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    Chapter 80: Pay it forward for more (6)

    Yeowun raised his eyebrows as he was offended.

    “You think I would not notice what sword skill you are using? Hahahaha!”

    Yeowun frowned. He was using the sword movements of the counter sword skill that was left on the blue pearl stone pedestal. Did he recognize this? Yuchan shook his head and continued, “I guess you also mixed up the Seven Demon Sword like the instructors did, but that won’t work against me.”

    Yeowun felt relieved after hearing that, but he was also dumbfounded. If Yuchan had mistaken the counter sword skill as the Seven Demon Sword, maybe that sword skill was left there by the Sword Demon.

    “I’m warning you. Five formations.”


    “If you keep using the Seven Demon Sword, I will cut out your right arm within five formations. I’m fine with that, but I don’t like to hear that I won against a fool.”

    Yuchan was repeating what Yeowun said at first. The counter sword movement that was left on the pedestal was very plain compared to the sword movement of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon. Unless it was combined as one formation, its power didn’t come out easily either. It seemed like his sword movement was underestimated due to that reason. Yeowun became silent for a second and spoke with a serious voice.

    “You are confident. Then how about we place a bet?”

    “A bet?”

    “Yeah. Didn’t you say you could cut my arm in five formations?”

    Yuchan became confused at the sudden offer of placing a bet.

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    ‘What is he playing at?’

    He was fooled once by the Yumpa trick, so he thought Yeowun had another one up his sleeve. But if he wanted to play tricks in front of all these cadets while dueling, that was going to discredit him as a candidate. Yuchan smiled.

    “Let’s see what you have to say.”

    “If I win, I will take all of your yellow tags.”

    People began to mumble.

    ‘He’s gone mad!’

    ‘Give all his tags?! Dumb tricks!’

    Yuchan’s team members were outraged. Wanting all those tags meant that Yeowun was basically telling them to give up on the third test. It was bound to make them mad.

    “Hmph. So, that’s what you wanted?”

    Yuchan shook his head. He had expected as such, and it seemed like Yeowun was telling him to finish this once and for all. Yuchan pondered on it for a while and then came up with an idea.

    “Then I too will take your tag if I win. Since I have four tags and you have only one, I will take your servant, Bakgi, too.”

    Yuchan seemed to be satisfied by his condition, and Bakgi was shocked. He didn’t know Yuchan still hadn’t given up on taking him in. Yuchan was very adamant on recruiting the right people.

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    “How’s that?”

    Bakgi frowned. If Yeowun lost here, then Bakgi would have no choice but to serve Yuchan.

    ‘Dammit! Are you really okay with this?!’

    Bakgi looked at Yeowun’s eyes. He looked to see if Yeowun was confident enough for this, but there was no fear or concern in his eyes. Bakgi then felt like he could trust him and nodded.

    “Good. Then it sounds good enough.”

    Yuchan was satisfied by the fact that he wouldn’t lose anything. If Yeowun were to fight with the Seven Demon Sword again, then Yuchan was confident in slicing his arm in three formations, not five.

    “Come. I will let you attack first this time.”

    Yuchan spoke arrogantly. Yeowun, however, didn’t seem to be provoked. He instead took a step forward coldly. Then he charged at Yuchan. The finger on his hand let out a white light, which was the sword qi. The plain sword movement was similar to the sixth sword of the Seven Demon Sword.

    ‘Fool. Your recklessness will lose you an arm, your servant, and your tag!’

    Yuchan scoffed at Yeowun in his thoughts. He had read the Seven Demon Sword book tens of times to fight against the instructors. He knew the weak points like the backyard of his home.


    Yuchan then swirled the blade qi on his right hand and unleashed fourth blade formation of his Blade of Illusion. His blade stormed against Yeowun’s sword movement.

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    Both movements collided against one another, and Yuchan’s eyes began to shake.

    ‘W-what?! Is this really a Seven Demon Sword skill?’

    Something unexpected began to happen. Chun Yeowun’s sword movement that started out plainly began to change. The simple sword movement began shifting in weird ways, changing into a powerful sword formation. The change was as if a stone had been thrown into a calm lake.

    ‘No… at this rate…! Argh!’

    And starting from the fifth movement, it wasn’t something Yuchan could defend against anymore. His arms began to move frantically as he tried to defend himself against the onslaught of attacks. He tried to move onto the fifth formation to turn the situation around, but he couldn’t find any opening to do so.


    His hand was thrown back before he could even complete the blade movement. He then was sucked into the sword formation storm.


    Various sword formations shot past Yuchan. The sword qi struck his blood points, making blood pour out and Yuchan’s body was thrown from side to side. And as the finisher, when the twenty-fourth movement of the formation was about to cut Yuchan’s neck, Yeowun changed its direction.


    Yuchan screamed in agony. Every cadet who was looking at it couldn’t help but stare dumbfoundedly.

    Something dropped from the air, still squirming as if it was alive. It was Chun Yuchan’s right arm.

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