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    Chapter 61: Blessing in a disguise (6)

    Yeowun had to rely on Nano’s skills to find out about the breathing skill, but the pillar was programmed to make it easy to find these stones as well. It was surprising.

    ‘…Well, I guess you would need such a thing to find out about it without Nano.’

    What was funny was that no one had even tried it before. No one dared to do what Yeowun had done to the pillars until now.


    Yeowun then noticed the place where he bowed at the front of the pillar sank in the middle and liquid seeped out from it. He tasted it with his finger and found out that it was oil.

    ‘Is it made for fire?’

    The pillar had a mechanism to burn itself when its duty was complete. The oil was to be wet when it sent down those stones so that the internal energy would be able to light it on fire.

    ‘…Hmph. I got it anyway.’

    He was lucky at least. Yeowun realized it was easy to get these stones too late, but could now destroy it.

    ‘Now it will be easy to erase those holes on the pillar.’

    Yeowun then walked over and picked up one of the stones to destroy it.


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    He then became confused.

    ‘What is this?’

    There was something engraved on the other side of the stone. Yeowun looked down at it, and saw weird lines on it, unsure of what it meant. Those lines were hidden from sight.

    ‘This is strange…’

    Yeowun then looked over at the other stones.

    “Huh? This one has it too.”

    The other stones also had weird lines etched onto them, but they all had different shapes from one another.

    ‘What is it? Why are there lines on the back of the stones?’

    Yeowun then gathered every stone and gathered them in one place. He then turned them backward to show the strange lines.


    Yeowun moaned. He stared at it, hoping to find anything that might be hidden behind it, but the lines just looked like doodles.

    ‘What are these?’

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    It was really strange. But nothing left by Father Chun was there without reason, so there had to be a message.

    ‘It’s not made with a sword at least.’

    The lines were too crooked to be made with a sword. Then what were these things trying to say? After looking at it for a long time, Yeowun narrowed his eyes.


    Yeowun got up and looked down at it from the top. He then sat down and made the stones face each other. After putting them together, he got up and looked down again.


    He then realized that the lines seemed to form some kind of map. The lines didn’t match up yet, but he was certain that it was a map.

    ‘I need to order it right.’

    Yeowun then sat down and began matching the lines. After moving from stone to stone for over an hour, Yeowun finally completed it.

    ‘I did it!’

    All the lines perfectly matched each other now. Yeowun got up and looked down again.

    ‘I knew it… it’s a map.’

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    It was a one giant map created with crooked lines.


    The map marked a certain place, and there was another line that gave directions on how to get there.

    ‘To think such a map was hidden here…’

    What would be hidden at the place indicated on this map, other than the Sword Force of the Sky Demon? It had surely been left for the next generation.

    ‘And where is this?’

    He knew it was a map, but it was hard to know the locations that this map represented. There were strange crooked lines that showed some kind of cave map. Yeowun only came to that conclusion after staring at it for a long time.

    ‘I can’t be sure of anything for now.’

    What was certain was that this map was not for this prison cave. It was probably a place hidden somewhere else, but it was not possible to know for now.

    ‘Nano, scan this map and save it.’

    [Understood, Master.]

    Yeowun then saw white lines moving down the map. Nano saved the map and Yeowun began to move to do what he intended to do the first time. Yeowun began destroying the stones one by one. After cracking the stones, he collected all the debris and stomped them to turn them into powder. He then scattered away the rock particles and sand.

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    Now, all secrets and the map that was hidden inside this cave was only for Yeowun. Yeowun then got up to go back the vent and he returned to his small prison cave. And for the first time after he was locked up, he was able to get a good night’s sleep.

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