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    Chapter 76: Pay it forward for more (2)

    An hour had passed since then. In the space between the 3rd and 4th dormitory buildings, Chun Yuchan and his teammates were practicing the Sword Demon formation with the Seven Demon Sword.

    The twelve members performed the fourth sword formation in unison. It was the same movement that looked like it was something, but it didn’t seem to show any special powers or change.

    ‘This is strange.’

    Yuchan was confused. He did this with the latter part of the Seven Demon Sword book, but it was a bit weird. He couldn’t conclude that it was due to his members not learning Seven Demon Sword skill since his teammates were all top-level warriors from the beginning, and they all learned the sword skill pretty quickly.

    “What’s the problem? Hmmm…”

    “Should we move on?”

    “Let’s take a break. I think I should read the book in more detail.”

    He wanted to train the Sword Demon formation earlier than the other teams, but he was put to a stop from the beginning. As Yuchan’s words, his teammates sat down and began wiping their sweat. Yuchan then called to a cadet who was watching instead of training with them. It was 100th cadet, Wu Gunpil. What was interesting here was that Gunpil had a yellow tag on his right chest.

    “Yes, Prince.”

    “What do you think? How did the sword formation look from the outside?”


    “Don’t worry. You can tell me the truth.”

    Yuchan assured him and Gunpil spoke carefully.

    “…Honestly, it just looks like everyone doing the same formation at once. I have never seen the Sword Demon formation, but this probably isn’t it.”

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    “Right? This is weird… the book says…”

    But before Yuchan could finish his words, a cadet shouted at him.

    “Prince! Look!”

    Twenty cadets were approaching them. Yuchan’s cadets got up. All the cadets who appeared at the empty lot were badly injured. What was interesting was that they all had another cadet on their backs. The one in the front seemed to have taken heavy injuries such that his face was covered in clothes, but it was all bloody and that made it look disgusting.

    Chun Yuchan’s teammates formed a blockade so that they wouldn’t come any closer. After hearing the injured cadet’s voice, they let down their guard.

    “It’s me, Yumpa.”

    It was the 200th cadet, Yumpa. And behind him were Gallen and the former 12th group cadets. It seemed they had been in a serious fight.


    Yuchan then approached Yumpa with an interested look. Yumpa bowed.

    “Prince, I have fulfilled my duty.”

    Yumpa showed the yellow tag on his right chest.

    Curious about what happened, Yuchan asked, “What happened? Who do you have on your back?”

    Yumpa then placed the cadet on his back on the ground. When he saw the person’s face after they fell onto the ground, Yuchan became surprised.

    “Ha Ilming?”

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    It was the 108th cadet, Ha Ilming. His face and skin had veins popping out, which looked really ugly.


    Yuchan shook his head as he frowned. Starting with Yumpa, the 12th group members began putting down the cadets they had on their backs. Those who were put down were Yeowun’s seven members and Ha Ilming’s eleven members. The one Gallen put down had a heavily damaged face and his face so bloody that it was hard to tell who the person was.

    “And who is this?”

    “It’s the 7th cadet, Chun Yeowun.”

    Yuchan’s mouth turned into a smile after hearing that.

    “Chun Yeowun? What did you do to make him become like that?”

    There was a hint of excitement in his voice as he asked that.

    “…We might have lost if it wasn’t for Ha Ilming.”

    Yumpa said in embarrassment. Yuchan didn’t understand.

    “What are you talking about?”

    “If Ha Ilming did not learn the Demon Art of Blood Reversion, we would have lost.”


    Yuchan was shocked. The Demon Art of Blood Reversion was an internal energy flowing skill that multiplied one’s internal energy by reversing the blood flow. It looked good on paper, but it had a serious adverse effect: using it would destroy the user’s blood points and take away their sanity. It was a forbidden martial art within the Demonic Cult because of its dangerousness.

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    “Hmph. He’s crazy too then.”

    Yuchan looked down at Ha Ilming. If Ha Ilming had used the forbidden martial art, then it was easy to guess what had happened. He probably went berserk and attacked anyone in his way.

    “Well, you did good work. Honestly speaking, I didn’t expect much from you, but this is pretty good.”

    Yuchan complimented Yumpa for the first time. It was great that he had gotten a great victory. He was worried about Chun Yeowun after hearing that he had defeated the senior instructor.

    “How about we cut his tendons before sending him to the medical room?”

    Yuchan smiled brightly and walked over to Chun Yeowun. Cutting the tendons on his right wrist would be enough to prevent him from using sword skills for a while. Gallen then thought, ‘Is he trying to do that even in that state? He is terrifying.’

    The blade qi shined in Yuchan’s right hand, and he smiled as he cut Yeowun’s right wrist.

    “Haha, at least I don’t destroy internal energy like you did. You should thank me.”

    He then looked at Yeowun’s face. Yuchan, who was excited just up until now, frowned immediately.


    He blinked his eyes, wondering if he had seen it wrong. He didn’t realize it when he first saw it, but looking at the face up close, it wasn’t Chun Yeowun. Yuchan then felt goosebumps on his skin and mumbled, “Yum…pa?”

    And Yumpa’s voice came from behind.

    “You’re too late.”

    “What is…! ARGH!”

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    Yuchan tried to turn back, but his face was struck and his body was thrown far off to the side.

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