but she was still focusing on the book. Was she doing that on purpose?

    “Hey… are you okay?” Yeowun asked as everyone had left the room. Ku replied without letting her eyes leave the book. She sounded very calm and casual.

    “It’s okay. I’ve been through this so much now… I’m used to it. Y-you can go ahead too. Don’t mind me.”

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    Ku had been with the other boys before she came to this room. It was apparent she had seen this happen multiple times already. But Yeowun only saw Ku diving into the book with a blush on her face.

    ‘…How can I not mind?’

    Yeowun sighed and took clothes to change into and went out. After that day, Yeowun told his teammates to not take off their clothes inside the dorm room. His members were confused, but they followed his orders.

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