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    Chapter 50: I will crush them all (4)

    Blood spilled out of Chun Jongsum’s mouth. His chin was twisted weirdly so he couldn’t close his mouth. And based on how Chun Yeowun was approaching him, it seemed like he was here to kill him, not caring about the rules of the academy.

    ‘He-he must be bluffing!’

    Chun Jongsum was afraid, but he denied to accept what he saw.

    ‘Move! Move!’

    He tried to pull himself up from the tree, but he couldn’t move.

    “You dare to talk about something you should not have. You know what it is?” Yeowun asked coldly while Chun Jongsum struggled to get out of the tree.

    ‘Please! Move!’

    His heart was pounding as Yeowun got closer. He already knew that he couldn’t fight Yeowun with martial arts. And with forced effort, internal energy began to flow into him and his fingers began to move. Yeowun was already upon him.

    ‘He thinks I can’t move yet. I’ll surprise him.’

    Chun Jongsum looked dumbfoundedly at Yeowun intentionally. Yeowun then spoke to Jongsum in front of him.

    “You made a mistake on talking about Mother with your dirty mouth.”

    Yeowun then tried to strike down on Jongsum’s head and Jongsum jumped up, throwing his fist at Yeowun’s chest.

    “Hheeekek! Shuerpriesssed?!”

    ‘Hehehe! Surprised?’

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    Chun Jongsum was excited, but he then became shocked. Yeowun had grabbed his wrist.


    Yeowun then grabbed the fist and shook his head.

    “Idiot. You should’ve just stayed down.”


    Yeowun crushed the fist in his hand, shattering the bones into pieces. Chun Jongsum then thought he couldn’t just stand there.

    ‘Dammit! I have to k-kill him!’

    It felt like he was going to be killed if he didn’t kill him first. Chun Jongsum then moved the poison inside his body. The reason why he didn’t use poison on Bakgi was because it might kill the target, and he couldn’t kill anyone in the academy. The strongest poison he had was the sulfur. It was so strong that it melted the skin and bones. Even the leader of the Poison Clan told him to never use it against the same cultists.

    ‘I can’t just die!’


    Chun Jongsum then reached out at Yeowun’s face with his left hand. Yeowun then quickly took the proper steps to move back but Chun Jongsum closed in. Yellow smoke came up to his face and chest, burning his skin.


    ‘I got him!’

    Chun Jongsum thought it was over. Since the poison was thrown at his face, it was certain that his face was going to melt and that he was going to die. However, something happened that shocked Chun Jongsum beyond reason.

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    [Sensing poisonous substance entering through the face and chest. Activating emergency defense mode. Detoxicating the poison and healing the damaged skin tissue.]

    With Nano’s voice, Yeowun’s face began healing back.

    “W-whhat ish thish?!”

    Chun Jongsum was even terrified. Yeowun’s face that showed even the muscle below the skin was now healing up quickly like a monster.

    “Y-you a monsshter?!”

    He had never heard of or seen such regeneration from the poison effect. Chun Yeowun then walked up to him again. Chun Jongsum fell back.

    “Poison.. poison… damn poison! Yes, you are from the Poison Clan so you must want to use that. But you know what? I can’t let you poison bastards live on.”


    Chun Jongsum began crawling on the ground, trying to run back. Chun Yeowun then ran up and kicked Chun Jongsum’s chin. It made his chin to return to the same place to close his mouth, but the lower part his face was twisted at a weird angle.


    Chun Jongsum then spat his teeth out. Now, all his teeth were broken. Chun Jongsum sobbed as he looked at his broken teeth. He had never felt such pain and fear in his life. Chun Yeowun didn’t seem to care about rules, so there was only one thing left for Chun Jongsum to do.

    “P-pleashhh! Do-do-do donts kill meee!”

    Chun Jongsum banged his head on the floor. He didn’t have any pride. Banging on the ground ripped his forehead apart and blood began to spill out. Chun Yeowun then grabbed his chest and pulled the young man up.


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    Chun Jongsum moaned. He hoped that maybe Chun Yeowun would let him live. Chun Yeowun then spoke to him with a dark voice.

    “…You didn’t let my mother live when she pleaded for her life.”

    Chun Jongsum then realized that it was a mistake to use the same poison that killed Lady Hwa. Yeowun would never forgive him. Chun Jongsum’s heart began to pound in fear.

    ‘N-no! I should at least yell!’

    However, before Chun Jongsum could yell, Yeowun pressed on his blood point. Jongsum couldn’t even yell and he turned pale from the fear.


    He loved the forest because people rarely came here, and now it was working against him.

    “Did you use this hand to use that poison?”

    Yeowun then stepped on Jongsum’s left hand and began crushing it. Jongsum’s left hand got smashed.


    The pain was beyond what he could bear. Chun Jongsum sobbed from the pain and Yeowun declared, “I won’t kill you today. I don’t want to get expelled for killing trash like you.”

    ‘Is he letting me live?!’

    Chun Jongsum became hopeful, but that was false hope.

    “Instead, you will beg for me to kill you. Let’s start with the bones, shall we?”

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    And that was the start of Chun Jongsum’s nightmare.

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