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    Chapter 37: Collect eleven individuals (1)

    After acquiring the energy flow, Chun Yeowun was able to replicate the sword formation perfectly. He still felt like it was a bit lacking, and he knew that it came from his lack of experience. Yeowun then asked Nano to see if he had recorded the front side of the second floor stone, and luckily, Nano did have it. And Yeowun went through the same process. The second formation was also bit lacking but this was as far as he could go.

    ‘Let’s thank Father Chun Ma for his discovery.’

    He then wondered about the rest of the sword formations probably left on other floors.

    ‘I guess I have no choice but to pass all the tests.’

    Yeowun then came up with one more question.

    ‘Then why does the counter formation require no energy flow?’

    He was not yet experienced enough to learn this. He thought he could take it slow since he still knew how to use the formation at least.

    Yeowun asked Nano, ‘What’s the time right now?’

    [It’s about 6:00 PM, Master.]

    It was already dinner time. He had skipped lunch, so he was starving. Yeowun then left the room. The underground floor seemed empty.

    It was great that the group test was over. All cadets were required to eat together during the second stage, but they were now allowed to go during designated hours to eat meals whenever they wanted.


    Chun Yeowun was excited to smell the food as he walked in. Unlike other times, today was a special food day.

    ‘It’s noodles!’

    Yeowun got in line and received the noodles and meat broth. The cook that poured the broth spoke to Yeowun with a smile.

    “It’s a beef noodle soup. It’s uncommon in this region.”

    It was a noodle bowl created with meat broth which contained boiled with beef bones and meat. It was a common noodle bowl south of the Yellow River. The academy’s cafeteria had various cooks from each region, so it gave cadets the opportunity to try different foods from each region.

    Yeowun got to the table and began eating the noodles. He had never eaten noodles before, and it was soo good that he began chowing down. When he went for another bowl and came back, someone sat next to him. The table was open to all cadets so Yeowun did not care about who sat next to him and focused on eating, but the person started speaking to him.

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    “You are the 7th cadet, the leader of the 8th group right?”


    His question could easily be answered just by looking at the tag, so that meant that he was talking to Yeowun on purpose. Yeowun looked up to the young man next to him. He was handsome but he had maybe one little flaw.

    ‘Where is his eye?’

    His eye was very narrow and small. But it seemed to fit him very nicely too.

    “I’m lucky. I wanted to meet you.”

    He was polite but also suspicious.

    “If you are asking about me, shouldn’t you be introducing yourself first?”

    The young man then grinned.

    “Oh, mind my manners. I am the 200th cadet, Yumpa from the 19th group.”

    “Chun Yeowun.”

    Yeowun answered coldly and Yumpa asked, “I know this is a strange question, but can you duel me?”

    Yeowun frowned. He didn’t expect a request to duel while he was eating.

    “What do you mean?”

    “I’m asking you to duel me.”

    “…You have a problem with me?”

    He couldn’t think of anyone other than from members of the six clans having grudges against him. Yeowun wasn’t completely sure, but he did cause some nuisance at the 2nd floor of the library.

    “No-no. Nothing like that. It’s not that.”

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    “Then why do you want a duel?”

    “Hmm… should I say, it’s too see if it’s worthy?”


    Chun Yeowun was confused. He wasn’t sure if the worthiness was about the young man or about Yeowun. He then decided that there was no point in dueling him and shook his head.

    “I refuse.”

    “As expected… but too fast.”

    “Why did you ask if you expected it?”

    Yumpa didn’t seem to be let down. He then brought up an offer.

    “Then let me explain what I can give to you if you accept. If you win the duel, I will give you vital information about the third test, and a small gift.”

    He whispered when he said the third test. Yeowun became intrigued, but he didn’t show it.

    “How can a mere cadet like you have such important information?”

    “Well, I can’t spill everything when you won’t accept my duel request, but I guess I have to prove myself. My father once reached the fifth stage, so I know about everything up to the fourth test.”

    ‘Is he from a high-ranked clan?’

    That was most likely if his father had passed the fourth test. Unlike Yeowun who entered the academy without any prior knowledge, most cadets from the high-ranked clans had heard about what to expect in the academy. But Yumpa’s offer had a flaw.

    “I heard the tests go through changes each time. Your father passing those tests means nothing.”

    “…That is true, but it still shares the same concept. It was as expected up until both tests so far.”

    Yumpa was certain. Yeowun then began to hesitate.

    ‘What does he want? Why does he want to duel me? Is he certain that he can defeat me?’

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    That was the weird part. However, there was no loss in dueling him and Yeowun didn’t think he would lose either. Yeowun decided to agree to the duel.


    “You will not regret it.”

    Both of them then headed to the forest at the back of the dorm. When they got to the point where no one was around, Yumpa readied himself. He had seen Chun Yeowun using a powerful blade skill while dealing with Chun Wonryou already. However, he was also certain that he wouldn’t lose easily.

    ‘If what you showed during the test was your all, then it will be disappointing.’

    He didn’t say this as it could be taunting him. Yumpa stood in the distance and bowed.

    “Yumpa of the Moon Energy Blade Clan.”

    Yeowun became intrigued. He didn’t think Yumpa was going to use a blade skill. He also bowed.

    “Chun Yeowun. Let’s start.”

    Yumpa then charged. His movement was a bit slower than Chun Mukeum’s, but it was still very fast and powerful.

    ‘He’s an experienced warrior.’

    Yeowun was able to guess the opponent’s power easily. It seems like he had the power that most group leaders had and asked to duel. However, Chun Yeowun was very different now. He quickly took his steps and dodged the blade skill.

    ‘That is good, but this is not the end!’

    Yumpa then spun, moving into his next formation, but Yeowun snatched his wrist quickly.


    Yumpa was shocked. He hadn’t unleashed the blade skill yet, but his wrist was wielding powerful energy within it. And Yeowun snatched it as if it was nothing. Before Yumpa could react, Yeowun threw him up and down on the ground like a sack.


    It was so powerful that the ground sunk behind him. Yumpa even forgot about his pain and became dumbfounded. The duel was over in just one move.

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    ‘He-he’s not like how he was two days ago!’

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