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    Chapter 40: Collect eleven individuals (4)

    Chun Yeowun fell to the ground and he heard Nano’s voice inside his head.

    [Stopping Augmented Reality.]

    All avatars were put to a stop.


    Chun Yeowun then looked up at the ceiling, concerned that he might have torn a hole through the ceiling again. Luckily, it was fine, but there was a large crack and a dent in the area where he had bumped his head.

    ‘…Should I not report it?’

    If he reported this, he’d definitely be forbidden from using the private training room. However, he decided to tell the truth.

    ‘It will cause more problems if I don’t inform them.’

    A cleaning crew would be coming in later in the night, and they would definitely notice the mess he had made. Yeowun then went to the first-floor office and reported it to the instructor.

    “What! You destroyed the room again?!”

    He shouted furiously and they went to the room together. After looking at the ceiling, he placed his hand over his forehead and spoke dumbfoundedly.

    “What in the world… oh, gosh.”

    The instructor then spoke coldly.

    “I warned you. You are now forbidden from using this private training room.”

    “I’m sorry.”

    He had nothing more to say and bowed. He then tried to go out and the instructor stopped him.

    “Hmph. Where do you think you’re going? Come with me.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    It seemed like there was additional punishment. As he followed the instructor, they went to the building right across the private training rooms. The building was about half the size of the training building, but it wasn’t yet open to cadets. It was dark and instructor lit up candles to walk in. There were many rooms just like the training building, but they were wider.

    The instructor then opened up one of the rooms and told Yeowun to go in.


    It was a training room, but it was much larger. The instructor said, “You will train here from now on.”

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    “I can’t let you destroy the other rooms.”

    He smiled and Yeowun was grateful for being provided with another place to train.

    “And where is this?”

    “This is the training room open to those who pass the fourth test.”


    “Yes. The fourth test requires you to be at the level of a master. Only those who become the Squad Leader are allowed in this room.”

    “But I didn’t pass the fourth test.”

    “No, of course not. I just opened it for you earlier.”

    The instructor had talked about this issue with Chief Lee Hameng already, and he asked him to open up the training room for the ones who were at the level of masters, reason being that they might destroy the training rooms like Yeowun did. Lee Hameng deemed it reasonable and approved it.

    “But how did you find out that I was at the master level?” Yeowun asked curiously and the instructor grinned.

    “You can’t even leave a dent in the wall in that private training room if you weren’t at such a level.”

    Yeowun nodded.

    “This place is more durable, so it won’t be destroyed. You can concentrate on your training.”

    “Thank you, sir!”

    But the instructor did not know that Yeowun’s physical strength was strong enough to even damage walls of this place since he was made to damage the blue pearl stone.

    ‘This size should be okay for me to use augmented reality. Nano, what’s the time?’

    [A little after 7:00 PM, Master.]

    ‘I see.’

    He still had a lot of time left before he had to return. He then tried to battle against the ten Chun Mukuem avatars again, but he came up with a different idea.

    ‘Nano, can you make Teacher Submeng be the avatar?’

    [Yes, but it will be based off his movements that he showed in the medical room.]

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    Yeowun smiled.

    ‘Teacher will be more helpful than Chun Mukeum.’

    [Will you set the martial arts?]

    ‘Hm… let’s set it at the Butterfly Blade Dance for now.’

    Chun Yeowun was curious as to how hard would it be to fight Submeng in his own martial arts skill. He was one of top ten warriors of the cult after all.


    And soon, Right Guardian Submeng appeared in front of Yeowun.

    [Heh, my apprentice. Let’s have a fight!]

    Yeowun then prepared himself and charged in.

    ‘I’ll attack first.’

    He still had a long ways to go to fight Submeng, so he needed to take his chances. But it was then-

    Submeng used basic movements from his skill to block Yeowun’s blade and kicked him.


    Yeowun flew back and Submeng unleashed his third formation. The seven movements quickly attacked Yeowun, cutting through him. He was then thrown on the ground with pain coming from all parts of his body. Nano, which made the cut on his body, quickly healed him back.


    He was shocked. He knew he had no chance, but he didn’t think he’d be taken out after one formation.

    ‘I guess this was too much.’

    [Will you change the martial arts of the avatar?]

    Yeowun frowned. He didn’t feel like doing it since it felt like he was losing.

    ‘No, let me test one more thing.’

    [Understood. Proceeding with the battle.]

    The Avatar then began to move again.

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    [What? You want more?]

    Yeowun then unleashed the original sword formation he learned from the blue pearl stone. Submeng’s avatar tried to fight back through his blade skill, but he couldn’t counter the sword skill and was struck in his blood points.


    Submeng’s avatar was thrown back.

    ‘I got him!’

    Yeowun then followed up with the last movement, but Submeng’s avatar spun quickly and unleashed the second blade skill. Yeowun’s finger touched Submeng’s head, but he was thrown back from the blade spin. He thought he had lost even while using the sword skill and looked at Submeng’s avatar.


    Yeowun had left some damage on Submeng’s avatar. He had overpowered the avatar through the formation, but he lacked the experience to deliver a critical blow.

    ‘So, I need other powers to win.’

    Yeowun realized that he couldn’t just fight powerful warriors with the knowledge of sword formations.

    ‘Let’s not jump to conclusions.’

    It only had been three weeks since he learned martial arts and he still had four years left within the academy. He then got a new goal.

    ‘Let’s beat Teacher in four years.’

    He of course meant Submeng’s avatar, but if Yeowun achieved his goal, it would make him a powerful warrior in record time.

    Yeowun then returned to training against the ten Chun Mukeums. After using his entire day to train, he was now able to fight against the ten Chun Mukeums as an equal.

    And then three-day vacation was over. Early in the morning, all the cadets gathered at the training ground and Lee Hameng came up onto the stage.

    “Did you spend your vacation well?”


    The cadets roared and Hameng continued.

    “I will explain the next test and hand out the Black Dragon Balls.”

    As he spoke, instructors quickly brought up seventeen tables onto the stage, and each table had twelve books.

    “The third test is to make a sword formation with twelve-men groups.”

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    People began to mumble and Yeowun, who knew about the test already, looked at Hameng eagerly.

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