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    Chapter 81: Pay it forward for more (7)

    Cadets from Chun Yuchan’s team were positive of their leader’s victory. Unlike his usual lazy and casual attitude, Yuchan was the hard-working type. With his exceptional talent and hard work, his growth in strength far exceeded that of his peers. Every one of his teammates knew this and thus trusted him.

    ‘He dares to fight against our Prince with the Seven Demon Sword?’

    ‘No way, Prince Chun will lose.’

    ‘Fool. You can’t win.’

    And the result of the fight was unexpected to say the least. As Chun Yeowun’s sword qi shot past Yuchan, something dropped onto the ground. It was Yuchan’s right arm.


    Yuchan screamed and fell down to his knees. He endured the severe pain that made him feel like he would pass out to keep the last of his last pride, but he was in a very bad state.

    “I won,” Yeowun stated as he looked down at Yuchan.

    ‘N-no way!’

    ‘How did he lose?’


    Yuchan lost his arm after just one formation exchange. And Yeowun twisted the direction of the sword that was originally going toward Yuchan’s neck, so Yeowun actually even spared his life.


    Blood gushed out from the wound where the arm had been cut off. Yuchan’s face began to go pale. He quickly pressed his blood points to keep the blood loss to a minimum, but he was in serious condition and he needed immediate medical attention.


    Wu Gunpil and the other members on Yuchan’s team tried to run up to him, but they had to stop as Yeowun’s sword qi aimed at Yuchan’s another arm.


    “Stop. You take one more step, and I’ll cut his other arm off too.”


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    It looked like Yeowun would really do it. He had done a lot of wicked things in the past, so it didn’t seem like Yeowun was bluffing.

    ‘H-he might really do it!’

    Yuchan’s members then backed away.

    “Now. Keep the promise.”

    Yeowun looked down at Yuchan’s pale face. Yuchan then looked up with a painful expression, unable to comprehend what had just happened.

    “…What did you just do?”

    “Do what?”

    “How can you make such a powerful formation with the mere Seven Demon Sword?”

    Although the Seven Demon Sword was from the legendary Sword Demon, it was still only a top-class martial art. Yeowun’s sword formation was beyond what that sword skill could do. The Blade of Illusion skill, one of the top three blade skills in the cult was no match against it.

    “Mere… Seven Demon Sword?”


    “If that’s how you saw it, then you have a long way to go before talking about the formation.”

    Yuchan was baffled. Yeowun just spoke to him the same way that Yuchan once spoke to Yeowun back in the day. Of course, Yuchan really didn’t comprehend the counter sword skill left by the Sword Demon. Yuchan became bitter.

    ‘…I tried hard to become the heir.’

    It was now all gone. He lost to Yeowun when he had both arms and now only his left arm was left. Moreover, he had trained the blade skill with his right arm mainly, so this meant he was now considerably weaker. There was no way he could compete against Chun Kungwun from the Sword Clan either. Yuchan then became angry. Yuchan gritted his teeth and ordered, “…Give him all the yellow tags.”

    Yuchan’s members turned grim. If they gave these up, then they would also lose the right to take the third test. Yet, Chun Yuchan had made a promise so they had to keep it.

    “Chun Yeowun… ugh… don’t think… this is the end…”

    Yuchan then fell due to loss of blood. He did lose and he lost a lot of things he had, but he still hadn’t given up yet. This gave hope to his members too.


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    Wu Gunpil took his yellow tag and handed it over to Yeowun while glaring at him. Gunpil then warned, “Don’t think this is…”

    Before he could finish, Yeowun’s fist struck his stomach.


    Gunpil spat out blood and fell to the ground in pain. He panted as if he couldn’t breathe and looked up weakly.

    “Argh… WW-what is this… we kept the promise!”

    “I didn’t promise to stop after getting the tags.”


    Gunpil was shocked. Yeowun then looked at Yuchan and said, “I learned a good lesson from him. Uh… what was it? Never leave any loose ends?”

    Gunpil felt a chill run down his spine. Yeowun was talking about Chun Yuchan cutting the muscles of the fake Chun Yeowun. He was basically saying that he was going to get rid of Yuchan’s members too.

    “You are an evil man… we lost but you still… UGH!”

    Yeowun punched his face before he could finish, making him pass out. Yeowun then glared disgustingly at Gunpil.

    “You can do it, but I can’t? And that makes ME evil? Don’t give me that bullshit.”

    Yuchan’s members then realized things weren’t going well and prepared to defend themselves. Yeowun shouted to his members, “Defeat them and break their arms and legs!”


    Yeowun’s members and the cadets from the 12th group immediately charged in.


    This was the worst-case scenario for Yuchan’s team. Their best warriors, Yuchan and Gunpil, were gone and Jin Yu also was in bad shape since he had taken internal damage from his exchange with Yeowun a while ago.

    ‘Dammit! I can’t do this alone! We’re done for!’

    The only remaining master-level warrior Ou Jiran gritted her teeth. They were badly outnumbered too. And after a few minutes, it was almost over. All the members on Yuchan’s team were subdued except three or four who ran away when the fight began. Yeowun did not go after them since they weren’t that loyal.

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    “MY LEG!”

    The screams continued as Yeowun and his members broke the arms and legs of Yuchan’s members. They didn’t leave Ou Jiran, a girl cadet, out either.


    ‘We never should try to fight him anymore!’

    Yuchan’s members lost all will to resist their fear, after their arms and legs were broken. When everything was over, Yeowun called Gallen who was trying to send all the defeated enemies to the medical room. Yeowun then gave him two yellow tags.

    “Take them.”

    “T-this is…”

    Gallen was shocked. He didn’t think Yeowun would give him the yellow tags.


    He and his group had taken part in attacking Bakgi last night, so he didn’t wish to receive any tags. He just wanted to take part in getting revenge against Chun Yuchan.

    “These tags don’t mean anything to me.”

    Yeowun now had a total of six yellow tags. One from Hou Jinchang, one from Ha Ilming, and four from Chun Yuchan. Gallen was astonished.

    ‘He can still keep it to lessen the competition and he still decides to give them away… this guy is different.’

    Gallen and the 12th group cadets were impressed. Gallen then hesitated.

    ‘We are now officially enemies of the Blade Clan. Maybe it would be better for us to help Prince Chun Yeowun become the heir.”

    Ko Wanghur noticed Gallen’s hesitation and became intrigued. It was Wanghur who told Yeowun to give the yellow tags up. It was to make more allies in the upcoming competition.

    ‘Let’s hope it works.’

    Gallen and the cadets looked at Yeowun with respect and admiration. But this wasn’t enough. And did it work? All nineteen cadets including Gallen knelt down.

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    “What is this?” Yeowun asked calmly. Gallen and his cadets then put their head to the ground and shouted, “We want to pledge our allegiance to Prince Chun! Please accept us!”

    A faint smile appeared on Yeowun’s face.

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