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    Chapter 56: Blessing in a disguise (1)

    Chun Yeowun was shocked. He had never felt such powerful energy ever since he had learned martial arts. Telekinesis. It required a very high amount of internal energy and a lot of understanding of qi, but it allowed one to even lift a person up into the air.

    ‘He’s a powerful warrior.’

    Yeowun had unleashed 100% of his energy, but even he couldn’t resist against the power. And the old man was very hostile; Yeowun could feel it on his skin.

    ‘I will get killed if I don’t do anything.’

    Yeowun then tried all he could to regain control over his body. As his muscles became tense, the body began to move slowly.

    ‘This boy has a tremendous amount of physical power.’

    The internal energy was only at about sixty years worth, but Yeowun’s muscle strength was like that of a monster. The old man had seen many warriors in his life, but he had never seen a man with this amount of muscle strength. It was due to the Nano Machine strengthening Chun Yeowun’s muscles so that he could physically damage the blue pearl stone.

    ‘He resists too much. Hmph.’

    As Chun Yeowun kept on squirming, it sucked too much energy from the old man and he made a gesture to pull him in. Yeowun was then sucked toward the old man’s hand.


    The old man grabbed Yeowun’s neck. The energy was so powerful that even a slight twist was going to snap Yeowun’s neck. That’s when Yeowun heard Nano’s voice in his head.

    [Detected powerful hostile energy threatening the user. Activating Emergency Defense mode.]

    But Yeowun put a stop to it quickly.

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    ‘No, Nano. Hold for a second.’

    Nano’s defense mode was to send out electricity from the body, but Yeowun thought the enemy was too powerful for such an attack to work. If it failed, then it was only going to make the enemy even angrier.

    ‘If this old man wanted to kill me, he would have done so already.’

    Yeowun’s guess was correct. The old man could have killed Yeowun the moment he barged in here. Although he was still wary of the old man, Yeowun stopped resisting the old man smiled.

    “I wanted to come see the one who made waste of my grandson. You seem to have grasped the situation quickly.”

    If Yeowun tried to resist in some way, he would have been attacked with the incoming energy, thus damaging his internal organs.


    Yeowun’s eyes shook. There was no way he couldn’t understand it.

    ‘The Poison Clan!’

    This old man was the leader of the Poison clan, Baek Oh the Demonic Poison Hand. Chun Yeowun was shocked. He thought the Poison Clan would try to do something in retaliation for what had happened, but he didn’t think the leader himself would come for him.

    “Do you know why I came to see you myself?”

    “Argh… are you here to kill me?”

    The hostility proved it. There was no way the leader of the house would forgive Yeowun for destroying the prince’s internal energy and shattering all of his bones.

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    ‘Think. Think about how to get out of this situation!’

    Yeowun tried to keep calm to think about it, but there was no way. He was going to die the second Baek Oh twisted his hand.

    ‘Am I going to die here?’

    And when he came to such a conclusion, what came to him was anger, not the fear of death. He was angry that he was going to die before getting his revenge.

    ‘His eyes…’

    The fifteen-year-old boy was at the brink of death, but his eyes were now filled with anger and determination. Baek Oh was surprised. However, he couldn’t allow anyone to make such eyes toward one of the top ten leaders of the Demonic Cult.

    “Hmph. You need some punishment.”


    Baek Oh put his energy into the staff and smacked Yeowun’s stomach. The energy was so powerful that it Yeowun felt the immediate pain and blood soared up through his throat.

    ‘Now, you won’t make such eyes… huh?’

    Baek Oh was dumbfounded. He had expected Yeowun to be in pain, but his angry eyes still remained. Baek Oh didn’t know this, but Yeowun’s internal damage was healed instantly by the Nano Machine. It still gave him pain whenever he was hit, but the pain didn’t last for long as the damage was healed quickly.

    ‘So, you’re not like any other child.’

    Baek Oh shook his head. He figured Yeowun would be very vengeful, thus destroying the internal energy, but Baek Oh didn’t think it would be this serious.

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    ‘He will be problematic if I let him be.’

    Baek Oh was going to decide what to do with Chun Yeowun after meeting him, and now he decided that he shouldn’t let Yeowun be. Baek Oh’s hostility began to strengthen, and Yeowun spoke to him.

    “Are you going to kill me?”

    “You know the answer to that yourself.”

    “You are going against the academy rules if you do.”

    “Don’t think such a petty rule will control me. I will kill you here and melt your body with my poison so no one will notice.”

    Baek Oh didn’t think about leaving any traces. Yeowun then became silent for a second and then said, “You can erase the trace, but if I disappear within the academy, the Poison Clan will be the main suspect for it anyway.”

    Baek Oh raised his eyebrow at such a sharp thought. A fifteen-year-old boy at the brink of death was not afraid. Instead, he was thinking everything through rather thoroughly.

    ‘He really is dangerous.’

    Yeowun had powers beyond his anger, determination over fear, and decision-making skills for each situation. All of this showed how dangerous he would be to the Poison Clan if he grew up.

    ‘I would have killed him right now if it wasn’t for the academy.’

    Baek Oh became frustrated. He didn’t think to kill him at first. As Yeowun said, if he killed Yeowun here, the Poison Clan was going to be seen as the suspect and the Lord would not look over this. His main reason for visiting him here today was to see Yeowun’s face and warn him.

    “You are clever. But you still have a lot more to go. Since you hurt my grandson, you have brought this upon yourself.”

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