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    Chapter 75: Pay it forward for more (1)

    A normal person would never experience getting their face stuck in the ground. Yumpa got his thoughts straight when a powerful force pushed him into the ground. He almost passed out from the severe pain radiating throughout his entire face as the rocks and dirt were stuck in his face. He felt the blood pouring out from all over his face.


    Yeowun then pulled up Yumpa’s head again. His face was all crushed up. His front teeth were dangling and his broken nose was pointed at a weird angle. Yumpa was in too much pain to realize that every part of his face was all messed up now.

    “Argh… Ah…”

    When he could breathe again, Yumpa formed up his thoughts and was able to barely speak.

    “T…this is…too much.”

    “I didn’t even start.”


    Yumpa paled. He felt like he would die after getting pinned into the ground once, but it seemed like that was only the beginning. Yeowun grabbed his hair again and Yumpa quickly shouted, “D-do you think Chun Yuchan will let you go free after doing this?!”

    He had to hide the person behind all this, but he just spilled it. Of course, Yeowun already knew that Yumpa was working for Chun Yuchan.

    “Chun Yuchan… will do what?”

    Yumpa thought he had made a mistake in saying that, but it was too late. He now had to hope for Yeowun to be afraid of Yuchan. Chun Yuchan was one of the strongest cadets in the academy, so most of the cadets did fear him anyway. But…

    “I don’t care.”


    Yumpa’s plans were going south from the very beginning. It seemed he like he had made Yeowun angrier by saying this.

    “Did you think I would get scared if you spoke of Chun Yuchan’s name?”

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    Suddenly, something popped up in Yumpa’s thoughts.

    ‘Wait… I heard Chun Yeowun destroyed all of Chun Jongsum’s bones.’

    Chun Yeowun’s infamous action reached the climax when he took Chun Jongsum out. Yumpa then regretted saying Yuchan’s name. If Yeowun feared the other princes, he would not have done such a thing to Chun Jongsum.

    “You should watch out for yourself first. And it doesn’t matter. He’s my next target anyway.”

    “Huh? Next? Ah…. AAAAARGH!”

    Yumpa’s head was thrown down again. It was the second time so maybe he would’ve gotten used to it, but that wasn’t the case. Yumpa moaned with bubbles coming out of his mouth and soon passed out. At least Yeowun did it very carefully so he wouldn’t crush Yumpa’s head completely. Yeowun then looked down at Yumpa with a disgusted expression and shook his head. Ko Wanghur then walked up to him.

    “Master, we’ve defeated everyone.”


    The eleven cadets who were with Ha Ilming were all kneeling down behind Ko Wanghur. All of them were injured and shaking in fear. They didn’t think things would come down to this just because of what happened last night.

    “And Ha Ilming?”

    “He’s here.”

    Ko Wanghur pointed to a direction and Ha Ilming was kneeling down in front of Bakgi. He was glaring at Bakgi angrily.

    ‘If my ribs were fine…!’

    Ha Ilming thought he would not have lost that easily if his ribs were okay. But the fight was already over. Yeowun went over to Ha Ilming, looking down at him coldly.


    Ha Ilming tried to say something, but his blood points had been sealed so he couldn’t talk. Thus, he just moaned instead. Although he lost, he still resisted as best he could so he also had blood points sealed to make him immobile.

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    “What do you want? Should I let him talk?” Bakgi asked. Yeowun shook his head. He didn’t want to hear anything from him anyway.


    “We pay him back the same way.”


    Ha Ilming looked up at Yeowun with a puzzled expression. Yeowun then crouched to be on the same eye level with Ha Ilming and he grabbed his right hand.

    ‘W-what is he doing?!’

    Ha Ilming’s eyes shook at the terrifying thought. Soon, it became a reality. Yeowun snapped his finger backwards.


    Ilming moaned and writhed in pain as his finger snapped backwards. Gallen and the other 12th group cadets also frowned at the sight. But this was only the start. Yeowun proceeded to break and snap all the fingers backward.

    ‘T-this crazy bastard!!’

    It was so painful that Ha Ilming’s face turned beet red and veins popped out of his neck. His eyes were also red, but it was astounding that he didn’t cry from pain at least.

    “Why? Is it painful?” Yeowun asked.

    Ha Ilming stared daggers Yeowun even though he was in such pain.

    ‘How dare he say that when he just broke my fingers?!’

    Yeowun did not care about how Ilming was glaring at him and continued.

    “Ohjong probably experienced the same amount of pain. No… it must have been more painful for him.”

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    Ohjong’s fingers had been snapped while he got beat up. When Ohjong’s name came up, Ha Ilming’s members began to shake in fear.


    Ha Ilming was busy fighting Bakgi at the time, but it was his members that beat up Ohjong and broke his fingers. It was now all coming back to them.

    “I’m just paying you guys back the same way. You brought this upon yourself.”



    Ha Ilming was so much in pain, but he still didn’t cower. Yeowun then smiled and slapped Ilming.


    The slap had such power that it almost broke his neck. He couldn’t move his body so his head was thrown back along with his body, and that saved him. If he tried to resist against it, his neck bone would’ve broken as well. The slap was so powerful that it made Ha Ilming pass out and Yeowun got up and ordered his members.

    “Cut their legs and snap all their fingers.”

    Yeowun’s words split the expressions between the two groups. Yeowun’s members gleefully smiled for finally getting payback for what happened to Ohjong, and in contrast, Ha Ilming’s members became pale.

    ‘W-we are lucky…’

    Gallen was relieved that he had made the right choice. If he had agreed to Yumpa’s offer, he would have been in the same shoes. That seemed like a terrible end for greedily wanting a yellow tag.

    That’s when Ha Ilming’s body began to move. It was strange. Veins began to pop up from underneath the skin, and Ha Ilming’s rolled eyes began to turn red. After everything turned red, Ha Ilming roared like a beast and charged at Yeowun.



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    Hu Bong’s scary warning spread across the mountain.

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