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    Chapter 481: Revise/Battle (2)

    Woong! The night sky shook as if something was moving in it.

    As a reflective panel was being used in the sky, the top of the mountain shone in the moonlight.

    It seemed like a giant eagle.

    But probably because of its silver color, it felt cold.


    The white particles coming out of the wings decreased as its altitude lowered and a strong wind blew.

    Chun Yeowun exclaimed.

    It was gigantic and couldn’t be compared to the ‘drones’ the Keanu Special Forces used a moment back.

    ‘Are there people riding inside? The carriage of the future is a wonder to me.’

    Besides, it could fly.

    If it wasn’t for Nano, he might have been even more surprised.

    ‘Is it floating?’

    The purpose of this Time Jet seemed to be flying.

    And somehow, Chun Yeowun wanted to subdue those in the jet and seize it.

    ‘It’s good that they heard.’

    There was a man standing alone below the Time Jet.

    This person, whose blood points were hit and eyes were bleeding, was Therese, the lieutenant of the Keanu Special Forces.

    Chun Yeowun thought as he looked at the man.

    ‘Anyway, I’ll have to kill them before they call for more troops in the future.’

    If he didn’t, it would turn into a vicious cycle.

    If he noticed them and dealt with them, it would give him some time, but the future’s science and technology were limitless.

    It was unknown who all would come for him.

    So, Chun Yeowun decided to adopt the method Therese had suggested, lying.

    ‘Only one person is needed.’

    Chun Yeowun decided to extract information from the enemies.

    However, he realized that his proposal will be based on the other person’s behavior.

    The more complex the idea, the more difficult it was for the other person to accept. The simpler it was, the easier it would be accepted.

    ‘Information that I died during the battle.’

    All he had to do was say that he was the only survivor.

    Therese said that the Nano Machines disappear when the users die.

    Then, if a survivor reported that to the future, there’s a high probability that the superiors of the TP would believe it.

    ‘If this fails… I can do something else.’

    There was nothing wrong with trying.

    Chun Yeowun looked at the Time Jet.


    At that time, a round beam came down in a straight line from the lower part of the Jet, which was still in the air, and fell on Therese, who was on the ground.

    And Therese’s body floated up.


    Chun Yeowun frowned.

    He thought they would come down and take the person themselves, but he didn’t expect it.

    He didn’t know what kind of trick it was, but it looked like the man’s body was being taken into the Time Jet, and they were trying to leave.

    ‘They can’t leave like that.’

    Chun Yeowun extended his hand towards Therese.

    Therese’s body, which was floating up, suddenly moved down and stuck to the ground.


    The light kept trying to pull him up, but he wouldn’t budge.

    After several attempts, the light disappeared.

    ‘How will this turn out?’

    How will it play out?

    Their colleague is alive.

    Chun Yeowun thought they had come to rescue him.

    If they planned on abandoning him, they would have never come there after hearing the request.

    Chun Yeowun’s guess was correct.

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    The Time Jet lowered its altitude and descended a little more.

    It seemed like the jet was trying to keep a safe distance between itself and the ground so they could escape whenever the rescue was done.

    They came down 70 feet.


    As they got closer to the ground, the wind became strong, and the sand began to blow out.

    Clang! Wheeing!

    What seemed like an entrance to the side opened up on the Time Jet.

    At the square entrance stood three people.

    Looking at the curves of their suits, it looked like it was two men and one woman.

    Behind them, a woman with a voluptuous body and breasts, which didn’t go well with the suit, stood and instructed them something.

    [Because it could be dangerous. As soon as the survivors are tied to the wires, you three will climb straight in. We will be leaving right away. Until then, check the borders and be thorough.]


    As the entrance opened, the wind was too strong, so they had to talk in their standard frequency.

    Upon receiving the order, they jumped down from the Time Jet.



    The woman wrapped a wire around her arm and jumped off, while the other two men slowly landed on the ground with particles scattering from their suits.

    The woman of the Dead Rose Special Forces checked the condition of the survivor, Therese, lying on the floor.


    [What is it? Anna.]

    [Both the eyes… euk!]

    The member called Anna was terrified as she saw Therese without eyes.

    The two men too frowned at the sight of the brutality. It was natural that they felt repulsed looking at Therese.

    [How the hell could that monster martial artist completely annihilate everyone and make the lone survivor look like this?]

    They judged that the man in the video was skilled.

    A monster who could block bullets.

    [I heard that Keanu is a veteran who fought in many battles, but for us to not find his body. Ha…]

    Anna, who barely managed to calm herself, tried to wrap a wire around Therese’s body.

    However, the man who was supposed to be unconscious was groaning something.

    “Eup! Eupeupeuep!”

    He was shivering and moving.

    [Something seems strange.]

    One of the men reached out to Therese’s body.

    A red light flowed from his suit’s palm and scanned the body.

    [The flow of blood has been blocked with energy.]

    [Wait. I heard about this. A technique that martial artists use to block the blood with energy.]

    She pulled out something like a syringe from a box that was marked with a red cross on her waist.

    She opened it and then put it in Therese’s neck.


    The blue drug in the syringe entered his bloodstream.

    [Once the regenerative nano machine is injected, the blood flow will return to normal. I’ll tie him to the wire.]

    [I’ll provide cover.]

    The two men covered while the one called Anna was trying to tie the wire on Therese’s body.


    Thirty small drones came from the suit of one operator, all aiming for their surroundings.

    The other man looked around, holding a gun in one hand and the other palm stretched out.


    Thanks to that, the wire was tied around Therese’s body.

    Tak! Tak!

    Anna pulled the wire to check it and then sent a message to the Time Jet.

    [Time Jet. The survivor has been immobilized on the wire. Now pu…]


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    Just then, someone grabbed her wrist.


    For a moment, she screamed, startled, but it was just Therese who grabbed her wrist.

    He was unable to move until a second back because his blood flow had been suppressed, but now he grabbed onto her despite his trembling hand.

    “… t… h… th… way…!”

    They couldn’t hear well because of the wind.

    So Anna gave the order to her AI suit to raise Therese’s voice.


    “This is a trap!! Run away quickly!”


    [Anna, what is he…]

    It was the moment the male member, who was on alert, turned and asked.

    The drones that were surrounding the boundary with the panel system started firing bullets in a certain direction at once.

    Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!


    From their suits, they could see a person running with great speed.

    And shockingly, the person didn’t seem to be even a little fazed by the bullets,


    Every bullet seemed to be cut down with a sword.

    [No, that’s ridiculous!]

    All three of them were shocked.

    It was Chun Yeowun who was moving, with his long black hair fluttering.

    It was the face they saw in the video.

    [H-He’s the one!]

    [Panel! Intercept!]


    When the man controlling the drones came forward and gave orders, the drones that were shooting in one direction spread out and shot at Chun Yeowun.


    “This is what it looks like.”

    Chun yeowun reached out to the drones which were about to spread out.

    Then, as if the drones’ movement was restricted, they all stopped mid-air.

    [What? The drones stopped?]

    [What went wrong?]

    [I-I don’t know. The panel isn’t, why is this happenin…]

    It was then, Chun Yeowun pushed his hand forward.

    The drones, which had stopped, soon flew towards the man who was operating them.


    Panicked, the man stretched out his hand.


    Something like energy fired from the palm in a straight beam, which shot down the drone.

    But the other drones were moving too fast.

    He could only shoot down 6 drones.


    “Ackkk! Stop! Get off!”

    As the drones were getting close, some of them stuck to the man’s body. He panicked as he tried to remove them and run.

    He released a charge from his suit, but to no avail.

    Chun Yeowun clasped his palms,

    It was then,



    The drones moved, and the attached ones exploded.

    With a brief scream, the man’s body was engulfed in the explosion.


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    At that moment, the other man who was close by put his hand on the ground.



    Stones began to rise, creating a barrier that absorbed the aftermath of the explosion.


    Chun Yeowun’s eyes lit up.

    Because of some energy from the man’s hand, stones rose.

    ‘It’s different from internal energy.’

    It was a different kind of energy from internal energy or qi.

    Contrary to his reaction, the other two were confused.

    Anna hurriedly sent them a message.

    [Time Jet! Now! The enemy has appeared! Hurry up and pull the wire!]

    [What? Shit! I get it.]


    Immediately the wire was pulled.

    Therese’s body was about to float up.

    The voice of the Dead Rose Special Forces captain, Luis, spoke.

    [You guys should come up! We will raise the altitude!]



    As the captain said, the Time Jet slowly increased its altitude.

    They also tried to escape by switching their suits to flight mode.

    [Anna! I will cover you, so you fly first!]

    The man turned and then raised his hands.

    Dozens of stones from the floor rose and covered them.

    ‘If it’s Martin’s superpower, he’ll be able to defend himself.’

    Along with Luis, Martin held superpowers which specialized in defense.

    His limit wasn’t known, but Anna thought that he could hold his ground.


    Anna nodded and tried to soar into the sky.

    It was then,



    Swoosh! Thud!

    Martin, who was slowly following her, suddenly screamed, making her look down.


    Shocked, she looked at the fallen body of Martin, who was attacked.

    Chun Yeowun held out his arms as if he was aiming at the two people who were moving.

    In the air between them, something like an opaque sword was floating.


    ‘T-That is…’

    It was the man’s unknown power they saw in the video.

    ‘I need to run!’

    Frightened by the fact that she could die along with the survivor, Anna tried to get on the Time Jet right away by increasing the output of the flight mode.

    That was when something caught her eyes.


    The Time Jet, which was trying to increase its altitude with the help of its thrusters, was unable to go up. Instead, it was coming down, little by little.

    [What? Why is it dropping?]

    [I-I don’t know! It seems like something strong is pulling the aircraft down.]

    Anna could hear the conversation from inside the Time Jet.

    “N… No way!”

    Confused, she turned her head and looked down again.

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    Chun Yeowun’s hands seemed like they were pulling something down.


    Anna was startled by the unbelievable power this man had.

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