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    Chapter 46: I will ram it in until it works (3)

    After joining Chun Yeowun’s team, three of them introduced themselves to Hu Bong, Machil, Wungchun, and Ho Daming. Hu Bong then spoke to Ko Wanghur.

    “I don’t care if you are Sword or Shield of the Master, but his first servant is me.”

    He wanted to make this clear. Puzzled, Ko Wanghur raised his eyebrow and Yeowun laughed.

    “Yeah, Hu Bong is my first servant.”

    “Haha! I see. I guess we have to make things clear!”

    Ko Wanghur laughed as he agreed and Hu Bong laughed in satisfaction. Yeowun now had seven members, but he still needed four more.

    ‘Let’s not hurry.’

    However, he didn’t have to gather people too fast since Chun Yeowun wanted true allies.

    “Master, what should we do now?” Hu Bong asked. Their training now relied on the group leader’s instructions. Chun Yeowun ordered, “Everyone, absorb your Black Dragon Ball. We will need to do that first to learn the Seven Demon Sword.”

    “Yes, sir!”

    Other than Chun Yeowun and Ko Wanghur, the other five didn’t have top-class internal energy. They had to increase their energy up to thirty years worth so they could learn Seven Demon Sword, and train for the formation.

    Hu Bong asked, “Master… what should we do with the Seven Dragon Sword? We have never learned any top-class martial arts skills yet.”

    Ohjong, Machil, Wungchun, and Ho Daming nodded. Unlike Chun Yeowun, they didn’t have the chance to learn powerful martial arts.

    “They have a point. Learning a top-class martial art isn’t easy.”

    Ja Wumin also shared the same thought. He had learned the Golden Door Spear skill, which was a top-quality martial art, so he knew how hard it can be to learn it without a teacher.

    ‘Hmm, nothing is easy then.’

    Yeowun had a solution this, however. If he used tutorial mode, he could scan the person’s movements to easily correct any problems or errors.

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    ‘I will have to teach them myself.’

    Yeowun smiled, “Then after you absorb your Black Dragon Ball, learn all the movements to the Seven Demon Sword first.”


    “Starting tomorrow, you will train with me in the morning. I will teach you the formation and the movements. If you can’t do it alone, come.”

    The cadets became excited. Meanwhile, Chun Yeowun was thinking of a very effective teaching strategy.

    ‘Well, I can just ram it into their head until it works.’

    Yeowun decided to adopt Submeng’s education philosophy.

    After the plan was set, the cadets left to absorb their Black Dragon Balls. The only one left was Ko Wanghur who wanted to talk some more.

    “What is it?”

    “Master, I think it’ll be better for you to have someone with you when you move around.”

    “Why is that?”

    “I am concerned about the point where we were told to take the yellow tag from the instructor.”

    Yeowun became intrigued. He too was concerned about that. The Chief didn’t say that the tag was only limited to one person — the meaning behind the words suggested, ‘The one who has a yellow tag will become a leader.’

    ‘Maybe the purpose for the yellow tag wasn’t to defeat the instructor, but to have the cadets fight against each other.’

    And that was what Ko Wanghur was worried about.

    “You have fewer allies with you compared to the 1st cadet, so you have to be careful.”

    “Thank you for your advice.”

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    “Of course, Master.”

    “Yeah, then let’s do something about this first.”

    Chun Yeowun then went to the instructors to ask about how the dorm rooms would be assigned. Fortunately, he was told that the group leaders could ask for a new room with his own members. Thus, Chun Yeowun immediately requested a room.

    When that was done, he went to the private room to absorb the Black Dragon Ball. Ko Wanghur, who wanted to use the room next to Yeowun, was astonished when he saw that Yeowun was allowed to use the wider room that was not open to the other cadets yet.

    “I will become more powerful and strive to be in the same building as you, Master!”

    His eagerness only grew. Yeowun came into the room and opened the wooden box.


    A thick foul stench filled the room. Chun Yeowun picked up the ball with a scowl and put it into his mouth. He chewed it down carefully, enduring the bitterness.

    ‘Ugh… Nano, help me absorb this thing.’

    [Yes, Master.]

    Yeowun then swallowed it and began using the Breathing of Thousand Martials skill.

    [Sensed substance that provides strong energy activation. Increasing bodily function to absorb the substance.]

    A while later, Chun Yeowun’s body began letting out steam. It was the phenomenon that happened when one obtained sixty years worth of internal energy. After a while, the steam stopped and Yeowun opened his eyes.


    He was astonished to feel the heavy internal energy below his stomach. His internal energy was now above a little bit over the sixty years.

    ‘Now I really am at the master level.’

    Yeowun thanked Nano.

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    ‘Nano. it’s all thanks to you.’

    [Yes, Master. It’s all on me.]


    Nano was a machine, so it did not know to be humble. Yeowun got up awkwardly and began trying using his internal energy. On his hand, the clear shape of qi appeared on his palm.

    “I got it!”

    If he could give it will of the blade, then it would allow him to use blade qi like Chun Yuchan.

    ‘I should get used to using qi.’

    Chun Yeowun tried to go into training when he suddenly remembered something.

    ‘Oh, right. Nano, can you show me the video about Bakgi?’ Yeowun asked.

    [Playing the video through Augmented Reality.]

    Chun Yeowun’s eyes moved rapidly began to watch the playback of Bakgi starting to fight against Hou Jinchang.

    ‘Nano, zoom in on Bakgi.’

    [Zooming in.]

    Yeowun looked closely after Nano zoomed in. What he was looking at were Bakgi’s face and neck. And when Bakgi was thrown back and got up while coughing, Yeowun thought, ‘Nano, zoom in on his face and neck.’

    [Zooming in.]

    As the screen zoomed in to the point where it began to show Bakgi’s skin pores, Yeowun ordered Nano to stop.


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    [Pausing video.]

    Bakgi’s face was pale and his eyes were red. What was more surprising was the fact that his neck was redder. With the zoomed image, one could see that there were small red dots all over. Yeowun mumbled in anger.


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