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    Chapter 59: Blessing in a disguise (4)

    A martial art that represented the Lord of the Demonic Cult was the Godly Force of the Sky Demon. Every cultist knew of the power beyond that martial art and it was also one of three Godly Forces of the Jianghu. But the word said Sword Force, not Godly Force.

    ‘Hmm… is it a sword skill?’

    Chun Yeowun was confused. He had never heard of Sword Force. Was it a breathing skill or a sword art? He learned from Guard Jang that the Lord’s best martial art was the Sword Art of the Sky Demon. But what was this Sword Force?

    ‘Is it the name of the original sword skill in the blue pearl stone?’

    That seemed to be the most likely case here. The bearded middle-aged man who Yeowun met on the first floor of the library said that the blue pearl stone held the truth from Father Chun.

    ‘He would leave a new name for it of course. I guess Father Chun is the one who wrote this here.’

    It was natural for making up such a name for a powerful sword art like that, especially if it was made after the Sword Art of the Sky Demon.

    ‘Nano, can you check the writing on this pillar to see if it matches the writing on the blue pearl stone pedestal?’

    A white line then scanned the writing on the pillar and Nano soon responded.

    [Analysis complete. It is from the same writer.]

    ‘That is the name then!’

    Yeowun then learned the real name of the original sword skill he had learned.

    ‘What up with these holes then?’

    Yeowun then looked down at the holes underneath the name. Holes under the poetry on the pedestals represented numbers, but these holes looked different.

    ‘It looks like a drawing.’

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    The holes formed the shape of a dragon.


    The animal in the myths symbolized unity and power. He would have not paid that much attention if he didn’t find out about the secret behind holes on the blue pearl stone pedestal. He was curious if this drawing had some secret behind it also.

    ‘What is it trying to say?’

    Yeowun then sat down to give it some thought. He brought the pedestals to his left and right and began looking closely at the holes in the shape of a dragon. However, he couldn’t find identify any relationships between these holes.

    ‘Are the holes related to the numbers again?’

    Yeowun then counted the number of holes.


    There was a total of twenty-four holes. He wondered if the number twenty-four meant anything. After thinking for an hour, all he could think of was the sword movement comprised of the Sword Force of Sky Demon and its twenty-four movements.

    ‘What is it talking about?’


    He sighed in frustration. He couldn’t find any answers. What did this soaring dragon mean?

    ‘It should mean something… why is there a drawing of a dragon going up… huh?’

    Yeowun then looked up at the ceiling.


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    The light stones from above shined down on him, making him look down. It was too bright to look up directly.

    ‘It’s too bright.’

    It was too painful to look directly at the stones. Yeowun looked up because the dragon was trying to go up into the ceiling, but he then thought that maybe the secret was on the ceiling. However, he couldn’t look directly at it to see what was going on up there.


    Maybe the secret was hidden behind the light, not the darkness. Nothing left by Father Chun Ma was easy to get, but Yeowun had a way to look directly into the light.

    ‘Nano, can you control the light coming into my sight?’

    [Adjusting light perception.]

    Yeowun’s eyes flickered and the cave turned dark. Yeowun then looked up again as he was ready.

    “This is amazing…”

    Yeowun was astonished. There were a number of shiny stones, but the ones around the giant center pillar showed hundreds of bright stones with writings.

    “This was it!”

    Yeowun smiled. He wasn’t sure what these hundreds of stones were talking about, but they surely held the secret related to the Sword Force of the Sky Demon.

    ‘Nano, can you scan those stones?’

    [Yes, Master… scan completed.]

    ‘Project it on that large wall so I can see it more closely.’

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    Nano then recreated the writing on the ceiling over on the wall. Yeowun walked over and checked the writing.


    Yet, the writings weren’t related to martial arts at all. It consisted of poetry and other things.

    ‘This… and this… and this… what is going on?’

    All of them had no relations to martial arts. Yeowun frowned as he had expected a great finding.

    ‘Did I miss something?’

    He thought that going through all of these writings would give him the answer to a great secret, but even if there was a secret hidden within the writings, it didn’t seem like it would be that hard to decipher it.

    ‘Maybe it’s hidden among all this.’

    Yeowun figured there must be something that was related to martial arts. Finding it was the problem. Of course, he didn’t need to read all this writing by himself.

    ‘Nano, can you find anything among all this that might have a relationship to martial arts?’


    Nano proceeded with the scanning. This shortened the amount of time Yeowun needed if he were to look at every stone. Soon, Nano finished scanning and analyzing.

    [There is a total of twenty-four stones that contain writings and drawings that seems to teach the Breathing Skill.]

    ‘Breathing skill?’

    Yeowun’s eyes grew larger. What kind of breathing skill would be divided up into twenty-four stones? Nano then highlighted the twenty-four stones in red. Yeowun’s eye grew larger as he looked at it.

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