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    Chapter 55: Cool heads but warm hearts (4)

    “Hahahahaha! He really is crazy! How did he even think about destroying the internal energy?”

    Chun Yuchan burst into laughter as he read the announcement on the wall. Chun Yeowun’s action was unpredictable. It was amusing, but it didn’t feel like he had made the right choice.

    ‘I thought the competition was going to come from three sides, but that won’t be the case.’

    He thought Yeowun would be dangerous after seeing him fight an instructor, but this made him feel relieved. This way, Yeowun would surely fail the third test without even being tested. Chun Yuchan touched his three yellow tags and smiled.

    ‘Well, well. Isn’t it a wonderful thing?’

    Chun Kungwun of the Sword Clan also liked what he saw on the announcement. Chun Muyun of the Wise Clan, however, didn’t pay much attention. He just glanced at the announcement and walked away.

    However, there were those who were beyond shocked. It was Chun Yeowun’s team members. Luckily, Yeowun had not been expelled, but they were now teamless.

    ‘There will be one day left when the Master comes back. Will there be any yellow tags available until then?’

    Ko Wanghur was worried. He believed Yeowun was strong, but at this rate, it was likely that Yeowun would need to steal a yellow tag from one of the other teams.

    ‘It won’t be easy.’

    Someone soon came up to them. It was Bakgi, the leader of the 12th group from the second test. He spoke to Yeowun’s seven members, making them confused.

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    During dinner time, the mansion located west of the Cult’s castle, the home to the Poison Clan was full of anger. Four hours ago, they had received a letter and someone was carried in.

    It was Chun Jongsum. All of his bones had been shattered and his internal energy had been completely destroyed, shocking all the Poison Clan members. After reading what had happened from the Chief’s letter, they became furious.

    Leaders of the Poison Clan gathered at House Leader Baek Oh’s office. It had been a long time since they all gathered like this ever since the day of Baek Oh’s resignation from being an elder.

    All of the leaders had been looking at Baek Oh silently for two hours already. Baek Oh had the letter in his hands with his eyes closed from fear and a certain hesitation.

    A middle-aged man interrupted the silence.

    “We must do something! Leader, we can’t just wait until he comes out of the academy!”

    With that as a signal, others began to shout also.

    “Let’s send assassins! If we hire an assassin from the Kill Clan, we can do it quietly.”

    “No, how about we just bribe one of those instructors to do the job?”

    “We can just use cooks or servants at the academy to poison him to death!”

    They all had different opinions but they had the same goal of killing Chun Yeowun. They didn’t care where Chun Yeowun was. They wanted to kill the person behind the near-death of their prince. Baek Oh, who had been listening quietly, then opened his eyes and spoke coldly.

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    “And if he dies… who will be the most suspicious?”

    The leaders were then lost for words. They were blamed for Lady Hwa’s death a few years ago and they lost most of their power over the cult. If they were to cause more problems, that might even be their end.

    “But we can’t just let him walk away after almost killing our prince!”

    Baek Munwung, the second son of Baek Oh, shouted angrily. Chun Jongsum was his nephew. He was angry that his nephew had lost a chance to become a warrior, but he didn’t like being laughed at by the other clans because they couldn’t do anything.

    “Fool. If that was that important, the Lust Clan would have done something already.”

    Baek Oh was talking about Chun Wonryou who failed the second test. She didn’t have her internal energy destroyed, but she had lost her right arm. The Lust Clan was also furious after knowing that it was Chun Yeowun who did it. Yet, they were holding back from doing anything.

    “After what happened a few years back, the Lord is distancing himself from the six clans and is looking for every opportunity to take our powers away. We can’t act foolishly.”

    Doing something to a cadet of the academy was against the way of the Demonic Cult itself. If they were to kill Chun Yeowun, they were giving the Lord every reason to persecute them.

    “Then are you saying we have to wait until he comes out of the academy!?”

    Munwung shouted, biting on his lips. Baek Oh answered, “That is how it should be… but.”

    Baek Oh looked down at the letter. He then stared for a long time at the letter and grabbed his staff.

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    “I will need to meet the Left Guardian myself.”

    Late at night a day later, there was a big mountain peak far from the academy’s library. There were many caves on the upper portion of the peak where the prison cells were located. The academy did not have its own prison since it was made to train people. But this prison cave had a way to block the entrance from outside.

    Inside the cave, there was only one small candle that brightened the area. Yeowun bit on the hard grain.

    ‘Ugh, this is terrible.’

    Chun Yeowun was given five days worth of grains and was locked here to train alone. The entrance was sealed tight and the cave was dark and stuffy, which made it harder to train. Nonetheless, Chun Yeowun didn’t feel too bad while spending his time here as he was training with Augmented Reality.

    ‘It’s fortunate that the guards don’t watch what I’m doing.’

    The guards stayed on the outside of the gate, so he didn’t worry about being noticed. Yeowun then concentrated on training late into the night and now he was eating his grain.


    Yeowun then heard the vibration of a rock being pushed away. There were still three days left for him to be freed, but the door was pushed open and fresh air swept in.


    Then, someone came in slowly wearing black attire. It was an old man with a weird-looking staff.

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    “So, you are Chun Yeowun.”

    His voice had hatred in it. Yeowun then focused his internal energy and the old man reached toward him. Then, powerful energy stormed within the cave, throwing Yeowun up into the air.

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