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    Chapter 4: Why memorize a book? (1)

    Cheon Yeowun was a boy, but he was not a fool. He had overcome many hardships and assassination attempts that made him stronger and smarter. He knew the importance of a weapon if he had one, and also knew he had to keep it a secret if he were to keep himself alive.

    ‘I have to keep it secret that I have Nano Machine in me.’

    Cheon Yeowun wasn’t aware of it, but there was no way that the medical knowledge of this era would be able to find the Nano Machine. However, Yeowun did not know this, so he didn’t feel good about letting Doctor Baek know as he was from one of the six families, Dokmajong.

    ‘I hope he doesn’t catch on…’

    He tried to hide it, but he became nervous. He was forbidden from learning any kind of martial arts before joining the academy.

    ‘Hm… he did get help from someone. That’s certain…’

    The doctor was curious because of the change that had happened to the boy. He thought the boy would be pushed down the ranks with his weak body and no knowledge of martial arts. However, his state now proved that he was fit to learn martial arts better than any of the other princes from the other families.

    Nonetheless, he still was in a bad place to aim for the succession. The other princes already had started learning martial arts and had their own forces.

    ‘He wasn’t all that uninterested after all, it seems.’

    The doctor assumed that the reason for this change was due to the Lord, Chun Yujong.

    ‘He is his son after all…’

    If the Lord had helped secretly, there was no need for him to acknowledge it. The doctor just wrote a prescription for some medicine to help Yeowun regain his energy and returned.



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    Yeowun hadn’t even thanked his guard yet. Nano Machine healed him, but if Jang didn’t come in time, who knew what would have happened next?

    “Thank you for bringing me back to…”

    Before Yeowun can finish, Jang coldly said, “I’m sorry, Prince. You must wash up first.”


    It smelled terrible. The doctor called a slave to clean the bed and make preparations so that Yeowun could wash up. While bathing in a hot bathtub, Yeowun was filled with a strange sensation.

    ‘Does the world want to change my fate?’

    His fate had already been decided the moment he was born to a female slave. All that was left for his life was to survive without being killed.

    ‘Hey, Nano Machine.’

    [Yes, Master.]

    He had not talked to the Nano Machine for about an hour now. Nano Machine did not speak if he did not ask.

    ‘You said you recovered me from my wound. How far can you do it?’

    [I can recover external or internal wounds quickly. But the loss of blood or a body part will require cell replication which will require a longer time period.]

    ‘O-oh… I see.’

    The Nano Machine had given him a lot of information, but it was still hard to understand. At least it was certain that he could recover from most wounds unless he lost a body part or too much blood.

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    ‘Should I test it?’

    [I would not recommend hurting yourself, but if you want to try, I suggest testing it first with a small cut.]

    Yeowun then grabbed the dagger placed on his pile of clothing and cut his palm.


    The pain made him frown.

    [Activating self-healing mode on the left palm.]

    With the voice, the blood stopped flowing from his palm and soon the wound disappeared as if it hadn’t been there at all.

    ‘It’s hard to believe… but it works.’

    There was more that was hard to believe, which included the usage of the Nano Machine.

    ‘Can I really use all the powers that I was given the knowledge of?’

    [Yes, Master. You can use every power of the Nano Machine as shown in the instructions.]

    ‘Good. I’ll test it out after my bath.’

    [Yes, Master.]

    Yeowun then got out of the water and clenched his two fists. If he could utilize the power of the Nano Machine, he could rise up in power and get revenge on his enemies.

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    At the south castle of the Demonic Cult was the house of Bokamjong. And next to its main building was a chamber for the heir candidate. In the front yard of the chamber, there was a teenage boy with freckles and a masked man kneeling down in front.

    “It’s funny. Do you think it even makes sense?”

    The boy seemed to be very angry and he shouted angrily. The masked man couldn’t even answer to quell his anger.

    “I sent you all to kill one weak boy and five were killed instead?”

    “Prince Mukeum, I think some warrior helped him.”

    “How dare you call my name!”

    “I am sorry, Prince Chun.”

    Chun Mukeum was 3rd in rank in succeeding the throne. He had sent assassins from his own Bokmajong family to kill Chun Yeowun before he could join the academy, but it had failed.

    “I thought he had nothing to help him, but it seems he had something up his sleeve then.”

    It was unexpected. They made Yeowun’s guard stay away from him and attacked the prince, but they had failed. It meant that someone else was also protecting him.

    ‘Did Father do something for him?’

    That’s what he had in his mind, but he couldn’t say anything about the Lord either. The Lord of Demonic Cult was the divine being.

    “Oh well. I’ll take more chances after joining the academy.”

    There was no protection given inside academy, as each of the princes who had guards appointed by the Lord himself weren’t allowed to follow.

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    “I didn’t want to do it myself, but I guess I have no choice.”

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