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    Chapter 69: I will do the same to you (1)

    Sword Art of the Sky Demon. One of the best sword arts, and the best sword art within the Demonic Cult itself. It was created by Chun Ma, nicknamed the Sky Demon, who was known for his talent in martial arts. He had risen above everyone else at the time.

    As time passed by, many sword arts were created to counter the Sword Art of the Sky Demon, and soon the Demonic Sword of the Heavenly God was said to overpower it.

    Hou Jinchang’s eyes flickered as he spoke. Yeowun’s sword movement had left a striking impression that he could not forget. Even Lee Hameng was shocked to see such perfect sword movement.

    ‘It’s similar to the Sword Art of the Sky Demon, but it’s much more.’

    Lee Hameng had seen the Lord use his Sword Art multiple times already, and thus he was able to conclude that Yeowun’s sword skill was better. Then how did Chun Yeowun learn such sword skills? There was only one possible way.

    ‘The pedestal!’

    The pedestal in the library was known to hold secret regarding Father Chun Ma’s last finding of the truth. However, the back side of the pedestal had been destroyed, so it was left in secret. One of the former Lords thought the pedestal was useless, so he ordered it to place it in the library as a display.

    ‘But the backside is damaged…’

    Lee Hameng had also looked at the back side of the pedestal multiple times, but he wasn’t sure what it meant due to the marks all over it. Hou Jinchang then asked carefully, “Chief. Do you think his sword skill is from the ped…”

    “Instructor Hou.”

    Lee Hameng cut him off.

    “Keep this as a secret between you and me for now.”

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    “…So, you are thinking of the same thing. Yes, sir.”

    Lee Hameng nodded. That was the only possible way for Yeowun to have grasped the sword skill. After all, they had reached the same conclusion. It wasn’t certain as to why Lee Hameng wanted to keep this a secret, but maybe this would be better for Yeowun.

    Most of the cadets dispersed to go about with their training, but not all of them had left. Two cadets were left. One was a girl who had a round and cute face, but she was taller than most of the male cadets. If it wasn’t for Ko Wanghur, she would probably be the tallest amongst all cadets remaining in front of the building.

    ‘Oh! She is…!’

    Ko Wanghur knew her very well. She was the 222th cadet, Hou Sangwha, known to be one of the top three ranks in power out of the female cadets.

    ‘…Why is he blushing?’

    Bakgi was curious about Ko Wanghur’s expression. Hou Sangwha walked up to Yeowun and spoke politely.

    “You were great just now, Prince Chun. I didn’t think you would get Instructor Hou’s tag. Congratulations.”

    “I was lucky. Thank you.”

    Yeowun pretended to not notice, but he was able to guess why she had come up to him.

    “Let me be frank. I waited here because I want to join your team.”

    After she saw Yeowun fighting against Hou Jinchang, she thought Yeowun was a worthy leader. If she became his teammate, that would increase her chances of passing the third test. Yet Yeowun didn’t want a teammate just for the test.

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    “I’m s…”

    Chun Yeowun tried to say this, but Sanghwa interrupted to speak first.

    “Hold on. I want to ask you something first. Will you bring in any individual, no matter their gender, if they are talented?”

    Hou Sangwha was serious. It seemed like she was mindful of the fact that she was a girl. Yeowun couldn’t just answer simply, but he already had the answer since a long time ago.

    “…If a talented individual wants to join me, then I have no reason not to accept. Gender or clan do not matter.”

    Chun Yeowun had been discriminated and bullied for not coming from the six clans. He wanted to overthrow such things from the start.

    “I see.”

    Hou Sangwha then took about ten steps back and swung her wooden sword with a sword movement. Chun Yeowun, Wanghur, Bakgi, and Hu Bong all became intrigued. She was using the Seven Demon Sword.

    ‘She has learned the Seven Demon Sword!’

    Only a short amount of time had passed, but she was using the skill flawlessly. Her movements were top-class.

    After showing the first sword movement up to the fifth, she came up to Yeowun again and knelt down on one knee.

    “I was touched by your sacrifice that you made for your servant. You said you will accept any individual no matter their gender or clan. If you accept me, I will prove that I am worthy.”

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    She spoke with confidence and strength. There was no reason to decline such an offer made from someone so confident and knew how to show their strength.

    “My path will be treacherous and we might shed blood. Can you take that burden on yourself?”

    “I wouldn’t say I wanted to join you if I wasn’t ready for that.”

    Chun Yeowun then smiled and bowed.

    “Thank you. Welcome to my team.”

    Hou Sangwha then bowed and shouted, “I, the 222nd cadet, Hou Sangwha, will pledge allegiance to Prince Chun for life.”

    So, Chun Yeowun had gained the first woman cadet on his team. And there was one who was overjoyed by this event. It was Ko Wanghur. He was so happy that he couldn’t hide his joy.

    “Ohh… this is awkward.”

    And there was one more cadet who left. He was scrawny and had crumpled hair, and he had been excited over Yeowun’s fight more than anyone else.

    “Do you have something to say?” Yeowun asked him. The cadet then became hesitant, and knelt down on both knees.

    “I… I want to be on your team, Prince.”

    “…And why did you hesitate?”

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    The cadet then scratched his head and embarrassingly answered, “I have not learned the Seven Demon Sword yet… I wanted to… prove myself to you but I couldn’t find anything to show…”

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