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    Chapter 60: Blessing in a disguise (5)

    It was astounding. Over hundreds of stones were placed around the pillar, and twenty-four of them had placed in the shape of a dragon soaring up into the sky. It was the same shape that was placed on the pedestal.

    “So, this was what that dragon meant! This was it!”

    Yeowun’s voice became excited from the finding. He then quickly wanted to look into what meaning it held.

    ‘Nano, get rid of the other stones and leave only those twenty-four stones.’


    And Nano’s voice trailed off, the extra stones in the image began to disappear. Yeowun looked closely at the remaining stones. There were writings and teachings related to a breathing skill. However, it didn’t seem like any other breathing skill.

    ‘What is this?’

    The writing required a certain movement and flow in the internal energy through certain blood points. And the movement of the skill was very familiar. Yeowun frowned as he knew these movements.

    ‘This is similar to the movement of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon.’

    It was the exact same sword movement. Yeowun then walked over to other stones. After checking out every stone, his eyes shook in shock.

    “Oh my… these are all sword movements from the Sword Force.”

    All the movements recorded on the stones were equal to the twenty-four sword movements of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon. However, those were all paired with the related breathing skill, and that was connected from the head of the dragon to its tail.

    ‘This is strange… it’s really strange.’

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    This was strange if these things represented a breathing skill. A breathing skill usually required one to sit or lie down to take a comfortable position, but this was one with the sword movement to display a sword formation.

    ‘I should just give it a try.’

    He had no way to find out unless he tried it out.

    ‘Nano, can you transfer these teachings and movements into me?’

    [Understood. Transferring to the user’s brain…]

    Nano soon transferred all the information into Yeowun’s brain. When it was done, Yeowun used his finger to follow the first movement.

    ‘Take a deep breath and move into…’

    The meditating also started. He had to connect all the movements together while in motion. Yeowun followed the twenty-four movements and sent his internal energy into the blood points as written in the breathing skill.

    As the energy stopped flowing through his body, the qi in the body began to tremble. Yeowun then repeated the twenty-four movements again without thinking, as if he had gone into a trance. The powerful energy flowed inside, and Nano began to analyze to store it as data.

    After some time had passed, Yeowun stopped. He didn’t even know how long he had been practicing this breathing skill.

    ‘Nano, how long have I been doing this?’

    [It has been two hours.]

    ‘What? Two hours?’

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    It was shocking to hear that he had been moving through the movements for two hours straight. Yet, he didn’t feel exhausted or tired. It even felt like he was full of energy and the internal energy was flowing fluidly within him.

    ‘It felt like the energy flow became faster as I moved through.’

    [Yes, that is true, Master.]

    Nano had recorded the quick energy flow within the body already. Yeowun then became curious about Nano’s conclusion and brought up his internal energy.


    The speed of the internal energy flow had gotten much faster. He focused slightly and the energy spread into his body very quickly. When Yeowun focused on his right hand, a clear light appeared to create a qi on his hand.

    ‘It’s much faster now!’

    Yeowun was not used to shaping qi outside his body. But with the quickened energy flow, shaping qi was also much easier now. The breathing skill that was written on the stone was beyond the level of any breathing skill.

    ‘Ah… this should be the best breathing skill in the world!’

    Chun Yeowun was astounded beyond belief. There was no telling as to how much he would grow if he trained with the breathing skill. Yeowun then walked over to the pillar at the center.

    [Sword Force of the Sky Demon]

    He now knew why this was written as Sword Force. This martial art was a sword formation and breathing skill combined into one.

    ‘So Father Chun really was a legendary man.’

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    No one else in the Wulin would even dare to combine a sword skill with a breathing skill. The Sword Force of the Sky Demon would allow one to train the sword skill while meditating with the breathing skill.

    ‘Father, please accept my bow.’

    Yeowun then bowed twice to the pillar. It was to show his respect for receiving such a gift from the ancestor. Yeowun then got up.

    ‘This is fortunate that I came across this.’

    Baek Oh’s action to put Yeowun into danger was truly a blessing in disguise. If Baek Oh found out about what followed after he left, he might collapse because of a stroke from the shock.

    ‘So, there’s only one thing left to do then.’

    Yeowun then walked over to the pillar so he could erase the traces. He couldn’t do it near the blue pearl stone pedestal since there were guards, but no one was here. It would be hard to find out what Father Chun had left without Nano’s help, but he didn’t want to leave any hints for the others to find out about it.

    ‘I’ll just erase these holes.’

    Yeowun then reached out to the holes while wielding internal energy in his hand. That’s when the pillar began to tremble while letting out steam.


    Yeowun jumped back. Something came up from the pillar and soared up into the ceiling, striking the glowing stones. The ceiling shook and some of the stones dropped to the ground.

    Yeowun was shocked, but he quickly hopped to dodge the falling stones. It seemed like the shock wasn’t too bad, since only a few stones had dropped.


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    Yeowun’s eye grew wide. The number of stones that dropped was the twenty-four.

    ‘No way..’

    He then walked over and frowned. The stones were those with the movements and writings from the Sword Force of the Sky Demon.

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