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    Chapter 79: Pay it forward for more (5)

    The blade qi disappeared from the center where it was cut. The cadets who saw this were dumbfounded.

    “H-he threw the blade qi!”

    “He cut the qi!”

    Throwing qi from a certain range required one to be at least a top master. To cut such qi, that also required an equal amount of strength. This exchange was way beyond the level of the ordinary cadets.

    “Chun Yuchan.”

    Yeowun glared at Chun Yuchan who was standing with the white light blade qi in his hand. Yuchan responded, “Oh, well. I wanted to pay you back with an ambush too. That didn’t work out so well.”

    Chun Yuchan flexed his neck. He spoke as if it was nothing, but the powerful shock stunned him for quite a while up until now. The area still felt numb.

    “You finally got back? That was slow.”

    Yeowun provoked him and Yuchan frowned.

    “So… you waited for me?”

    “The first attack was just payback for playing tricks. I don’t want to hear people saying I won because I ambushed you.”

    This was a fight between the heirs. Claiming victory after a surprise attack would surely not be favorable at all. Yuchan was confused by Yeowun’s words.

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    “Hah! You are as arrogant as ever! You think you won by defending against my qi?”

    Yuchan, however, was actually shocked that Yeowun had done it.

    ‘…He grows way too fast.’

    Yeowun was still very weak when Yuchan first met him in front of the private training room a few days ago, but this was more than what he had imagined. At this rate, he was going to surpass Yuchan himself.

    ‘Should I have cut his arm then?’

    Yuchan regretted that he didn’t cut Yeowun’s arm back then. That mistake had brought this onto him. Therefore, all he needed to do was one thing.

    ‘I will take his arm before he grows stronger.’

    Chun Yuchan then became serious and readied himself.

    ‘His aura’s changed.’

    Yeowun also activated his internal energy to be ready. This was a fight between master-level warriors.

    ‘The air changed.’

    Ko Wanghur looked at both leaders. Their plan was to have Chun Yeowun fight Yuchan while Yeowun’s members defeated Yuchan’s members. However, this just became a duel between the leaders. If this was the case, all they had to do now was wait for Chun Yeowun to win.

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    ‘Master, you have to win this or else you will lose the competition itself.’

    All the cadets focused on the two leaders. They became anxious, hoping their leader would win. Chun Yuchan moved first.

    He bolted out like lightning to close in on Chun Yeowun. It was faster than anything that the cadets had ever seen. Yuchan jumped up and unleashed the second formation of his blade skill, Blade of Illusion, the Giant Slash of the Illusive Blade.


    It was a simple strike down formation, but the power within it was massive. The power came down upon Yeowun would cleave him into two.

    ‘So, this is the blade skill of the Blade Clan!’

    Right Guardian Submeng’s Butterfly Blade Dance was probably equal in strength. Yeowun hesitated, wondering if he should fight with a blade skill or a sword skill. He chose the latter.

    ‘I have to fight with all I have against an equally-matched opponent!’

    Yeowun then gathered his fingers to unleash the sword qi. He had tried to brandish the qi over his wooden sword before, but the wood couldn’t endure the qi.


    Yuchan was surprised to see Yeowun using a sword instead of a blade. He thought he had made a mistake when he saw Yeowun cutting his qi a while ago, but it was surely a sword.

    Chun Yeowun’s sword qi clashed with Yuchan’s attack. Both qi struck against one another and let out a spark.

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    ‘What is he thinking?’

    Yuchan narrowed his eyes. He expected something great when Yeowun did not use the Butterfly Blade Dance, but the sword movement was too simple. However, it was weird that these movements were very familiar.

    ‘But my Blade of Illusion does not stop here!’

    Yeowun thought he had countered Yuchan’s attack when Yuchan’s blade qi twisted in a weird way. Yeowun quickly used his qi to defend, but the energy pushed him back. He was pushed back about six steps. As Yeowun was pushed back, Yuchan’s members shouted in excitement.


    Yeowun’s members turned grim. They didn’t think Yuchan was this strong. They then thought that Yuchan was perhaps powerful enough to be accepted by Hou Jinchang also.

    ‘He has a bit more internal energy than me,’ Yeowun thought. With the Black Dragon Ball, Yuchan now had about a hundred years worth of internal energy.

    ‘His formation is weird too.’

    Yuchan’s blade skill had odd attack angles. It was understandable as to why it was called Illusion. It was so weird that one would get fooled into looking elsewhere when fighting against it.

    ‘That right arm…’

    Yuchan’s right arm muscles were also developed. It was developed to use a blade in such a weird way.

    “You are lucky. I was going to cut your arm with that.”

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    Yuchan smiled. He really would’ve achieved that with the previous attack if Yeowun had reacted a little slower. Yuchan then pointed at Yeowun with the hand that had the blade qi.

    “Stop with that stupid sword skill and come at me with the Butterfly Blade Dance.”

    “Stupid… sword skill?”

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