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    Chapter 73: I will do the same to you (5)

    Two hours later, Gallen and the 12th group cadets were serious as they aimed their wooden swords. Their furious glares were directed at Yumpa while they were actually angry toward Chun Yuchan, the Prince of the Blade Clan who was behind all this.

    ‘We almost were used and thrown away.’

    It was shocking as it was as Wanghur had said. They didn’t think they were being used, but after meeting with Chun Yuchan, everything became clear. For Chun Yuchan, the other cadets were only pawns in his game. Unless they were talented like Bakgi, he didn’t think much about the others.

    “What are you doing?” Yumpa asked Gallen. He was facing cadets from the 12th group who had made a deal with Chun Yuchan to get a yellow tag. But what was this hostility?

    “Hmph! You think you can keep using us for the yellow tag?”

    “I don’t follow.”

    “You still think us as fools?!”

    Gallen shouted angrily and Yumpa narrowed his eyes before he turned to Chun Yeowun.

    “So, someone’s pulling tricks on you.”

    “Hah! Look who’s talking!”

    Hu Bong scoffed at Yumpa’s words.

    “You can’t even get a tag from an instructor, so you ambushed us during the night. Who’s pulling the tricks?” Hu Bong shouted and Yeowun’s members also smirked as they nodded. Hou Sangwha and Jin Guuk also heard about what had happened, so they had disgust in their looks also.

    Ha Ilming was furious after hearing such words however. His face was red with anger and he glared at Hu Bong.

    “You ran from us like rats, and you dare speak to us as weaklings?!”

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    Ha Ilming shouted and Ko Wanghur burst into laughter.

    “Hahaha! This is a great one. Ha Ilming, then I’m sure you will never run away from us then?”


    “Oh, but we have no intention to let you run anyway.”

    Ko Wanghur threatened him and Ha Ilming’s face turned grim.


    With the 12th group cadets turning their backs on them, the situation had turned upside down. Ha Ilming’s group was now trapped. He needed at least twice the number of Yeowun’s team to defeat them, but they were outnumbered.

    ‘What happened?’

    If he knew this would happen, he would not have sided with Yumpa. Fighting against them when being outnumbered meant they had no chances of winning.

    ‘Ugh… should I run? But…’

    He had a chance to run away if he ran alone, but this meant that he had to abandon all of his teammates. They’d probably never join Ha Ilming’s team again. There were no options left for him.


    Yumpa was also in the same situation. He knew there was no chance of winning here, but if he failed again, then he was going to lose the final chance to stay by Chun Yuchan.

    ‘I have to persuade them no matter what!’

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    Yumpa then hid his frustration and turned to Gallen to softly speak to him.

    “Gallen. I think there’s been a mistake. Don’t you trust Prince Chun Yuchan as his servants? If you get fooled by such tricks…”

    “Will you give us two tags then?”


    “If he wants all of us, he’ll need at least two tags so that all of us can pass the test.”

    The leaders who had yellow tags could only recruit eleven members on their team. The 12th group cadets had nineteen members, so they needed two tags in order to include everyone. Yumpa bit his lips. He couldn’t make false promises that Chun Yuchan did not allow. However, if he failed to persuade them, then his mission was over.

    “L-let’s do this. I’ll ask Prince Chun to let you guys get two tags.”

    Doing this meant that he wouldn’t be lying. He was going to ask, but he wouldn’t be able to do anything if Yuchan refused to do so.

    ‘Please, please!’

    It was a hard offer for the 12th group members to refuse. If they defeated Yumpa and Ha Ilming right here, they were only going to get one tag. Gallen also seemed to be interested.

    ‘It almost worked! Come on!’

    Yumpa smiled. Gallen hesitated a bit and asked, “It sure seems like a good deal… but can you take it?”

    Yumpa didn’t understand his question.

    “Take what?”

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    “Take this.”


    The sound came from his behind and Yumpa turned. It was Chun Yeowun, who appeared behind him and threw his fist.

    ‘I- I have to dodge it!’

    Yumpa had already felt Yeowun’s terrifying physical power. It was apparent as to what might happen if he were to get struck down. Yumpa then threw his body backward to dodge it.

    “Bastard! You’re mine!”

    Ha Ilming, who considered Yeowun’s action of attacking Yumpa first as an act of ignoring him, quickly swung his wooden sword in anger. It contained 70% of his internal energy which would crush a human’s head if it landed, but…


    Ha Ilming was shocked. His wooden sword was simply caught by Yeowun’s left hand. Ha Ilming unleashed his energy to pull it away from Yeowun.

    ‘W-what! It won’t even move!’

    He couldn’t get it out of Yeowun’s grasp. There was no way for Ha Ilming, who didn’t even have sixty years worth of internal energy, to fight against Yeowun who had ninety years worth of energy.

    “Is that it?”

    “Arrghhh… YOU!”

    He couldn’t understand. There wasn’t that much difference in internal energy before, but it was different now. Their energy battle didn’t last too long.

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    As Yeowun clenched it, the wooden sword shattered into pieces. Ha Ilming suddenly let go of the sword and attacked Yeowun with his finger instead to complete the sword skill. That’s when someone kicked him from the side.

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