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    Chapter 480: Revise/Battle (

    The head rolled on the ground with a bewildered expression on it.

    Along with Liam, Keanu, the captain of the Special Forces, had modified human abilities.

    But who would have imagined that he would die in such a vain manner?


    Surprised by the sudden death, the Special Forces only then realized their situation.

    Until they met him, they were all burning with desire, saying that they would win the battle, which is on par with the Great Gate.

    But the situation wasn’t in their favor.

    ‘Damn it!’

    Rather, they were being hunted down.

    Of the Special Forces, two were killed, and one had an amputated arm making him incapable of combat.

    There was no other way but to run if they valued their lives.

    ‘Ugh, it’s impossible for us to do anything to him. Subjugate him? Crazy!’

    Therese groaned inwardly.

    Subduing the enemy was the only possible way they could have an advantage over him.

    But how could they subdue a monster?

    On the contrary, it was unknown if they could even escape from there.

    ‘Two main members of the Special Forces are gone. Maybe when all five special forces come… ah!’

    Suddenly, Therese managed to think of something.

    “Dead Rose Special Forces!”

    They weren’t the only team which came here.

    Although they weren’t together because of the arrogance and stubborn nature of Keanu, that person was also in this time.

    ‘I can ask for help.’

    It wasn’t to subdue the monster.

    He wanted help to run away.

    Chun Yeowun, who had killed Keanu, glanced at the remaining three people who were holding onto their lives.

    It was simple eye contact, but the three felt terrified.

    ‘We need to stall for time…’

    Therese raised his hands.

    It meant that they were willing to surrender, and it was something everyone knew regardless of time.

    Chun Yeowun raised his right eyebrow as he asked.

    “What are you doing?”

    “Ah, we lost. We don’t want to fight anymore.”

    At Therese’s words, Tanaka, who was holding his severed arm, shouted.


    Therese hands which were in the air, signaled something.

    Tanaka and Baren, who thought that he might have a plan, went silent.

    Then he spoke cautiously.

    “I apologize. We can’t do much with our current power. Any further resistance is meaningless.”

    Chun Yeowun responded in a cold voice.

    “Then you shouldn’t have come here in the first place.”

    Therese responded while breaking out in a cold sweat.

    “Ugh, we are nothing more than mere soldiers. If an order is given from above, we need to do the task.”

    He wasn’t wrong.

    He wasn’t here with the intention of catching him.

    “Do you think something like that will work?”


    With those words, Chun Yeowun took a step forward, making Therese scream.

    “I-I want to make a suggestion!”

    “I Don’t feel like hearing it.”

    “Wait! If you kill us here, then it will only repeat over and over again!”

    That was when Chun Yeowun’s steps stopped.

    As he said, if the Special Forces failed, the probability of stopping Chun Yeowun was low.

    However, they would send in more people.

    ‘He’s showing interest.’

    Seeing Chun Yeowun stop, Therese thought that he managed to catch him.

    Therese quietly sent a message to Baren.

    [Baren. Send a rescue request to the captain of the Dead Rose Special Forces, right now!]


    Baren, who learned the true intention behind Therese’s plan, hurriedly tried to send a request.

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    And Therese continued to say something that could appeal to Chun Yeowun.

    “We, who fought with you, came to realize that everything will only be for naught. So if the battle ends here, we will try to persuade the others.”


    “Right. The TP knows of your Nano Machine, and I will inform the headquarters that the recovery of the Nano Machine is impossible. If that is relayed, there will be no more additional troops.”

    Chun Yeowun’s eyes narrowed at those words.

    Now, the idea was tempting.

    ‘He’s interested!’

    Therese, who thought his suggestion worked based on Chun Yeowun’s attitude, was gleaming with joy.

    He thought that if this plan worked, he wouldn’t just gain time but also succeed in deceiving the man.

    After all, there is no way 2 Special Forces can take down the monster.

    And after returning to headquarters, all the Special Forces will have to work together to develop a strategy from the videos they filmed so far.

    ‘We need to go back.’

    He didn’t show it, but Therese was on the edge of breaking down.

    While he was doing that, Chun Yeowun opened his mouth.

    “I don’t get it.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “You said that you only follow orders. How do you plan on convincing your superiors?”

    At Chun Yeowun’s words, the faces of the other two members went stiff.

    However, maybe he expected the question, so Therese answered immediately.

    “I will deceive them.”


    “As long as we show the dead bodies, including the captain’s, we can say that it was a fierce battle and put it down in an official report.”

    “That means…”

    “Yes. I will tell them that the Nano Machine couldn’t be retrieved because you died during the battle. As with most Nano Machines, perhaps it was also programmed to automatically stop working as soon as it’s removed from the user’s body. The headquarters will have no choice but to trust us.”

    It was something to gain time, but it seemed like a plausible act.

    In fact, Therese wasn’t sure if the superiors would be deceived by that or not.

    But of course, he wasn’t planning on doing any such thing.

    ‘If the Dead Rose Special Forces come, get on the Time Jet and escape. They should be here.’

    These people didn’t use time packs.

    If they were, they couldn’t be bringing in such enhanced devices like drones.

    Time Jet.

    It wasn’t a mass-produced device like the time pack but a large-scale space-time transport only used by higher-level TP units.

    “How does that sound? This is an offer that won’t hurt you. We too are taking risks for our lives.”

    Therese looked at Chun Yeowun with tense eyes.

    The energy subsided.

    “It’s a tempting offer. That’s definite.”

    Chun Yeowun expressed his affirmation of the suggestion.


    The faces of the remaining members, including Therese, brightened.

    He thought that they would lose, but they succeeded.

    Now, if only that Time Jet would appear, they could escape from here, and this horrifying nightmare would end.

    It was then.


    Roll! Roll!


    The sound of something slashing and something rolling on the floor.

    Therese turned his head when Tanaka yelled.


    The only thing he saw was a headless suit.

    Blood gushed out like a fountain from the severed neck.


    Baren’s head was rolling on the floor.

    With that, Therese yelled.

    “Wh-What is this? You definitely affirmed the suggestion…”

    “When did I accept it?”


    “Why would I believe your words?”

    “No. Then you could have asked us for a contract document rather than an oral agreement. Are you really trying to put an end to the cycle?”

    Chun Yeowun shook his head at those words.

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    He pointed to Baren and said.

    “You say all of that when you were asking for reinforcements behind my back.”


    Therese shuddered at those words.

    The frequency he sent the message to Baren in was a secure one, one that only the captain and the team knew of.

    But that wasn’t it.

    Therese looked at Baren.

    “Did you say Dead Rose Special Forces? So you weren’t the only ones who came here.”

    ‘Damn it!’

    Baren was right.

    At Chun Yeowun’s words, Therese cursed himself.

    If the enemy had a Nano Machine in them, then it was like speaking openly, and now that Chun Yeowun knew, they were at a disadvantage.

    There was only one way left.

    ‘We need to hold out until the Time Jet arrives.’

    Therese bit his lip and shouted at Tanaka.

    “Run outside!”

    “Who said I was letting you go?”

    Chun Yeowun tried to create an invisible sword.

    It was then, Therese jumped back and pressed a button on the palm of his suit.



    The drones floating around Chun Yeowun exploded.

    Although the control was lost, the ability to fire and self-destruct was possible.

    Originally, he was waiting for captain Keanu to give the signal, but he was dead, so he used it then.


    The explosion of the drones was huge.

    The drones were developed for the direct bombardment of enemies in addition to firing bullets.


    Using the suits, Therese and Tanaka ripped the tent apart and escaped.

    The barracks were in flames due to the explosion.

    “Yes! Yes!!!”

    The two men who came out of the barracks cheered.

    Even if the opponent was a monster, the drones exploded nearby.

    Which meant that it would be impossible for the man to use his Nano Suit.

    “You disgusting bastard! If you had let yourself get fooled, you would’ve been able to live a little longer! Now go to hell!”

    Therese raised his middle finger towards the barracks.

    He was sure that the man was dead.


    It was then,


    In the flames which were burning the barracks, a strange phenomenon began to occur.

    The flames turned into a whirlwind and suddenly soared into the sky.

    “Wh-What is this?”


    The flames which soared up into the night sky disappeared.

    And a hazy image could be seen from the smoke which was left behind

    Even though they didn’t want their thoughts to be true, they couldn’t erase the ominous feeling which was rising within them.

    ‘No way. How could, in such an explosion…’


    At that very moment, something passed through Therese’s middle finger.


    Something happened, but then his middle finger got cut off and fell to the floor.

    His finger was cut off, and he wasn’t okay.

    With heat rising to his face, Therese screamed.

    “Ackkk! Fuck! My finger!”


    Chun Yeowun suddenly appeared in front of him.

    It was shocking. Despite all the explosions which happened so close to him, there wasn’t a single wound on him.

    “What were you trying to do with those explosions?”

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    Unfortunately, he didn’t know that flames didn’t work on Chun Yeowun.

    After absorbing the Flame of the Qilin, he was able to handle flames freely.

    “The middle finger? It made me uncomfortable.”


    Therese looked furious at Chun Yeowun’s nonchalant words.

    “What are you doing?”


    “Kuak! My eyes!!!”

    Chun Yeowun’s two fingers dug out his eyes.

    This pain couldn’t be compared to getting a finger cut off. Therese cupped his face.

    [Wounded area will be healed.]


    As the helmet was on, Therese’s suit attempted to repair the wound.



    [Suit… is… forcibly… shut… off… and…]

    The AI’s static voice resounded.

    Chun Yeowun had cut the suit in half with the invisible sword.

    Shockingly, only the suit was cut and not his body.

    The suit he was wearing was cut off and fell like a curtain.


    Chun Yeowun hit his blood points, making him immobile.

    ‘Tch! Why? Why am I like this? Why isn’t my body moving?’


    Blood was coming out, so he couldn’t even open his mouth.

    The fear was indescribable. He couldn’t see, he couldn’t move, and he couldn’t speak.

    “Wait a while.”

    He could only hear.

    ‘What is he up to?’

    Therese heard the sound of something being cut.



    A scream, and he could tell who it was from.


    It was definitely Tanaka.

    It was just a scream, but Therese was convinced.

    Tanaka was dead.


    The reality was that he couldn’t do anything but scream internally.

    He was on the verge of becoming crazy.

    While he had killed all the others, he couldn’t understand why Chun Yeowun was still keeping him alive.

    Soon, Chun Yeowun’s voice rang through his head.

    “You guys have measures to make your body melt when you die.”


    At those words, a chill ran down his spine.

    The TP crew were arranged to disintegrate right away when their heart stops.

    If that happens, everything from their ID chip disappears, making the person impossible to trace.

    ‘N-No way!’

    Chun Yeowun’s voice came again.

    “If I keep you alive, the Dead Roses Special Forces, who heard your request, will come to assist you, right?”



    He was being used as bait.


    ‘Ah… no!’

    No matter how much he wailed, there was nothing he could do as the suit was removed.


    As he kept screaming inside, a strong wind flew through Therese’s whole body.

    At the same time, the mechanical sound of a heavy jet was heard.

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