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    Chapter 82: Get in line (1)

    “My arm!”

    “M-my bone is poking out from my leg!”

    The medical room was busier than normal. It was still a few days away from the third test, but there were many patients, and one man was very happy about this.

    ‘Thanks, Yeowun!’

    It was quite boring after Yeowun was sent to the prison cave, but he was now sending more patients right after his release. There were so many patients that the doctor had to choose which one to look after first. Doctor Baek Jongmeng felt like he was in paradise.

    “I’ll go with you first.”

    It was Chun Yuchan. He needed immediate attention as his wound had only been tied up to stop the blood. As Jongmeng tended to the wound while grinning, and Instructor Simong frowned.

    ‘…I thought he was weird, but how can he grin at the wounded students?’

    Simong then looked away with disgust. There were instructors here in the medical room as there were too many patients that Jongmeng alone could not handle them all. There was one more happy in the room. It was Ohjong who was from Yeowun’s team.


    Ohjong, who woke up around noon, was angry that he had lost the yellow tag. He was also concerned about what Yeowun would think of him. However, all of his concerns disappeared immediately.


    He had to hold back from bursting out in laughter. His anger was quenched when he saw Ha Ilming and his members along with Yuchan and his members being carried in with heavy injuries.

    ‘Master, I will serve you forever!’ Ohjong thought. He then heard the instructors amongst themselves.

    “He really is different. It was just yesterday when I took him into this room with internal damage.”

    An instructor who looked like he was in his early thirties spoke. It was Hien Yun, the youngest instructor. He was the instructor who took Yeowun into the medical room after the first test. He never guessed that Yeowun would become so strong after such a short amount of time.

    “Who would’ve known?” Simong shook his head. He was beyond shocked when he heard that Yeowun had made Hou Jinchang fall to his knees after just one formation. He didn’t even care to watch the fight since he thought that Yeowun would lose, but the outcome was unexpected.

    “Nobody can guess the outcome of this competition.”

    Chun Yuchan, one of two most likely candidates, was now out of the competition. He didn’t have his internal power damaged like Chun Jongsum, but Chun Yuchan would’ve definitely passed the third test.

    “Well, we might see some very unexpected events this time around.”

    Heirship Competition. This was the sole interest that everyone had as this was directly connected to the future of the cult.

    There was one person who wasn’t in the medical room however. It was the 108th cadet, Ha Ilming, who was taken into another room on the way. He was in the Chief of the Demonic Academy’s office.

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    Left Guardian Lee Hameng moaned as he looked down at the naked Ha Ilming laid down in front of him. All of Ha Ilming’s skin had veins popping out eerily. This only happened when blood flowed backward.

    “This is Blood Flow Reversion for sure.”

    The veins usually went down if flow returned to normal, but Ha Ilming had passed out before he could even do that. Hameng looked down at Ha Ilming with a serious look on his face and placed his hand on two blood points.

    Hameng’s hand glowed and the light was absorbed into Ha Ilming’s body. Soon, Ha Ilming’s body began to flinch and the veins began to squirm. Soon, it went down as the blood flow returned to normal. The skin also turned normal and Ha Ilming suddenly woke up and coughed.

    “Aaaarg…. Ugh… Nngh…”

    Ha Ilming coughed for quite a long time and looked down at himself.

    “…Why am I naked?”

    “That’s not the important issue here.”


    Ha Ilming looked up and saw a fiery red-haired man sitting next to him.


    Ha Ilming got up immediately. Ilming wasn’t sure why he was here since he had been fighting with Yeowun as far as he remembered. He then felt a serious headache and remembered Yeowun’s fist crushing his head before he passed out.

    “Why am I here?”

    “I’m the one who’s asking the questions.”


    “How did you learn the Blood Flow Reversion?”

    Ha Ilming was then shocked. He looked down at himself, but he didn’t see the veins. Then how did Lee Hameng find out about this?

    “I-i… don’t know what you are talking about.”


    Lee Hameng sighed. He then gestured his hand to hold up something, and a powerful invisible force threw Ha Ilming up into the air.


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    Ha Ilming tried to fight it with his power, but the difference in power was too great for Ha Ilming to resist.

    “C-chief! What is the meaning of this!”


    Hameng then flicked his finger, twisting Ha Ilming’s left arm like a rag doll in a weird way.


    Ha Ilming screamed, but the screaming didn’t leave the office since the entire office was covered with Lee Hameng’s energy.

    “108th cadet, Ha Ilming of the Red Martial Sword Clan. Not affiliated with any other clan officially. This is what you wrote down when you registered.”

    Ha Ilming closed his mouth. With his Blood Reversion Art revealed, he couldn’t spill any more.

    “You think you can keep it from me? You think you will walk out safely with this forbidden art? Who did you learn it from?”


    The art of Blood Flow Reversion was forbidden and had most of the books had been destroyed. If Ha Ilming, a seventeen-year-old boy, learned that art that had been removed tens of years ago, then it meant that someone had taught him.

    “If you don’t speak, then your entire clan will suffer the consequences.”

    It was likely that the Red Martial Sword Clan will be searched for any evidence regarding the forbidden art anyway. Ha Ilming did not speak even after such a threat.

    “So you want your clan to come to its demise? Foolish.”

    Hameng snapped, and this time, Ilming’s right leg was twisted weirdly.


    Ha Ilming screamed in pain and Lee Hameng walked up to him. He then grabbed Ilming’s chin and glared at him.

    “I am the Left Guardian of the cult. Do you think I wouldn’t know about the Red Martial Sword Clan, one of two Shadow Sword groups of the Sword Clan?”


    Ha Ilming frowned. Lee Hameng almost smiled, but Ha Ilming suddenly chewed on something and blood seeped out from his mouth.


    He bit his tongue to kill himself. Hameng tried to open his mouth forcefully, but Ha Ilming also reversed his internal energy which was also an act of suicide.

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    ‘To die as a dog of that cursed clan…!’

    Ha Ilming’s eyes were full of anger as died. Hameng tried to calm his energy down in order to keep him alive, but there was no use. Ha Ilming shivered and soon died.

    ‘Hmph… so there will be no loose ends.’

    Hameng sighed and began writing something down on the paper.

    At dinner time, there were fifty or so cadets waiting outside the cafeteria. Then they shouted at a cadet walking up to the dormitory.

    “There he is!”

    The cadets then began to mumble.

    “He’s here!”

    “Prince Chun Yeowun!”

    The cadets all moaned in astonishment as Yeowun began walking down with over twenty-five cadets behind him.

    “I-I’m first!”

    “NO! Stay in line!”

    “Who cares! Prince!”

    The cadets then began to rush over to Yeowun.


    Yeowun and his members became surprised. All these cadets then came up to them so Hu Bong and the other members blocked them from coming near Yeowun.

    “Move! I want to talk to the Prince!”

    “Prince Chun!”

    “Please give me time to talk!”

    “I’m first!”

    They began to argue with themselves over who could talk to Yeowun first. As the cadets tried to rush in, Hu Bong flushed red with frustration and shouted.

    “Aargh! GET IN LINE!!!!”

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