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    Chapter 44: I will ram it in until it works (1)

    The atmosphere on the training ground was now very different. Instructors were like the symbol of impossible for the cadets. However, they had just witnessed two cases where the impossible had turned possible.

    The instructors were also shocked. It might be better for the cadets to have hope than despair for the next test, but this was also very embarrassing.


    Hou Jinchang shook his head. He didn’t care about embarrassment. Instructors had to be happy if their cadets were talented.

    ‘IF they have the skills, then they can be stronger than instructors.’

    He first thought he wanted to try fighting Muyeon, but after seeing Yeowun, he also became disappointed that he couldn’t fight against him either.

    “Let’s see the last fight then!”

    Hou Jinchang and Bakgi got up to the front of the stage. All instructors were saying this with their eyes: ‘Please win!’

    But they weren’t that worried either. Hou Jinchang was the best instructor there was.

    Bakgi gathered his hands politely and bowed, “I will look forward to being taught a lesson, Instructor.”

    “Let’s do our best.”

    Hou Jinchang smiled as he liked Bakgi’s politeness. As they readied themselves, Bakgi charged like lightning and threw a kick.

    ‘Kick skill?’

    Yeowun became surprised. He thought Bakgi looked like a blade user, but he was using a kick skill. Yeowun watched the fight with Augmented Reality to analyze what he was seeing.

    ‘I have more avatars I can fight against now..’

    All these fights were great material for Yeowun. Unlike Chun Mukeum, Chun Muyeon had shown all the formations of his palm skill, and they were all scanned. Yeowun was also intrigued by the fact that Muyeon used both hands with different formations.

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    “Watch your leg.”

    Hou Jinchang warned and pressed on the blood point of the Bakgi’s leg. Bakgi then threw his waist to dodge and spun to kick Hou Jinchang.

    Jinchang then easily reached the bottom of the foot to press on the blood point. Bakgi gasped and was thrown back.


    Bakgi frowned. His foot was turning red. The sharp energy that penetrated his foot was the sword qi. Use of such qi in that short moment meant that the enemy was beyond the level of a master.

    ‘…Is he at the superior master level?’

    Bakgi was able to guess Hou Jinchang’s level as a warrior. He thought Jinchang would be at a similar level as the other instructors, but that wasn’t the case.

    ‘Do I give up?’

    He had lost his leg, so he couldn’t use kick skill anymore. Hou Jinchang asked, “Your right leg is damaged. What will you do now?”

    It was as if he was asking what steps he would take to overcome the danger. Bakgi nodded and got up again.

    ‘My foot is injured… I will have to finish it with one formation.’

    Bakgi then jumped and attacked Hou Jinchang. His kick came through, and Hou Jinchang tried to defend by using the fifth sword of the Seven Demon Sword technique. That’s when Bakgi’s body dropped below. Hou Jinchang’s sword swung in the air, and Bakgi slid to the bottom and threw himself up from the foot up to kick.

    Hou Jinchang then saw white light coming from Bakgi’s foot.


    It was qi. Bakgi was also entering the level of a master warrior. Most cadets didn’t see the light but Chun Yeowun and the other cadets who were over the top-class level saw it.


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    That’s when Hou Jinchang used his sword formation to form a durable defense.

    “That was close.”

    Hou Jinchang blocked Bakgi’s foot and pressed on the chest blood point. It didn’t have qi so it didn’t penetrate him, but it instead pinned Bakgi onto the ground.


    Bakgi coughed up blood as the internal energy struck him down. It was a complete loss. Yushun shook his head bitterly.

    ‘OH… he lost.’

    ‘He couldn’t even stand a few formations!’

    ‘So the instructors are powerful then.’

    ‘The 1st and 7th cadets are monsters!’

    “Ugh.. I- I lost.”

    Bakgi could barely stand up to speak. Hou Jinchang smiled. He had overpowered Bakgi, but he also thought Bakgi was a talented individual.

    “I will look forward to your growth.”

    “T-thank you, sir.”

    Bakgi bowed and returned to his group. He was pale from exhaustion and toward the back, Chun Jongsum smiling at his leader’s loss. Chun Yeowun looked at it weirdly.

    ‘…Nano, get the 18th cadet’s video ready so I can check on him later.’

    [Yes, Master.]

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    There was something that didn’t seem right.

    So, two group leaders had already been appointed. There was a total of fifteen spots left, but who would dare to take the tag from Hou Jinchang?

    “Good. We already have two leaders. So, if you don’t want to be left out, get ready!”

    “Mado!” The cadets shouted.

    “So, now we’ll bring out what you’ve been waiting for.”

    Hameng glanced at the instructors and they began bringing out big wooden boxes.

    ‘It’s the Black Dragon Balls.’

    The cadets became excited. There were a lot of boxes coming in, meaning there was more than just the Black Dragon Balls. As instructors opened the boxes, there were smaller wooden boxes that held Black Dragon Balls and wooden swords.

    “We will supply wooden swords for the third test. There is only one per person, so don’t break it.”


    They all had to train on their own now, so they had to have a sword. As the students received their own wooden sword, Black Dragon Ball, and the book, the cadets returned to their spot to line up and Lee Hameng dismissed them.

    “I will see you during the third test. Dismissed!”

    Cadets then began scattering to go about on their way. Some went to the private training room to take the Black Dragon Ball, while some high-ranked clan members went to study the book first so they could aim to be a group leader.

    ‘Let’s take the ball first.’

    Yeowun already had the tag, so he was seven days ahead.

    ‘And I need to check something too.’

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    He had to check on Bakgi’s video too. As he was walking toward the private training room, many cadets approached him.


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