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    Chapter 43: Defeat a instructor (3)

    Unlike the first fight, the cadets weren’t as interested in the second fight since they all knew the difference of power between the two.

    ‘He’ll be lucky if he even lasts a few exchanges.’

    ‘Just because he got better… I think he’s being too reckless.’

    Cadets remembered Chun Yeowun’s power from the second test. He had shown top-quality martial arts and a fine blade skill, but that didn’t seem like it was enough to fight against the instructor.

    “You may begin!”

    Both of them bowed. Chun Yeowun then readied his Butterfly Blade Dance.

    ‘Butterfly Blade Dance,’ Sang Munyo thought. After the second test, Lee Hameng told every instructor that Right Guardian Submeng had taught Chun Yeowun his blade skill. They weren’t sure why Submeng had taught Chun Yeowun, but Submeng was known for being erratic so it didn’t matter.

    ‘You are lucky to have learned that skill, but that’s not enough.’

    “Come. I will allow you to attack first.”

    Sang Munyo waved at Yeowun who then charged in.

    ‘He’s a master level warrior. Let’s do my best!’

    Yeowun was at the beginning of the master level, but his internal power didn’t equal those experienced master level warriors.



    Yeowun’s attack was unleashed more powerfully than what Sang Munyo expected.

    ‘It’s not like a few days ago!’

    Munyo flinched and quickly brought his energy up to defend all the way to 70%, which was 20% up from his intended 50%.

    ‘This will do.’

    And Yeowun’s hand struck against him and Munyo was startled. Unlike his guess for Yeowun to have thirty years worth of internal energy, the attack was too strong. Munyo was sent way back, stumbling five steps. He became embarrassed and blushed.

    ‘What an embarrassment!’

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    All the cadets were shocked too. They thought Yeowun would lose easily, but even the instructor who fought Muyeon wasn’t pushed back like that.

    ‘Ugh! Dammit!’

    Sang Munyo then decided to do his best to overpower Yeowun with all he had.

    As Sang Munyo unleashed his all of internal energy, Chun Yeowun was thrown back. Yeowun then took steps back, knowing that his enemy had unleashed all his energy.

    “You think you can run?!”

    Sang Munyo then unleashed the fourth and sixth sword movements of the Seven Demon Sword.

    “Take this!”

    Cadets gasped in astonishment as they saw the powerful sword skill being unleashed. However, Yeowun wasn’t afraid.

    ‘I can see it!’

    He didn’t have tutorial mode on, but he was able to see the weak point of the sword movement.

    ‘It’s not perfect yet.’

    He had learned the original sword skill multiple times and the counter sword skill.

    ‘This is nothing compared to the counter sword skill I saw on the stone!’

    He could have countered this attack easily if he had used the original sword skill and the counter skill from the stone, but it wasn’t time to show it here.

    ‘If I’m not wrong..’

    Yeowun then charged against the instructor’s sword. Sang Munyo scoffed at the sight.

    “You are a fool. You cannot defend this with a mere attack.’

    He thought he had won, but in the next moment, his eyes shook in shock. Chun Yeowun used his basic blade movement to counter every single sword attack.


    Chun Yeowun still had taken a bit of internal damage as he lacked internal energy, but this was enough to make everyone, even the cadets, surprised. Even Chun Muyeon couldn’t counter the attack perfectly like this.

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    Sang Munyo grimaced. He had now forgotten about the test.

    ‘Then I will defeat you with internal energy!’

    Sang Munyo then attacked with the seventh sword, thinking this was the only way he could defeat Chun Yeowun. However, there was one thing he didn’t expect. It was Nano.

    [Healing the internal damage taken from the hostile energy damaging the body.]

    Chun Yeowun’s body was healed instantly moment he took damage. Blood dripped from his mouth, but he wasn’t falling down, which made Sang Munyo pale.

    ‘Why isn’t he falling?! Why?!’

    He had been pushing against Yeowun with all of his power, but Yeowun stood still. This made Sang Munyo panic and that gave Yeowun a chance.

    Yeowun then unleashed his blade attack against Munyo’s right rib.

    ‘No! I have to defend this!’

    Munyo quickly sent internal energy to make a barrier within himself, but when Chun Yeowun’s hand struck, his rib cage was destroyed and he screamed in pain.


    He was able to defend against the internal energy, but he couldn’t do anything about the tremendous amount of physical strength.


    He slumped down on the ground and looked below. He saw pieces of his rib bones poking out of his flesh and felt his sight fading away.

    “You… m-monster…”

    Sang Munyo gasped and passed out. The cadets shouted with excitement as no one expected Yeowun to win.

    ‘…So, Yumpa didn’t overestimate him. This is dangerous,’ Chun Yuchan thought as he looked at Yeowun. All of the other princes had the same thought.

    ‘He countered the sword skill?’

    Lee Hameng, who was sitting down originally, was up on his feet as well. It was after he saw Yeowun counter the sword skill. The Seven Demon Sword was made by the legendary Sword Demon, which was hard to counter.

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    ‘…I really should’ve have let that drunkard take him.’

    This meant Yeowun was the genius of the century. Hameng became envious of Submeng who took him in as his apprentice. Then someone shouted at Hameng.

    “Chief! We have to move him to the medical room! His rib cage… its broken and three of his ribs are protruding out of his body!”

    “Get him to the medical room now.”

    As Lee Hameng looked at him, he remembered the report given by the instructor who was in charge of the private training room.

    ‘He destroyed the wall of the private training room. I think the 7th cadet is at the level of a master.’


    He had forgotten to tell this to the instructors who just got back from vacation. If Sang Munyo had heard of this, he would not have been injured that badly.

    ‘Oh well.’

    “Here, I got his tag for you.”


    Impeng went up to Chun Yeowun who was panting and gave him the yellow tag. Yeowun bowed.

    “Thank you, sir.”

    “I didn’t have much expectations for you at first, but seeing you grow makes me have second thoughts. Good luck.”

    Impeng then returned and Yeowun smiled as he grabbed the yellow tag before returning to his 8th group.

    “Master! Congratulations!”

    “Congratulations, Leader!”

    As he returned, Hu Bong and the three cadets came to congratulate him. There were also the four cadets who rejected his offer that looked sad.


    But it was too late for regrets.

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