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    Chapter 45: I will ram it in until it works (2)

    Twenty students surrounded Chun Yeowun. However, they weren’t hostile. Four of them were Hu Bong and three cadets from the 8th group. Hu Bong realized why there were all here. It seemed that these cadets wanted to join as members of Yeowun’s group. Hu Bong glanced at the other three members, and they blocked the way to Chun Yeowun.


    ‘He already has four?’

    Some cadets looked disappointed. As expected, they were here to ask Yeowun to take them into his group.

    ‘It’s good that we decided!’

    Hu Bong, Machil, Wungchun, Ho Daming were satisfied that they had made the right choice. They were from middle-ranked clans that didn’t have much power because they were not favored by the six clans. They had dreams, but they couldn’t do much since the six clans had cast them out, which led them to despair.

    After looking at Chun Yeowun’s quick rise to power, they thought they might have a chance at changing their fate.

    “What business do you have with my master?” Hu Bong asked the cadets. Chun Yeowun almost laughed. Hu Bong was doing a good job as a servant.

    “I want to talk to the 7th cadet himself, not you.”

    A big-bodied, muscular cadet spoke grumpily. Hu Bong shook his head and blocked him before he turned to Yeowun.

    “Master, what would you like to do?”

    “It’s okay. Let me talk to them.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    Hu Bong walked past and the well-built cadet came up to him. He bowed and complimented him, “I saw your valiant fight.”

    Chun Yeowun also bowed, “Thanks.”

    “I am the 857th cadet, Ko Wanghur.”

    “Chun Yeowun.”

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    “Take me into your group.”


    Yeowun’s group members became excited. It was better to find group members early so they could get ready for the test. Ko Wanghur then introduced himself further.

    “I am from the Demon Fist Clan, and I am at the top-class level. I will be a good member to you.”

    The other cadets surrounding them were surprised.

    ‘Oh… there goes a spot.’

    If they were the leader, there was no way they would turn down Ko Wanghur. But if this was who they were competing with, their chances of getting accepted to group were becoming slim.

    The cadets then shouted their names and their clans. There were some from high-ranked clans like Ko Wanghur. Out of the sixteen of them, five were from high-ranked clans and eleven of them were from middle to low-ranked clans.

    As the people turned to Yeowun and waited for his answer, Yeowun calmly said, “I first want to thank you for wanting to be in my group.”

    Chun Yeowun bowed to them. All sixteen cadets then bowed back, astonished by his politeness and sincere movements.

    “I want to bring up something first.”

    They all focused as it seemed like Chun Yeowun was going to say something important.

    “I am not only looking for members who will complete the third test with me.”


    What did he mean? Some figured out what Chun Yeowun meant and began to frown.

    “I am looking for allies who will walk alongside me on the perilous path within the cult.”

    ‘Wait… is he talking about the competition for the throne?’

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    They then realized what Chun Yeowun really was talking about. He was aiming to be the heir to the throne and was gathering allies.


    ‘What should I do?’

    They only wanted to pass the third test, but this was an entirely different issue. If they joined Chun Yeowun for the competition, it also meant that they would be facing the six clans.

    ‘They are afraid.’

    Chun Yeowun also realized this. He spoke to the cadets.

    “If you are with me, I don’t care where you are from. At the end of the path, the current clan rank or fame will not matter. I will change the basic foundation of our cult.”

    The cadets were shocked. This was like a declaration of war against the six clans.

    ‘Is he crazy?’

    Chun Yeowun’s path required power, but also formidable forces. It was like a bad gamble to be with Yeowun. Most of them were now thinking of giving up.

    “Please be my ally and be the root of the new clans to the Demonic Cult. That is my condition.”

    Chun Yeowun’s voice indicated that he was speaking with sincerity and truthfully. The cadets then began to show their rejection.

    “I’m sorry, Prince. I just want to pass the third test.”

    “I’m out.”

    Most of the cadets then began declining the offer politely. Four of Yeowun’s members became shocked.

    ‘Oh, no…’

    ‘He could’ve just taken them in and told them later…’

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    But they also understood the risk involved in this.

    “I’m sorry.”

    Most of them apologized as they left. Although most of the cadets had left, three were left behind. What was more surprising was that Ko Wanghur hadn’t left.

    Hu Bong was touched by the three cadets who stayed behind. Ko Wanghur from Demon Fist Clan, Ja Wumin from Golden Door Clan, and Ohjong of the Tiger Sword Clan. These cadets also thought of giving up on joining Yeowun, but they felt the power and charisma in Yeowun’s speech.



    “Oh, you first.”

    Both men spoke first, but Ja Wumin told Ko Wanghur to speak first.

    “Prince Chun. Your path might endanger all those who follow you. They might die as well.”

    The other two cadets next to Ko Wanghur also nodded.

    “Honestly, I thought about leaving too.”

    It was understandable. Ko Wanghur had the power to side with a more reliable candidate.

    “But as a warrior, I wish for a greater goal. After hearing your dream, I felt tempted to join your cause.”

    Ko Wanghur then knelt on his knee.

    “I have a long way to go, but I will never kneel to anyone besides you. Please use me as your first sword.”

    He shouted as he gathered both hands, “I pledge allegiance to Prince Chun Yeowun!”

    And here was the First Fist Ko Wanghur of the former Demon God, pledging allegiance to Chun Yeowon.

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    ‘…I’m the first servant.’

    All the cadets were astonished, but only Hu Bong was jealous.

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