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    Chapter 57: Blessing in a disguise (2)


    Yeowun knew he had made a mistake about this one. His lack of experience and uncontrolled anger had made it come down to this.

    “As you said, even I can’t kill you while you are here, but…”

    Baek Oh’s hand quickly moved over Yeowun’s blood point, freezing him. Yeowun couldn’t speak anymore, and Baek Oh continued, “Let me promise you this. As soon as you leave the protection of the Demonic Academy, you will be given pain beyond imagination.”

    Baek Oh’s eyes were on fire from the anger from the pain that his grandson had gone through.

    “You have shattered my grandson’s bones, so I will shatter your bones and carve out your flesh to feed it to the animals. Then I will destroy your internal energy and keep you alive so you can beg to be killed.”

    Baek Oh’s warning was terrifying. When he was done, he took something out from his pocket. It was a small medicinal ball which was even smellier than the Black Dragon Ball. He then sent a telepathic message.

    [I can’t just leave you, so I will give you a small gift. Then we will be able to meet faster.]


    Baek Oh then opened Yeowun’s mouth forcefully. Yeowun tried to resist, but he couldn’t as the hand that grabbed his neck increased the energy.


    Baek Oh then threw the ball down into Yeowun’s throat. He tried hard to not swallow it, but as the grip on the neck strengthened, the ball went down his throat.

    [It is not a poison that will put your life in danger. But if you ever talk about the ball to anyone, I will not care about the rules of the academy and I will come to kill you myself.]

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    He finished with the final warning.


    “You have been warned. I look forward to our next meeting.”

    Baek Oh then tossed Yeowun back inside the cave and flew out. Yeowun was stuck next to the inner side of the wall.

    When Baek Oh came out, the giant stone that acted as the entrance rolled over to seal the cave again. Baek Oh spoke to someone waiting for him outside.

    “I am done.”

    “You promised me that you would not harm him.”

    It was Left Guardian Lee Hameng. Chun Yeowun was confused as to how Baek Oh had come to see him, but it was through Lee Hameng that Baek Oh was able to come here. Lee Hameng heard the giant cracking sound coming from within and he was asking about Baek Oh about that.

    “Would you stop yourself from smacking once or twice while standing in front of someone who hurt your family?”


    “Haha, okay. I will apologize for that. But it is not that bad, so don’t worry. I didn’t damage him.”


    Hameng acknowledged it suspiciously and Baek Oh bowed.

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    “Thank you for listening to my request, even if it was against the rules.”

    “Please make sure no one else knows about this.”

    “Of course. I will bring this to my grave.”

    Normally, not even the leaders of the six clans were allowed into the Demonic Academy. Lee Hameng was worried about the Poison Clan retaliating against Chun Yeowun out of rage and that was why he sent the letter to request them to not attack Chun Yeowun, at least inside the academy.

    Baek Oh then promised that he would accept the request only if he was allowed to see Chun Yeowun himself. Lee Hameng valued his connections with the six clans, so he couldn’t refuse such a request.

    “I will return.”

    Baek Oh then covered his face with his clothes and used his stepping skills to run down the peak. After checking to make sure Baek Oh had left, Lee Hameng glanced at the cave and mumbled, “You have four years before your protection wears off. It is up to you to survive after that.”

    Meanwhile, Chun Yeowun was sitting down in meditation. His eyes were closed and his clothes were blackened while the foul stench filled the area. It was what happened after he was flung into the wall. Yeowun heard Nano’s voice coming to him.

    [Detected toxic substance coming into the user’s throat.]

    He wasn’t sure what Baek Oh had made him eat, but he was certain that it was bad so Yeowun quickly ordered Nano.

    ‘Take it out of my body, now!’

    [Careful analysis of the substance shows that if some of the toxic components are removed, it will help the internal energy activation, similar to the substance: Black Dragon Ball.]


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    [Toxic components are what diminishes the energy.]

    What Baek Oh fed to him was a medicine ball that made the target lose its internal energy partially. It was so harmful that it created immunity inside the body after one dosage and it could not be used repeatedly. If the one eating was unlucky, it could possibly erase more than half of the internal energy. A powerful warrior with over ninety years worth of internal energy would have ways to extract these poisons when swallowed, but that was the only way to fight it.

    ‘So, he tried to weaken my internal energy!’

    Baek Oh was going to make Yeowun lose his internal energy so that he would fail the third test. However, Baek Oh did not know about Nano. Nano quickly analyzed the substances and came to the conclusion that if only those poisons were removed, the other substances were actually helpful.

    ‘So, I just need to remove those poisons?’

    [Yes, Master.]

    ‘Whew… good. Then do it.’

    [Beginning to remove the toxic components from the substance.]

    And that’s what Nano was now doing. Soon, the black ooze began coming out from Yeowun’s upper torso. It wasn’t a lot since it was from a small medicine ball, but the smell was too awful.


    Yeowun felt sick over the smell when Nano’s voice spread throughout his body.

    [Successfully removed toxic components. The substance now activates the internal energy flow within the body.]

    Yeowun then began using his Breathing of the Thousand Martials to meditate.

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