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    Chapter 64: This tag is yours (2)

    Hu Bong quickly ran into the cafeteria. There was no time to waste when his friends were still in danger. Hu Bong then went to find Ko Wanghur and the other members.


    He then found his team members eating on the right side of the cafeteria. Ko Wanghur, who was eating a huge meal, looked back at him weirdly.

    “Hu Bong, why are you drenched in sweat?”

    “We… we must go now… to the training room!”

    “What’s going on?”

    Ko Wanghur and the cadets immediately placed down their chopsticks and got up.

    “Am.. ambush… there’s been an ambush! Bakgi and Ohjong are fighting them!”


    Ko Wanghur quickly jumped out of his seat and ran out with the other cadets who followed him. Wanghur quickly used his lightness skills to shoot past the buildings to run forward. As he reached the front of the private training building, he saw Bakgi standing there, bleeding from his left thigh and the cadet who seemed to be Ohjong was on the ground, unconscious. There were twelve cadets in front of them, and one of them had his arms crossed. It was Chun Yuchan from the Blade Clan.

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    ‘Is he the one who attacked?’

    Ko Wanghur became shocked to see one of the most powerful cadets standing in front of them. But he couldn’t just leave his members behind.

    “What is the meaning of this!” Ko Wanghur shouted and jumped in between Bakgi and Chun Yuchan. Then Ja Wumin, Machil, and Hu Bong also came up to them.

    ‘Huh? 5th cadet?’

    Hu Bong was shocked to see Chun Yuchan standing there with his fellow teammates. Chun Yuchan then smiled with his signature smile.

    “Oh, your friends are here.”

    “How dare you ambush us!” Ko Wanghur shouted with a reddened face and Yuchan raised his eyebrow. Bakgi then placed his hand on Wanghur’s shoulder and spoke to him.

    “It’s not him. He didn’t attack us.”


    Hu Bong also nodded. Perhaps they had the same goal if they were here standing with them. Besides, Chun Yuchan was already known for taking more yellow tags than needed. Yuchan then shook his head in response to the suspicious eyes.

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    “Oh well, I guess our private talk is over. Anyway, you owe me for this Bakgi, so think about it. Besides, you don’t have your tag anymore.”

    Bakgi shook his head.

    “Thank you for your help, but my decision remains.”

    “Haha, well there’s more time, so think about it.”

    Chun Yuchan then smiled and returned to the dorm with his members. After he disappeared, Bakgi dropped down to the ground. Wanghur asked with a worried voice, “How bad is it?”

    Bakgi’s left thigh was bloody, but he waved his hand.

    “It’s alright. It’s not too deep. But we lost the yellow tag… I’m sorry.”

    Bakgi said as he hung his head down in despair. Hu Bong then went to Ohjong to see how he was doing. It seemed like he was severely beaten up and became unconscious. His clothes had many footprints and dust all over them.


    Hu Buong then noticed Ohjong’s right hand and shouted with teary eyes. Ohjong’s right hand had all of his fingers snapped backward and his palm was bruised badly. It seemed he had held onto the yellow tag at all costs, even when his fingers were pulled backward.

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    “I should’ve held it!”

    Ohjong’s decision to hold it was right, but seeing all the damage made Hu Bong feel he was responsible for it. Ja Wumin and Machil also shuddered in rage with angry expressions on their face. Ko Wanghur then carefully asked Bakgi, “What had happened?”

    “…Ha Ilming, former leader of the 6th group and the other cadets ambushed us.”

    Bakgi then explained what happened in detail. When Hu Bong gave the tag to Ohjong, all the cadets changed targets. Over twenty cadets ran after Ohjong and soon caught up to him. And the result was what they were seeing now.

    “I was fighting the 108th cadet.”

    Ha Ilming had consumed the Black Dragon Ball and had master-level internal energy. But with Bakgi at the mid-level of masters, he had the upper hand in power against Ha Ilming. However, that was only if he could fight him on one on one.

    “The others attacked me in turns,” Bakgi said disappointingly. It was for former 12th group cadets that attacked in the middle of everything, and that allowed Ha Ilming to launch an attack that cut his left thigh. With his leg cut down, Ha Ilming then tried to finish him off by throwing a decisive blow.

    “That’s when the 5th cadet appeared.”

    Chun Yuchan who was walking by with his members, found them and told Ha Ilming to hand Bakgi over. Yuchan had wanted Bakgi to be on his team for a long time. But of course, Ha Ilming refused. This time, he was determined to not be interfered like when Yuchan interfered him when he was trying to fight Chun Yeowun.

    ‘Mind your own business! Get lost!’

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    He was outnumbered and his internal energy increased, so he shouted at Chun Yuchan. However, Yuchan just scoffed and quickly overpowered the five cadets in just a few movements.

    ‘You want to continue?’

    Ha Ilming then felt the difference in power and had to leave. Chun Yuchan didn’t pay attention to the yellow tag that Ha Ilming’s group had taken. His goal was only Bakgi.

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