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    Chapter 74: I will do the same to you (6)


    Ha Ilming was pushed away, and it was Bakgi who kicked him. Ha Ilming got up and winced at the pain.

    ‘Dammit… it’s broken again!’

    It hadn’t been long since he had recovered from the broken right rib he got from Yeowun, and now it was left rib. Bakgi provoked him.

    “You fight with me.”

    “How dare you ambush me!”

    “Ambush? I’m just doing the same thing you did.”

    Ha Ilming was furious but he couldn’t find words to object, as he too had gotten the upper hand last night due to Wu Penghak’s attack to get Bakgi. Everything he did was coming back to him.

    ‘It’s too late to run anyway.’

    He had no choice but to fight. Ha Ilming then shouted at his group members.



    His members then charged with their wooden swords.


    However, Ha Ilming became dumbfounded because they only attacked the 12th group cadets who were behind them.

    “What are you doing!”

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    Ha Ilming shouted angrily, but his members were only focused on attacking the 12th group members. It was because the 12th group was blocking their way out of this place. Ha Ilming’s members were only focused on escaping from this place. They didn’t want to take on a monster Chun Yeowun and his friends. From what they could see, it was likely that they would get beaten up badly if they didn’t run.

    “Take this!”

    Bakgi then kicked multiple times, leaving a bunch of hits. Ha Ilming was angry at his members who were trying hard to run away, but he couldn’t ignore Bakgi’s attacks either.


    Ha Ilming proceeded to assume defensive movements to defend against Bakgi’s kicks.

    “Shall we make a move then?”

    Ko Wanghur flexed his muscles and jumped out. Hu Bong, who had been waiting to get his revenge, also charged angrily.

    “It’s my first fight. Heh.”

    Hou Sangwha smiled satisfyingly. Unlike her round and cute face, her aura made her seem rough and aggressive.

    “Y-you are more aggressive than you look.”

    Jin Guuk was stunned by the large group fight.

    “We should go too! It’s time to get payback!”

    Ja Wumin shouted and Hou Sangwha, Machil, and Jin Guuk charged at Ha Ilming’s group members. A total of forty cadets were now fighting each other. The fight was very one-sided since Ha Ilming’s members were trying to run away while Yeowun and the 12th group members were chasing them furiously.


    Yumpa was appalled since he had wanted to avoid this situation at all costs. If he had gotten more cadets to fight back, this would not have happened. Yumpa stepped back but Chun Yeowun walked toward him like death itself.

    “You think you can run?”

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    “I didn’t think I would see this happen.”

    “That’s what you get for playing tricks.”

    It was foolish to think that Yeowun would get caught up in Chun Yuchan’s tricks. From the aggressive aura coming out from Yeowun, it seemed it wasn’t possible for Yumpa to run.


    Ha Ilming’s team members were falling down one by one. They were outnumbered and overpowered so it was inevitable.


    Bakgi’s continued kicking pounded Ha Ilming’s chest. Ha Ilming tried his best to fight back, but with his broken left rib, he slowed down and he now had no way to defend himself against Bakgi’s kicks.

    ‘…I failed. There’s no way.’

    Ha Ilming, Yumpa’s only hope, was even losing. The fight had already been decided. Further resistance only meant more injuries. Yumpa then thought of the only possible choice.

    ‘If I can’t defeat him…’

    Yumpa then threw his sword onto the ground and kneeled in front of Yeowun, surprising the other party. Yumpa then placed his head down on the ground and spoke politely.

    “You win, Prince Chun.”


    It was a declaration of surrender. He had lost once, so Yumpa knew he had no chance against Chun Yeowun anyway. Therefore, he chose to surrender to keep himself safe.

    “It’s not over yet.”

    It was almost over, but the fight was still ongoing. But with their brains and culprit Yumpa giving up without even trying, Yeowun felt disgusted.

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    “No, it is over. We have already lost. Please show us mercy that befits an heir to the throne.”

    Those were polite words, but they were disgusting in context to even mention the candidacy to the throne.


    Chun Yeowun sighed.

    ‘He’s angry but he will not attack someone who is on the ground, asking for mercy… hehehe.’

    Yumpa was facing the ground so no one could see his expression, but he was smiling. If Yeowun, the leader, made a decision here, then the fight would be over. Yeowun was also one of the heirs, so Yumpa thought Yeowun would not attack a man who had given up.


    Yeowun shook his head and crouched down. He then yanked Yumpa’s hair, hard.


    Yeowun pulled it up, and Yumpa’s head followed with it. His face showed that he was in pain.

    “Aaaargh! W-what are you doing? I just surrendered…”

    “Surrender? If you didn’t want to fight, you shouldn’t have started this from the beginning.”

    Yeowun then clenched on his hand.

    ‘N-no! This can’t be!’

    Yumpa became terrified and tried to squirm out of Yeowun’s grasp, but he couldn’t. It was as if he was stuck under a giant rock.


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    “Shut up.”


    He then was thrown onto the ground face down. His face was stuck into the ground halfway with blood pouring out from it. Yeowun then whispered to the flinching Yumpa, “You will pay the price for hurting my friends.”

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