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    Chapter 66: This tag is yours (4)

    Early in the morning, on the mountain peak behind the Demonic Academy Library, the morning fog covered the lower part of the mountain. Three men were running up the mountain with their lightness skills. They were instructors of the academy. The one in front was the former 8th group instructor, Impeng. The reason why they were going up the mountain today was because today Yeowun’s imprisonment was scheduled to end.

    ‘I wonder if he endured it well.’

    Even a more experienced adult would have a hard time being locked up in a dark place all alone. However, the person they locked up was a fifteen-year-old boy, which raised some concerns. They soon reached the front of the cave.


    Guards who stood near the entrance saluted the instructors. Impeng nodded.

    “Chun Yeowun’s imprisonment is over. Open the gate.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    Guards then moved the locking mechanism from the giant boulder that blocked the entrance and pushed it to the side. As it was pushed away, the cave opened up. With the lamp oil running out, the inside of the cave was pitch black. Spending five days in such a place would surely make someone mad. As they looked inside, a topless boy was sitting crosslegged with his eyes closed in meditation.

    “7th cadet, You are now being freed!”

    One of the instructors shouted and Chun Yeowun opened his eyes. It was finally the time he had been waiting for. He got up and frowned as the light was too bright in his eyes and walked out.

    ‘Huh? Look at his body!’

    Chun Yeowun’s topless body showed all his tight muscles. It was hard to believe that they were the muscles of a not-fully grown boy. The instructors became astonished. But what really astounded Impeng were Chun Yeowun’s eyes.

    ‘Are these the eyes of a boy who was locked up in prison alone for five days?’

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    His eyes were deeper and more determined than when he was locked up. It was as if Yeowun had found the truth after some hard training. Impeng was astonished, but he didn’t show it and spoke to him.

    “Where are your top clothes?”

    “Uh, that’s…”

    Chun Yeowun then went back and took out his clothes. The stench made all the instructors frown in disgust.


    “What did you do to your clothes!”

    Instructor Simong snatched the clothes and threw it far away. Impeng sighed and took off his outer robe and handed it over to Yeowun.

    “Oh… thank you, sir.”

    Yeowun then began putting on the clothes and Simong looked into the cave, checking to see if he had done anything inside. There was no trace of anything within. Simong nodded at the other two instructors and they began climbing down the mountain.

    But Simong had missed something there. He had not noticed the rocks that had been piled up to block the hole at the bottom, near the deep inner wall. The light didn’t reach that area, so Simong didn’t notice this.


    Yeowun sighed in relief. He hoped Simong would not enter the cave to check inside, and luckily he didn’t. As they began to climb down, guards that stood in front sealed off the cave again and grinned at each other.

    “We’re done!”

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    They shouted in joy. The special mission that was assigned to them to stand guard day and night was finally over. Instructors grinned at the sound of joy coming from the mountain top.

    “Can I ask something, sir?” Yeowun asked Impeng while going down. Impeng nodded.

    “How many yellow tags are left?”

    Impeng grinned. The boy was locked up alone for five days and his first question was about the number of available yellow tags. This meant that Yeowun hadn’t given up yet.

    “There’s one left.”


    Yeowun face darkened at the word. He figured there wouldn’t be that many tags left since there was only one day left to take the tags, but he didn’t think there would be only one.

    “Is the one held by him?”

    Impeng knew who Chun Yeowun was talking about. He was talking about Senior Instructor Hou Jinchang. Impeng nodded.

    ‘It’s as I thought.’

    Getting the yellow tag from Hou Jinchang was impossible for anyone. Impeng spoke to Yeowun.

    “I’m sure you know that’s not the only tag you can get your hands on.”

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    He didn’t say it outright, but he was talking about the tags from the other leaders. It was what was recommended unofficially, but it wasn’t something that an instructor could say out loud.

    ‘Attacking other cadets…’

    Chun Yeowun was deep in thought as he went down the mountain. When they got to the bottom of the mountain, instructors told Yeowun that he was free to do whatever he wanted now. Yeowun then followed instructors to the main building. When they got to the front of the main building, Impeng asked curiously, “Do you want to say something?”

    “I… I have a request to make.”


    “Can you call the instructor who has the last yellow tag?”


    Impeng frowned at Yeowun’s sudden request. He didn’t think Yeowun was following them to attempt to take the yellow tag from the senior instructor. There was no time left for him, but he didn’t think Yeowun would try to fight Hou Jinchang right after he got out of the cave. Yet, the one who answered him wasn’t Impeng.

    “Are you crazy? Don’t be reckless and find something you can do instead.”

    It was Simong who answered. He didn’t care about Chun Yeowun, but even he could see that fighting Hou Jinchang was impossible. If Yeowun were to get hurt while trying to fight Hou Jinchang, that would mean the end of his test. Impeng also seemed to agree with this and nodded.

    “Don’t overdo it. I know you are running out of time, but you have to be careful.”

    Impeng thought Yeowun’s decision was coming from being in a hurry. He knew the situation, but he hoped Yeowun would not go overboard. However, Yeowun did not change his mind.

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