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    Chapter 77: Pay it forward for more (3)


    It was too sudden. Chun Yuchan was thrown way off to the side and his members shouted in shock. They couldn’t comprehend what had just happened. Yumpa quietly walked up to Yuchan’s back and struck him, kicking Yuchan way back. Yuchan placed his hand on the ground and couldn’t move. It seemed like he was in pain.

    “Yumpa! What is the meaning of this!”

    One of Yuchan’s members, and another one with a yellow tag, Ou Jiran, shouted angrily. She had a long chin with lowered eyebrows gave one a gloomy impression of her. However, she was one of the top three female cadets along with Hou Sangwha.

    “You’ve gone mad!”

    Wu Gunpil also shouted and charged at Yumpa. Then, someone blocked him. A powerful energy-wielding fist crossed against Gunpil’s arm pushed him back three steps. Gunpil was shocked to see the person standing in front of him.

    The cadet had thick muscles and body that was twice as big as the other cadets. It was Ko Wanghur. He got up quickly from the ground to block him.

    “What?! How did you…”

    “It’s time, friends.”

    Ko Wanghur spoke to his members, not turning away from Gunpil. The cadets that were on the ground then got up as if they were fine.

    “That was quick.”

    “I thought we had to stay down for longer.”

    “Well, the plan worked though.”

    Chun Yuchan’s members were bewildered to see Yeowun’s members getting up and they became furious.

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    They now realized that they had been fooled. Yeowun’s members had blood and dirt all over them, but none of them were injured.

    ‘Wait, then what about the 12th group?’

    Gunpil then turned to Gallen and the other 12th group cadets. They too had pulled out their wooden swords to fight against Yuchan’s group.

    “Yumpa!! How dare you betray the Prince!” someone shouted angrily. It was another cadet who also had a yellow tag on his chest. He was Jin Yu from Power Fist Clan. He was also muscular, but he was a bit smaller than Ko Wanghur.

    “Yumpa betrayed us!”

    “Yumpa, you bastard…!”

    Yuchan’s members all shouted furiously at Yumpa whose face was wrapped up with clothes. It seemed like they didn’t trust Yumpa that much from the beginning. Yumpa then shook his head.


    Then “Yumpa” took the clothes off his face. Chun Yuchan’s members all frowned at the face that was revealed under it. The voice was the same as Yumpa’s, but the face inside was an entirely different person.

    “Chun Yeowun!”

    It was the 7th cadet, Chun Yeowun. Yeowun glanced around.

    What had happened here? It was what happened after Yeowun defeated Ha Ilming who went berserk.

    Ha Ilming charged at Yeowun like a beast.

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    Ha Ilming unleashed a powerful attack with his fingers. His head was turning white, but he wanted to defeat Chun Yeowun before he lost his mind. Yet someone had kicked him away before he could even get to Yeowun.

    It was Bakgi. Ha Ilming was so angry at Yeowun that he didn’t notice Bakgi on the side. Bakgi kicked him away since it was an emergency.



    But this time, it was Bakgi who was thrown away. Ha Ilming’s increased internal energy had pushed Bakgi back.

    ‘You dare interfere with me again!’

    Ha Ilming then became angry at Bakgi and turned to charge at Bakgi who had fallen down, but Yeowun did not let him do this.

    “You stay here.”

    He grabbed Ha Ilming’s right wrist and Ha Ilming was overconfident about his internal energy.

    ‘That won’t work this time!’

    He attacked by multiplying his internal energy to 100% to fight back. But even then, Chun Yeowun’s ninety years worth of energy and physical strength that were strong enough to damage a blue pearl stone was not something that could be pushed back.


    Ha Ilming was thrown up in the air and was smashed to the ground by his wrist.

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    Yeowun then quickly jumped on top of Ha Ilming and pounded his head. He was in too much of a hurry to overpower Ilming that he couldn’t control his power this time. Ha Ilming’s head was pushed down further than when he had pinned Yumpa.

    ‘Hope he didn’t die.’

    At least he didn’t break the head. With the active Demon Art, it seemed like Ha Ilming’s body had become more powerful than normal.


    Ha Ilming’s head wasn’t destroyed, but with Yeowun’s fist pounding from above and his back slamming against the ground, it gave him a concussion and Ha Ilming passed out. His plan to strike from behind with the forbidden art had failed.


    Yeowun’s then told him that it was the Demon Art of Blood Reversion. Most of the clan members who were trained in their clans knew what had happened to Ha Ilming.

    “It’s my first time seeing it.”

    “But he learned forbidden art of the cult… he will be expelled,” Ko Wanghur said as he looked at Ha Ilming. It was a foolish choice as Ha Ilming should have just waited for a future chance to get his revenge.

    “We’re done here.”

    “We can now send them to the medical room.”

    Ha Ilming and his members had their fingers snapped and right legs broken, so if they were not going to heal before the third test, they were going to be expelled.

    “…It’s good that we avenged Ohjong, but it still doesn’t feel that great.”

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    Everyone knew what Hu Bong meant. The person who was behind all of this was still fine. It was terrifying for one man to place all of these people to play under his feet to seek the yellow tag.

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