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    Chapter 58: Blessing in a disguise (3)

    Nano quickly helped the activation of the flow of energy within Yeowun’s body. After a long time, Yeowun opened his eyes. He then smelled the foul stench from the black ooze and took off the clothes that were drenched in the ooze.

    “Ugh… this is really disgusting.”

    He was able to forget about the smell while meditating, but he couldn’t bear it anymore when he was awake. He then felt the heat within the cave. It seemed like the energy activation within his body let out some heat, warming up the entire cave. Yeowun then felt heaviness under his stomach and felt the weight of his internal energy.


    He gasped in astonishment. The whole incident was a blessing in disguise. The internal energy that was just over sixty years worth now had ninety years worth of energy. Baek Oh’s action had resulted in helping Yeowun instead of harming him.

    ‘…He really did give me a gift then.’

    Baek Oh’s small gift had turned out to be a huge gift. Chun Yeowun’s internal energy was now within the top five out of all the cadets.

    ‘I would have died if it wasn’t for Nano.’

    Nano had given unfortunate Chun Yeowun a climactic turn in his life.

    ‘I was really lucky this time. I never thought the Poison Clan would go so far.’

    He then thought that it was good experience for learning how his wrong decision might come back to him.

    ‘It was an important lesson.’

    He was lucky this time, but Yeowun decided to not make any foolish mistakes.

    ‘So, what is this?’

    Yeowun then got up and walked to the inner part of the cave. It was too dark to see in the cave, but Yeowun had night vision from Nano.

    ‘Nano, night vision mode.’

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    Yeowun was then able to see the inside of the cave. A part of the inner wall was broken when he was thrown into it by Baek Oh.

    ‘Something felt weird.’

    Yeowun felt like the inside of the wall was empty when his back hit the wall. He felt curious, but he had to focus on taking care of the poisonous medicine ball he ingested.


    Air was seeping out from the cracked part of the wall. It was proof that there was space on the opposite. Yeowun then became curious.

    ‘Let’s check on it.’

    Yeowun began to tap the cracked side with his fist. The wall had too many cracks in it and the slight tapping made it fall apart, making a small hole that Yeowun could crawl into.

    ‘There we go.’

    The hole let cold air come in from the opposite side, making the cave a bit cooler. Yeowun then crawled into the dark hole. He then frowned.


    Unlike his expectations of seeing a bigger cave, it seemed like a tunnel-like cave that connected somewhere else. Yeowun then got up and looked back. The cave wall was shaped as if it was made artificially to block it. The opposite side looked natural so he didn’t realize it, but it was very apparent from this side.

    ‘Was it blocked off intentionally?’

    It seemed like something was hidden inside. Yeowun then thought about going in when Nano’s voice called out to him.

    [Detected faint natural light coming from the tunnel.]

    Yeowun became curious. The only possible natural light source in such a cave could only be from a firefly. Yeowun then began to walk in. The cave was located on the peak of the mountain, but this tunnel seemed to lead him below.

    ‘It’s getting brighter…’

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    As Nano said, the green-colored light began to grow stronger. He now didn’t need night vision mode to see anymore. Yeowun then deactivated the night vision and walked in. Soon, he then reached the closed end. It shined very brightly with the light. Yeowun then took a step forward and almost fell. The ground in front had a huge hole.

    “What in the world…?”

    Yeowun looked down, but he couldn’t see anything. He then jumped down. It was a few meters deep, which was not safe for any normal human to jump down, but Yeowun was able to land easily with his walking skill.

    He then looked up to where he had come from. The entrance he went through looked more like an air vent from what he saw from below. The space he was in now was very wide.


    Countless light-emitting stones were on top, brightening the entire place with the green light. It was so bright that it was hard to even look up at it.

    “To think such a place was hidden inside the prison cave.”

    It was amazing. He looked around and found a round stone pillar in the middle and nothing else. There was an exit at the southern side of the cave, and that was blocked by a stone from the outside.

    ‘It’s an unused place.’

    It felt strange to not use such a nice place.


    Yeowun then looked down and found traces of something being dragged out. From the size of it, one could tell that it seemed like a large stone was pushed out from it. As he followed the trace, it led him to the center of the area.

    ‘There’s more than one.’

    The trace was made by more than once. It seemed like something was placed in five directions around the pillar until it was dragged out. It must have been very heavy if it made such a deep trace.

    ‘It looks like there must have been some kind of giant stone… a pedestal…?’

    Yeowun then thought of the blue pearl pedestal in the library. He then realized the library had five floors, which meant that the pedestal was also created through the five levels.

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    ‘Nano, activate Augmented Reality and show me the blue pearl pedestal on the first floor in the library.’


    Yeowun then was shown the actual size of the blue pearl stone.

    ‘Nano, do you see those traces on the ground? Can you see if this stone was placed in any of those spots?’

    [Analyzing the traces on the floor.]

    Nano then began scanning the five spots and placed the same blue pearl stone over the five spots. And when they were all in place, Yeowun’s eye grew larger.

    ‘It has the same size.’

    The size of the trace and the stone were the same. When the five stones were placed there, the one located on the south side shined in red.

    [This location seems to be where the blue pearl stone from the first floor was located at.]

    Yeowun then walked over to check it out himself.

    ‘Can you check the second floor one too?’

    Nano then began scanning everything, and it seemed like the second stone was located on the southwest side.

    ‘Ah… so, this was the place.’

    It seemed that all those stones were originally placed here. If all of them were still here, then it would have been much easier to learn about Father Chun’s original sword skill.

    ‘What is up with this pillar then?’

    Yeowun was curious as to why all these stones were placed around it while facing the pillar. Yeowun walked over and looked around. On the north side of the pillar, there was a letter written in handwriting.

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    [Sword Force of the Sky Demon]

    Yeowun felt his heart pounding. He then found a small dots that looked like those under the writing of the blue pearl stone which showed a drawing.

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