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    Chapter 36: Founding of truth from Father Chun Ma (4)

    Ha Ilming. After becoming a powerful warrior at an early age, he thought that he could defeat any of the princes. And he did injure one: Chun Mukeum. However, since he was not even close to defeating Chun Yuchan, it made his pride crumble.

    ‘I was a fool.’

    He realized he had to train more and forgot about all his anger toward Chun Yeowun.

    ‘I can’t waste time on such a fool.’

    Ha Ilming then began training right away. Like the other cadets, he was going to spend all of his vacation in training. That’s why he was up early to train in the private training room. After training internal energy in the morning, and he then proceeded to practice formations in the afternoon. And then it happened.

    An explosion came from above and rocks showered down. Ha Ilming was struck with a large rock and passed out on the ground. As his consciousness faded, he saw Chun Yeowun’s pop up out of the hole.

    ‘T-that bastard… rrr. Guhh…’

    It rekindled his anger. Soon, the instructor in charge of the private training rooms came running with the master key. He opened the room and took Ha Ilming to the medical room. And when he came back, he scolded Chun Yeowun harshly.

    “How can you think of creating a hole in the place when everyone is training?! What would you have done if he was meditating? You almost killed him!”

    If Ha Ilming was really meditating, it might have put him in serious danger.

    “Consider yourself lucky that he’s alive. Or else you could have been expelled. This will go into your evaluation.”

    “…I’m sorry, sir.”

    “And if you ever destroy the private training room again, you will never be allowed to use this place.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    Needless to say, he was already forbidden from using rooms on the first and second floors. He was only allowed to use the underground room that the students didn’t like to use, but Yeowun had no choice.

    As Yeowun walked down to the underground floor, the instructor watched him curiously

    ‘He made a hole in the stone floor created with extremely hard rock… did his internal energy exceed sixty years worth of energy?’

    That was weird. Chun Yeowun also asked himself the same question.

    ‘How did I become so strong?’

    Chun Yeowun also didn’t think that he would be able to make a hole in that floor.

    [Master’s muscle strength and fiber have been increased to the maximum.]


    [Your body was altered to be able to physically leave marks on the blue pearl stone, thus increasing your muscle fitness to the maximum.]

    ‘Oh… that’s how..’

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    Nano didn’t analyze the data of sword skills this time. It had analyzed the mark left on the stone, so it based it off the fact that the sword made a mark on the stone, not considering the fact that it had been done through internal energy.


    Chun Yeowun was dumbfounded.

    ‘So, is this the limit to how strong I can become?’

    [It is set to not disturb with your normal growth.]

    ‘So, can you mark it stronger when I grow up?’

    [Maximum potential limit of the muscle fiber increases with the growth of bones and muscles.]


    He had learned a lot about Nano’s usage, but it was always fascinating to know about these things.

    ‘I guess I will have to grow up then.’

    Chun Yeowun then started to try testing his sword formation. His sword moved quickly, simulating the twenty-four sword movements, but his face didn’t express excitement when he finished the formation.


    He seemed as if he had failed. He couldn’t accept it and tried doing it again.

    ‘No. This is not it.’

    He had completed the same movements, but he wasn’t satisfied. It felt like he hadn’t completed it. He then used the formation left on the second floor. And this time, the more complicated and powerful movement came from his hand. When it was over, his expression turned even grimmer.


    It even made him angry. Chun Yeowun then tried doing the formation that countered the original. His movement quickly replicated the forty-fifth formation that he saw on the first floor of the library.

    His sword quickly moved through and his excitement spread across his face.

    ‘It worked. It’s perfect!’

    Yeowun then moved onto the formation he found on the second floor. It was a success this time around too. He tried going back to the original formation, but after going through both formations, he felt lost.

    “Why is it not working?”

    His movement was different from what he saw from the simulation.

    ‘Nano, can you show me the movement I just did and compare it to the original movement from the library?’

    [Activating Augmented Reality.]

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    Nano then began showing the avatars of two human figures, one with a vague human figure and one that looked exactly like Chun Yeowun. Both began to move at the same time.

    As he looked closely, he was able to see the difference clearly. The human figure moved flawlessly, connecting each movement smoothly, but Yeowun’s movement was connected but was awkward. And he was a bit late on the movement too.

    ‘I couldn’t do it perfectly. Why?’

    He couldn’t understand. He had gotten the information and the muscle fiber to replicate the movement but it still wasn’t perfect. Yeowun then sat down to ponder on the problem. He was soon full of sweat and was spending about an hour on thinking.

    ‘What is the problem? Even if I don’t have the energy flow, it won’t affect… huh?’

    He then came up with an idea.

    ‘The energy flow.’

    He finally reached a conclusion. Most formation movements required no use of internal energy to fully function, but this sword formation required internal energy to work correctly.

    ‘It’s the same as the last formation of the Butterfly Blade Dance.’

    He then realized the last formation of blade skill also required the flow of energy within him.

    ‘Then I don’t have the core element of it.’

    Yeowun had to settle on having the counterattack at least. It was fortunate that the counter formation required no use of special energy flow. But it didn’t make Yeowun feel any better.

    ‘Why did he skip how to use the energy flow when he left a formation?’

    It even made him become angry at the Father Chun Ma who left it. He sat down with gloom for a while and thought of poems left on the front of each stone.

    ‘Maybe he hid something in that poem.’

    It was nonsense to only leave sword formation.

    ‘Nano, can you replicate the front side of the stone on the first floor?’

    [Searching through saved video data.]

    Nano usually saved what Yeowun heard and saw. Soon, Nano was able to find the front side of the stone.

    [Found the video in the data. Creating 3D image of the stone’s front side.]

    Yeowun then saw the stone appearing in front of his eyes.

    [Ah the mighty wind blows, scattering the flying clouds, After I unified the realm, I returned home. How can I assign my fierce warriors to guard the four corners of our nation?]

    Chun Yeowun frowned as he looked at the writing.

    ‘It just looks like a normal poem. Is there something hidden in it?’

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    [After checking through the internal data, this is the poetry wrote at the creation of Han dynasty.]


    [It is poetry written by Liu Bang when he returned from his victory over Xiang Yu.]

    ‘…So, it wasn’t written by Father Chun Ma?’

    [No, Master.]

    Chun Yeowun was able to see what the poetry was, but he had to find out the secret behind it.

    ‘Nano, is the poetry have any different writings or letters?’

    [No, master.]

    Yeowun sighed.

    ‘Analyze it. See if you can find any slightest of clues in here.’

    [Scanning the surface.]

    A line began to move horizontally from the top to bottom slowly. And when it was done, Nano’s voice spoke.

    [There is a small hole at every word of the poetry.]

    Nano then showed unexplained holes in the letter, and each letter had a different number of holes.

    ‘What does this mean?’

    Yeowun began to think deeply into it.

    ‘Small hole.. a hole… is it the blood point?’

    Yeowun’s heart began to pound.

    ‘Think.. think… four holes.. four blood points? No. What is it then? Hmm. Oh, let’s look up the book.’

    Yeowun then remembered the blood point book that he scanned first and focused on the book, going back to the information.

    ‘Four holes… probably means the fourth blood point.’

    The fourth blood point was shown in the book on its location.

    ‘This is weird. The basic flow of energy starts from another place… it would need seven holes then… OH!’

    Chun Yeowun then finally realized the secret behind this.

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    ‘The first word is comprised of three lines, if adding four into it, it will point at the seventh blood point!’

    That was the secret behind it. Yeowun then began to calculate the letter and numbers to see the blood point of energy movement. And soon, he was able to complete the energy flow that moved through 23 points.

    “Hahahahaha! This is it! This is IT!!!”

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