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    Chapter 47: I will crush them all (1)

    The poison killed its target slowly without them knowing. The red dot was the symptom that showed when the person was poisoned.

    Chun Yeowun bit his lips.


    His mother, Lady Hwa, was killed by the same poison and Yeowun couldn’t forget the fact. He had learned from the pain of having his loved one die.

    ‘How can he be poisoned?’

    The symptom seemed to be severe. Lady Hwa had those dots a few months before she died, and Bakgi had the same dots.

    ‘That only appears after long exposure.’

    It was weird for Bakgi to have been exposed to the poison for a long time.

    ‘Chun Jongsum!’

    Yeowun then remembered Jongsum who was smiling at Bakgi. That was why Yeowun had to check Bakgi’s video in the first place. Bakgi was the only one who defeated the prince within the group. It was likely that Chun Jongsum was angry and embarrassed. However, as far as Yeowun knew, one needed to be exposed to the poison through years of dosage.

    ‘He was either poisoned before he entered the academy, or Chun Jongsum used a heavy dose.’

    It was likely that the latter was what was happening. The former was also possible but Chun Yeowun leaned toward the latter.


    To Yeowun, poison was frowned upon since it killed his mother. He knew he didn’t have to do anything with the problem between Bakgi and Chun Jongsum, but seeing the same poison being used made him furious.

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    ‘He will try to do the same against others with the poison. I can’t say he’s doing anything wrong in the Demonic Cult Academy, but I can’t let him do that.”

    Chun Yeowun then decided to destroy Chun Jongsum’s evil plans.

    At the training ground, a duel was going on. One person was a instructor and the other was 5th cadet Chun Yuchan.

    ‘He’s beyond the level of the other cadets too.’

    Instructor Hong Duwi was astonished. The fight was a close match since both of them were at the level of master warriors.

    ‘I can’t defeat him with the Seven Demon Sword only.’

    The Seven Demon Sword was being countered. It wasn’t a perfect counter like what Chun Yeowun did, but it was still being countered.

    ‘He’s also a genius like those two.’

    They didn’t need to duel anymore. Chun Yuchan already had enough power and knowledge regarding the skill. Hong Duwi took a few steps back and raised his hand to stop. Chun Yuchan smiled back.

    “This is enough.”


    “Here’s the tag.”

    Hong Duwi then took the tag and gave it to Chun Yuchan.

    “Haha! I’m a group leader now!”

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    “Yes, congratulations. I wish you luck.”

    “Thank you, Instructor.”

    Chun Yuchan bowed. After he saw Hong Duwi return to the building, he grinned.

    “There’s one. Who should I go for next?”

    It was now close to dinner time. The cafeteria was crowded with cadets who were busy eating. They were all smiling as their internal energy had increased greatly from absorbing the Black Dragon Ball. But those cadets who had not achieved the thirty years worth of energy were gloomy, since having that much was the basic requirement to learn the Seven Demon Sword.

    That’s when everyone turned to the person walking in. It was the 18th cadet, Bakgi. He was alone, unlike the other group leader worthy cadets. He took a seat in an empty corner and began to eat.

    Someone then sat down in front of him. Bakgi did not look up.

    “Hey, 18th cadet.”

    Bakgi then raised his face. It was Chun Kungwun, the prince from the Sword Clan.

    “What is it?”

    “I watched your duel.”

    Bakgi placed his chopsticks on the bowl and glared at Chun Kungwun.

    ‘How dare he?’

    Chun Kungwun did not like Bakgi’s attitude. Most cadets were always polite toward him since he was still a prince, but Bakgi wasn’t like that.

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    “I am eating. What do you want?”

    Bakgi was curt. Chun Kungwun became angrier, but he kept his calm.

    “Hmph. I noticed you were at the master level.”

    Bakgi was appalled. It seemed like he had seen the qi too. This meant that Chun Kungwun was also a master.

    “I like your skill. I think you want to be a group leader, but don’t you want to go up higher?”

    “Ah…” Bakgi sighed as he realized Chun Kungwun’s intentions. He was offering him to join his group. Bakgi then began to eat. Chun Kungwun frowned, but he wasn’t the type to show his anger in front of everyone else.

    “Well, you think about it.”

    Chun Kungwun left and Bakgi focused on the food. This was the second time already. When he was on his way to the training room, Chun Yuchan had already come up to him, offering a spot in his group. Bakgi refused since he wasn’t interested in joining the princes’ groups. All he wanted was to become strong.

    He kept eating while he was irritated, until someone sat in front of him again.

    “I’m sorry, but can we talk?”

    ‘Ugh… again?’

    Bakgi sighed. If he had known that this would happen, he would not have challenged instructor in front of everyone else. He spat at the cadet.

    “Not interested. Get lost.”


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    The cadet moaned. It was Chun Yeowun.

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