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    Chapter 72: I will do the same to you (4)

    He tried to use only half of his power, but it was still monster-like. At least it was weaker than when he destroyed Jongsum’s chin and teeth. The 12th group cadets became pale after seeing Penghak getting thrown away with one punch. Penghak had gained top-class internal energy after consuming the Black Dragon Ball, but he couldn’t even endure one fist.


    Gallen shouted at Penghak who was thrown back. He sat there unconsciously with bubbles foaming at his mouth.

    ‘W-we cannot fight him!’

    Most of the cadets were either similar or weaker than Penghak. They had Ha Ilming, who was almost equal to Bakgi when they fought yesterday, but no one else could deal with Yeowun.

    “You want to keep going?”

    Yeowun threatened the 12th cadets. All of them then shook their heads in fear. They couldn’t even bear to think about fighting Yeowun, Bakgi, and Ko Wanghur altogether.

    “…We surrender.”

    Gallen, who was next in line in terms of rank, made a declaration. Hu Bong then ran up with reddened eyes and grabbed Gallen’s collar.

    “Where is it!”

    “What are you talking about?”

    “Where is the tag that you took from us yesterday?!”

    Ohjong had tried to protect it with his life even when his fingers were snapped back. If they didn’t get that back, Ohjong’s sacrifice would have been for nothing. Gallen spoke bitterly.

    “108th cadet… Ha Ilming has it.”

    “It’s as we expected.”

    Ko Wanghur sighed to Yeowun. They had expected this already as Ha Ilming probably wouldn’t have given the yellow tag to these people.

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    Hu Bong then threw a punch at Gallen’s face. It wasn’t all that powerful like Yeowun’s, but it was enough to bruise Gallen’s right cheek in blue. Hu Bong then pushed Gallen down and tried to pummel him, but Bakgi stopped him.


    “Don’t stop me! Are you protecting him because he was your teammate?!”

    “No. I have something I want to ask first. Back off.”

    Bakgi had no intention to stop him. He was a former team leader of these people, but he knew what was at stake here. Their actions were unacceptable.



    Gallen wiped the blood dripping from his mouth and looked up at Bakgi before he averted his gaze. He had tried to dissuade Penghak and the other cadets, but he failed and eventually ambushed Bakgi together with them, so he couldn’t look into his eyes.

    “You said you all sold me out. What does that mean?”

    “…I’m sorry.”

    “You’ve already done it, so don’t give me that bullshit. Who did you make a deal with?”

    Gallen hesitated for a bit and answered, “…Chun Yuchan from the Blade Clan made the offer.”

    “Chun Yuchan?”

    Yeowun was surprised to hear Chun Yuchan’s name. He thought it was strange when he heard that Yuchan had helped Bakgi, but he didn’t think Yuchan would be involved in such a way.

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    “Prince Chun Yuchan told us to attack you, take your tag, and put you in danger.”

    “What? He told you to attack me?”

    Bakgi was dumbfounded. He thought he owed Yuchan for helping him out the other night, so he didn’t think it was all planned from the beginning.

    “So… you were promised to be given a yellow tag for it?”


    They sold Bakgi for their own good. Since Bakgi had now found out about this, the nine cadets who ambushed together couldn’t hide their embarrassment.

    “Bakgi… I’m sorry.”


    Bakgi couldn’t forgive them, so he walked away. He didn’t even feel the need to beat them up on his own.


    Hu Bong then began pounding Gallen’s face. He was going to make Gallen become like Ohjong. Nobody thought to stop Hu Bong and Gallen too didn’t even moan.

    “Wait a second.”

    “Not again?!”

    This time, it was Ko Wanghur who stopped him. Hu Bong, who was drenched in sweat, responded with an annoyed voice. Ko Wanghur placed his hand on Hu Bong’s shoulder and sent a telepathic message.

    [Will you be satisfied at beating up just one man?]

    Hu Bong then became surprised and looked back at Wanghur.

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    [Trust me. I will bring out everything.]

    Ko Wanghur sent his messages confidently and Hu Bong nodded before he stepped aside. Wanghur then spoke to Gallen who was on the ground.

    “670th cadet. Do you trust what Yuchan had promised you?”

    “…What do you mean?”

    “Do you really think Chun Yuchan will give you a yellow tag?”

    Gallen’s eyes shook. He too had been suspicious of this ever since. They had fulfilled their part of the deal, but he didn’t believe in it from the beginning.

    “He promised us.”

    “Since there are twenty of you, he must have promised to give you two tags.”


    He didn’t say he would give two. But he couldn’t tell the truth in front of everyone since it would surely cause problems.

    “Did he say he would give only one?”

    Ko Wanghur accurately guessed the situation and Gallen was baffled. The cadets who didn’t join the ambush yesterday frowned at once.

    “What? What is he talking about?”

    “You told us that we would be on the team!”

    Wu Penghak had assured the members that even if they didn’t join the ambush, they would all be together. However, if they only got one tag, the outcome was obvious. There were only two spots left for the cadets who didn’t join the ambush, so it was bound to end up in a fight. Cadets from the 12th group then turned to Wu Penghak and Gallen angrily. Ko Wanghur bitterly said, “You all were used and are trying to turn back on yourselves now.”

    “Used? What are you talking about!”

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    “Do you think Chun Yuchan did not know this would happen if he only gave one tag? If you fight against one another, you are playing right into his hands.”

    Wanghur explained it calmly and the cadets gritted their teeth. If Chun Yuchan had really used them, then they were just pawns who played under his feet. Ko Wanghur then smiled to finish what he started.

    “Are you all angry? If you are, then you must get revenge.”

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