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    Chapter 78: Pay it forward for more (4)

    “It’s irksome that we can’t do anything when we know the person behind all this.”


    The cadets sighed with Hu Bong. Chun Yuchan was different from Ha Ilming or Yumpa. It was a known fact that Yuchan himself was at the top of the master level, and he also had three members who had entered the master level as well. Yuchan only recruited the finest warriors within the academy, so his forces were the best.

    “It’s infuriating, but we are not ready to fight him.”

    If Chun Yeowun and Yuchan were to fight, it wouldn’t end with a one-on-one fight. It was going to be a bloodbath between the two candidates with their forces.

    “We need at least similar numbers and other powerful warriors like Bakgi if we decide to fight.”

    Ja Wumin agreed with Ko Wanghur. Hou Sangwha then raised her eyebrows and mentioned, “If it is against early master levels, Ko Wanghur and I can defeat him together.”

    Ko Wanghur and Hou Sangwha were on the verge of entering the master level. Given the right lessons, they were almost ready to shape the qi outside their bodies.

    “If you lack in number, we’ll help.”

    Gallen then offered to work together with them. Yeowun’s members turned to the 12th group cadets who had proposed to aid them. If they joined forces, then they would outnumber Yuchan’s team.

    “Then can we actually deal with Chun Yuchan and the others who masters?” Yeowun asked.

    Wanghur frowned, “Yes, but even if Master handles Chun Yuchan, one master warrior remains…”

    “I will take them both.”


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    Everyone became shocked. Chun Yeowun had become very powerful, but fighting against two master level warriors, especially when one was in a fully established state, was too much. The instructors didn’t use their own skills, but these enemies were going to use the best skills they had.

    “I didn’t say I will get them all at once.”


    Yeowun then began explaining his plan. His members had weird expressions on their faces when they heard the plan. Even Ko Wanghur, who was the best tactician in the group, didn’t seem to think it was possible.

    ‘They will notice it when they hear the voice.’

    How could they possibly fool them? Covering the face was the easy part, but the problem was the voice. Of course, if it was going to work, then it would make them vulnerable. An hour later, Yeowun really did fool them.

    “It’s me. Yumpa.”

    Yeowun’s members almost flinched when they heard Yeowun impersonating Yumpa’s voice.


    ‘How did he do that?!’

    Everyone was shocked to hear Yeowun’s amazing ability. They didn’t know how he did it, but his voice was exactly like Yumpa’s voice. This fooled everyone, including Chun Yuchan. Thankfully, it allowed Chun Yuchan to stay away from his group.

    ‘Nano, deactivate the voice mimicking.’

    [Yes, Master.]

    It was Nano’s ability. Nano worked on Yeowun’s vocal chords to make him sound exactly like Yumpa. Yeowun had learned this ability after checking what Nano could do when he was in the prison cave.

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    “Ah, ah. This isn’t my voice yet. Ah… ah… okay. Here we go.”


    “His voice is changing!”

    All the cadets, regardless of which side they were on, became shocked when they heard Yeowun’s voice changing from Yumpa’s to his own.

    “That bastard learned some evil magic!”

    Jin Yu became furious when he realized that they had been fooled by a voice and charged at Yeowun. The fist had a faint qi light, showing that his power had reached master level. Yeowun glared at him.

    “Ji-Jin Yu! NO!”

    Gunpil tried to stop him, but he was already in front of Yeowun. Chun Yeowun’s power was already within the top five out of all the cadets.

    ‘If he really is Chun Yeowun, then you are no match…’

    He couldn’t say this out loud. Yeowun made a sword movement with his finger and easily blocked Jin Yu’s powerful fist attack.

    ‘How did he counter it so easily?!’

    Yeowun reached out toward Jin Yu’s chest and snatched the yellow tag off his chest.

    “I’m taking this.”


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    Jin Yu gritted his teeth and put up his two fists, trying to pin Chun Yeowun down.


    Before his attack reached Yeowun, his chest was struck by Yeowun’s fist. It was just a simple jab, but his chest bones were fractured and he was pushed back about ten steps. If it wasn’t for his sturdy muscles that covered him like armor, he would have died.


    However, it seemed like he had taken some internal energy damage and coughed up blood. Since he was a master-level warrior, he didn’t fall to one punch.

    ‘He’s stronger than Ha Ilming.’

    After all, he was one of the talented cadets that Yuchan had chosen. He was too powerful for his members other than Bakgi to handle.

    ‘I have to finish him before Yuchan recovers.’

    Yeowun then tried to charge at Jin Yu to finish him, but that was when Nano’s voice resounded in his head.

    [Detected strong incoming energy source sixty meters behind the user.]

    Yeowun then turned as he knew what the energy was and he shouted to all of his members and the 12th group cadets.

    “GET DOWN!”

    All cadets then got down on the ground without realizing why, and the white blade qi flashed passed them at once.


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    They might have been all killed if it was too late. The blade qi flew straight at Chun Yeowun. White light followed Yeowun’s finger in the shape of a sword. Using all his sword qi, Yeowun slashed down on the blade qi that was thrown at him.

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