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    Chapter 54: Cool heads but warm hearts (3)

    Lee Hameng got the report of what happened the other night when he came to work early in the morning. He quickly came to understand that Chun Yeowun had lost his control over his rage, and thus he was unable to comprehend the problem at stake.

    ‘He must have been busy learning martial arts for two weeks…’

    Hameng hated Right Guardian Submeng, but he too knew that there was no time for Submeng to teach Yeowun things other than martial arts. It seemed that Chun Yeowun was missing out on real-life lessons.

    ‘I can’t just let him rot with his talent.’

    Chun Yeowun had high potential, given the right lessons and guidance. Lee Hameng valued his connection with the six clans, but he was also intrigued by Chun Yeowun.

    “Do you know what follows for the one who fails to clean up after his mess?”


    “It is death. The ruckus you caused is exactly what you are bringing upon yourself.”

    Unlike Doctor Baek Jongmeng, Lee Hameng was a realist who usually criticized and judged on the actual problem.

    “You. Why did you enter the academy?” Lee Hameng asked. Yeowun bit on his lips and answered, “…It is to become stronger than anyone else.”

    “Than anyone else, you say?”

    Yeowun noticed the hint of anger in the voice after he said why he wanted to become strong. He wanted revenge.

    “Is anger what pulls you and make you stronger?”

    Everyone had a goal, and a goal was what made people work harder. All cadets in the academy had their own goals.

    “Anger can be your reason to live, but you are also a candidate to the throne.”

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    Chun Yeowun shuddered.

    “As a possible future Lord, will you be satisfied after getting your revenge? Anger is only part of the path you take. It should stay as your motivation.”

    The Lord was the Demonic Cult itself. If Yeowun was just another cadet, the goal would not have been that bad, but he was also a candidate to the future Lord’s throne.

    “You have to look at the forest. Your anger burns the entire forest, not just the tree. And it will burn yourself with it in the end.”

    Lee Hameng was now advising Yeowun.

    “Do you know what I mean?”

    “…I think so, sir.”

    “If you unleash your anger like a thug, it will hurt the people around you, and it will hurt you too in the end.”

    Hameng spoke coldly.

    “7th cadet. No, Chun Yeowun. If you want to survive and become the future of the cult, you should have a cool head but a warm heart. Or else, you will die before you even avenge your mother.”

    ‘…Cool head, warm heart.’

    Yeowun etched the advice deeply in his heart. He had never heard of any kind of advice in his fifteen years of life. All he thought about was revenge and to put an end to the six clans that killed his mother. But he had never thought about what would happen afterward. Those thoughts cooled Yeowun’s anger.

    ‘He is right.’

    If he only focused on revenge, that was going to be it. If he wanted to achieve his revenge and survive, he needed to look higher and farther. He had to accept his mistakes and amend it.

    ‘Well, he doesn’t seem like entirely idiot at least.’

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    Lee Hameng smiled. He thought if Yeowun didn’t understand what he was saying, Hameng was going to forget about Yeowun. But if Yeowun understood and could fix his mistakes, it was likely that Yeowun would grow to become a real monster in the cult like no one else.

    ‘And I will be the trusted teacher who gave him a valuable lesson, if it comes to that. Heh.’

    Lee Hameng then retrieved his energy, hinting that their conversation was over. Chun Yeowun got up and took the yellow tag to hand it over to Hameng.

    “Thank you for your advice, Chief. I really am thankful.”

    Yeowun bowed to Hameng who had given him a life lesson. Hameng was satisfied by that, but he didn’t show that he was.

    “Instructors, come in.”


    After Hameng gave the order, the instructors immediately walked into the office.

    “Take him to the prison cells.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    Chun Yeowun was shocked. He wanted to tell his teammates about what happened and was going to give them orders on what to do while he was gone, but he didn’t think he would get taken in right away.

    “Chief. Can you give me a little more time before going to the prison cell?”

    Lee Hameng shook his head and snapped coldly, “No.”

    “At least so I can talk to my teammates…”

    “Your imprisonment will be announced officially. And, it is your ‘former’ teammates. They are now just cadets.”

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    Chun Yeowun then moaned. He then realized what Lee Hameng did to teach him.

    ‘…He wants me to know the consequences of my actions reaching other people.’

    Chun Yeowun was able to feel it very truthfully. His imprisonment was announced after lunch time to every cadet.

    [The 7th cadet has destroyed the 4th cade’s internal energy, thus destroying the 4th cadet’s chances of being a warrior for life. As punishment, his right to become a team leader has been taken away and he will be imprisoned for five days. All cadets should learn from this and never attempt such foolish acts within the academy.]

    This shocked all cadets. Even when the aademy had a basic rule of the survival of the fittest, destroying one’s internal energy when they were all in the same cult was beyond reasonable.

    ‘Whoa. He’s terrible.’

    ‘He’s just not strong then.’

    ‘He’s mad.’

    ‘4th cadet… Is it Chun Jongsum from the Poison Clan?’

    ‘How he dare attack the Poison clan? He will be killed right after he leaves the academy!’

    ‘Or he might get killed in the academy beforehand.’

    ‘Yeah, but who knows? He might have someone on his back.’

    ‘Yeah. No fool will dare to attack the Poison Clan without a way to protect himself.’

    The cadets all had different thoughts about this issue. Despite all this, at least Chun Yeowun was no longer an unworthy son of the Lord who was going to die soon.

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