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    Chapter 84: Learn the Seven Demon Sword (1)

    Excluding the Lord, elders in the Cult were second to none in terms of rank within the Demonic Cult. There was a total of twelve elders, and powerful warriors or leaders of powerful clans were chosen to be elders. There were some exceptions, especially from first to sixth elder spot. These spots were passed down within the six clans. However, that didn’t mean that those elders were weak. The six clans always competed to give birth to a new Lord, so they were always more powerful than most.

    Other than those six elders, the other six leaders were those who were chosen to be leaders because of their own power.

    9th Elder Mun Yun was a member of the high-ranked clan called the Dragon Fist Clan. He had served in the past Demon-Justice War and achieved many feats which allowed him to become an elder. Mun Yun then supported his clan to become a powerful clan which was almost as powerful as the six clans themselves. Thus, all six heirs asked the Dragon Fist Clan first.

    Chun Kungwun of the Sword Clan, Chun Wonryou of the Lust Clan, Mukeum of the Loyal Clan, and Yuchan all contacted Mun Ku multiple times right after the first test, but Mun Ku declined every offer. This was to not side with any of the clans for the upcoming competition since the Dragon Fist Clan did not want to fight against any of the clans by siding with another. Mun Ku had joined the academy to increase his power and prove himself.

    This was why Ja Wumin insisted on telling Yeowun to take Mun Ku in.


    Mun Ku had potential, but Yeowun wanted members, not just power. From the way he talked, it seemed like Mun Ku was offering to join for the test only.

    “Are you saying you will side with me? Or do you just want in as a group member?’

    Mun Ku hesitated. He tried explaining his story to get in without mentioning his intention, but he didn’t expect Yeowun to ask him directly again.

    ‘Ku. You must stay neutral even in the academy. However, we as humans might change our minds. If you find someone you really want to serve, then take a good look at him and judge carefully.”

    That’s what his grandfather told him before. If Mun Ku were to serve Yeowun, then he wanted to know more. However, he still needed a group leader to not fail the test. Mun Ku thought for a second and said, “Hmm… Prince, can I think about joining you after I join the team first? It won’t take long.”

    It sounded like Mun Ku wanted to solve the problem first and think later. Yeowun shook his head. If he allowed this to happen, then he would have accepted every other cadet.

    “Really? Then I refuse.”


    Mun Ku became shocked. He didn’t think Yeowun would refuse right at that moment. Ja Wumin was also shocked and quickly ran up to Yeowun.

    “M-master. He has gone through some tough times. Why don’t you think about it?”

    He then sent a telepathic message to persuade Yeowun.

    [Master! We will regret it if we don’t take someone like Mun Ku! Every prince wants him!]

    It would be easier to persuade Mun Ku after letting him join. Ko Wanghur also seemed to agree with the idea and sent a message.

    [Master, if a group leader level cadet knelt down, then it is likely he will join us for the greater cause. Maybe we should make an exception and…]

    Yeowun shook his head.

    “I cannot make an exception for any circumstances.”

    Yeowun’s choice was correct. He had to stand by his words that he had said in front of everyone.

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    Mun Ku started to panic. He limped over to Yeowun and begged him.

    “P-prince. Can you give me at least three days then?”


    “No? T-then how about two days? I need some time to think…”

    Yeowun frowned. He had refused, but why did he want to join him so much? It seemed weird that a grandson of an elder was begging to join him.

    “Why do you want to join my team?”


    Yeowun ordered Nano.

    ‘Nano, analyze the facial muscles.’


    Yeowun then saw Augmented Reality activating through his eyes. The white lines locked onto Mun Ku’s face as Mun Ku began to speak.

    “That’s… because I want to see what kind of man you are for a bit longer.”

    His eyes did not lie. However, the result that came was unexpected.


    The white light turned red across Mun Ku’s face.

    ‘What’s going on?’

    [Cannot analyze the entity.]


    [Entity’s facial surface has been covered by artificial leather, thus concealing the muscles.]

    The white line then drew a circle at the back of Mun Ku’s face and zoomed in so Yeowun could see it closely. The skin was a bit different at the back of the ears with faint lines.

    ‘Is that an Artificial Facial Mask?’

    Artificial Facial Masks were created by the leather of animal or by using real human skin to create another face to wear over one’s face. It was created with such expertise that not even experienced warriors could notice it. However, it was easy for Nano to see through it. Creating such a mask required a high experience skill and there only three were people known to be able to create it in all of Wulin. One of them was the 12th Elder, Huan Yi, or the Thousand Faces.

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    ‘Why did he hide his face?’

    Yeowun then became more suspicious of Mun Ku. That’s when Nano’s voice rang inside Yeowun’s head.

    [Analyzing the body. The entity has been identified to be a female aged fifteen to seventeen years old.]

    ‘What? A girl?’

    Yeowun’s eyes widened. So, it was actually a girl who was hiding under a boy’s mask. Mun Ku did talk a bit like a girl, but it didn’t seem to be out of place.

    ‘What is he doing?’

    Mun Ku was confused as Yeowun kept on looking at her. Not to mention, Yeowun was looking at her neck and ears.

    ‘Is he? …no. That’s not possible.’

    Even Left Guardian Lee Hameng did not know that she was wearing a mask, so there was no way Yeowun would be able to recognize her. Yeowun then mumbled with a confused expression, You… a girl…”


    Mun Ku then flushed red and frantically bowed and shouted, “I- I WANT TO JOIN, YOU PRINCE! I DIDN’T NEED TO THINK! PLEASE TAKE ME IN!!!”


    The cadets were bewildered by the sudden change of thought. Mun Ku’s eyes teared up as she looked at Yeowun. He was curious as to why she wanted to hide her gender so badly, even to the point where she needed to change her stance of needing more time.

    [I-I will explain later in private.]

    Yeowun sighed at Mun Ku’s message and nodded. Ja Wumin smiled with excitement. He didn’t want to lose a talented individual like Mun Ku.

    “Mun Ku! Long time no see!”

    “Y-yeah, long time no see, Wumin.”

    Mun Ku replied to Ja Wumin, but she didn’t feel so good for Yeowun realizing something that she had kept a secret for a long time.

    “Welcome. I am Ko Wanghur.”

    “I’m Bakgi.”

    “I’m Hu Bong.”

    Yeowun’s members welcomed Mun Ku wholeheartedly. There were other members who joined also. With twenty-six new cadets, Chun Yeowun’s group was the largest force in the academy, with a total number of fifty-three members.

    ‘I have a lot now.’

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    He needed to form a new group now.

    “We will need to form a new group with this many people. The ones I list off will be a group leader.”

    “Yes, sir!”

    The cadets were intrigued. Yeowun’s decision here meant that those people were Yeowun’s trusted servants.

    “First, Ko Wanghur.”

    “Yes, Master.”

    “Second, Bakgi.”

    Bakgi was a powerful warrior. Yeowun thought about giving Bakgi rough cadets who could be unruly at times, but Bakgi was definitely qualified to handle them.

    “Third, Hou Sangwha.”

    “Yes, Master!”

    “Take care of the girl cadets.”

    From thinking about the group training or dormitories, Yeowun thought that girls needed to be with girls and Hou Sangwha was the best within the girl group. Now, two tags were left.

    “Next, Gallen.”


    “You lead one of the groups too.”

    Yeowun gave Gallen a tag because the former 12th group cadets followed Gallen’s words more than anyone else.

    “Thank you. I will do my best.”

    Gallen, who didn’t think he would have such a chance, bowed to Yeowun.


    Yeowun turned to Hu Bong. New members became confused as none of them thought Hu Bong would be a leader. But the original seven members knew Hu Bong for his loyalty so they didn’t think it was strange. But Hu Bong shouted before Yeowun could speak.

    “Master! I need to stay by your side at all times!”

    “I see.”

    The last tag then went to Ja Wumin. There were more powerful warriors here like Yu Paran, but they hadn’t won Yeowun’s trust yet.

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    After forming a new team and eating dinner, Yeowun met with Mun Ku alone at the back of the training room building. Mun Ku was red from embarrassment.

    “Why did you hide the fact that you are a woman?”

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