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    Chapter 34: Founding of truth from Father Chun Ma (2)

    ‘A basic movement countering the formation?!’

    Chun Yeowun was astonished by Chun Yuchan’s movement. Ha Ilming couldn’t believe he had been overpowered by someone who wasn’t even ready to fight. Chun Yuchan smiled, “When you took the step with your right, your right arm was a bit rigid and your fingers went off balance. Did you hurt your right rib?”

    Ha Ilming’s eye grew wider in shock. Yuchan knew about his injury just by observing a few movements.

    ‘This guy… he’s not like any of the other cadets!’

    He then felt a huge difference in power between him and Yuchan. And unlike Ha Ilming who was serious, Chun Yuchan was still smiling.

    “So, what will it be?”


    Ha Ilming frowned as he nodded. He couldn’t dare to go on. Yuchan then pulled his hand back from Ilming’s neck.

    “Wait there. It won’t take long.”

    “…Whatever. I’ll get going. You take your time or whatever.”

    Ha Ilming then left to return to the dorm. He didn’t feel like fighting Yeowun when his pride was hurt.

    “Oh, he’s quick to change his mind.”

    Chun Yuchan laughed and scratched his head as he walked toward Yeowun who became wary of the man. He was the second prince to approach him after Chun Mukeum.

    ‘Is he trying to put me down?’

    He realized he didn’t have a chance if he tried to fight Chun Yuchan from what he just saw. Yeowun gave an order to Nano.

    ‘Nano, activate Augmented Reality. Activate battle tutorial with the setting of the Butterfly Blade Dance.’

    Yeowun then saw lines in his line of sight, analyzing Chun Yuchan. And as he readied himself, Chun Yuchan raised both hands as if he was surrendering.

    “Whoa, what’s with all nervousness?”


    It wasn’t hostile. Chun Yeowun became confused to hear such a friendly reaction from a member of the six clans.

    “Oh, well. I guess it is natural in your shoes.”

    Chun Yuchan nodded understandingly and Yeowun frowned.

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    “What do you want?”

    “Uh, what should I say… I was just trying to say hi to a half-brother?”

    Chun Yuchan then smiled, showing his white teeth. Chun Yeowun was shocked. He had been bullied and talked down by all members of the six clans until now, and it was the first time he had heard the word ‘brother’ from one of them.

    ‘…Is he joking with me?’

    Chun Yeowun was still unconvinced. Chun Yuchan then bowed to Yeowun.

    “It’s good to see you, brother.”

    At that expression, Chun Yeowun became angry. No matter how he put it, his tone didn’t make it sound like they were on good terms.

    “Hmm. I guess I’m still hated.”

    Yuchan then got back up. He knew what Yeowun had been through until now, so he understood.

    “Well, I guess I can’t expect friendliness from you.”

    “…And you wanted me to show you that?”

    “No, no. I just wanted to be on good terms with you. You see, I’ve come to like you.”


    Chun Yeowun frowned. It was irritating to hear that Yuchan now liked him. He smiled and continued, “We now walk the same path of the blade, you see?”

    “…And is that the reason why you like me?”

    “Of course! You know how shocking it was when I saw you cut the arms of that Lust Clan girl with your blade skill?”

    Yuchan began talking about what he saw and that he couldn’t forget the moment. When everyone else became wary of Chun Yeowun, it seemed like Yuchan thought otherwise.

    “I’m your number one fan now, brother.”

    “Stop jabbering brother nonsense and tell me your real reason for coming to me.”

    Yuchan then sighed at Yeowun’s continued suspicion and sighed, “Oh well… I guess it will take time for you to warm up. I’ll cut to the chase.”

    ‘He had a reason then.’

    The six clans made him swear an oath to never learn any martial arts even after his mother was killed. There was nothing weird in hearing anything.

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    “I’m being honest here. Join our Blade Clan.”

    Chun Yeowun’s jaw dropped.

    “Oh? You’re shocked? Well, I guess you are.”

    “Are you serious?”

    “Of course! I’ve been waiting for you to come out to ask this. Of course I’m not joking,” Yuchan replied. He was truly asking Yeowun to join the Blade Clan.

    “I don’t know about the others, but I don’t think you are my enemy. I want you to join the Blade clan and stay by my side.”

    ‘This guy…’

    Chun Yeowun then realized what he was thinking. He was asking him to give up on the competition and become his subject.

    “You want me to drop out of the competition?”

    “Oh? Is that what you think of it? Haha.”

    Yuchan burst into laughter and he soon stopped to speak seriously.

    “You have no chance.”

    “…What do you mean?”

    “It’s exactly as I said. If you walk the path of the blade, you will have to go through me. But you don’t stand a chance. However, since I am now your number one fan, you will have no problem if you walk in the same direction with me! Isn’t that great?”

    Chun Yeowun then realized how this man saw him. He didn’t even consider Yeowun as his competition. This made Yeowun even more adamant.

    “I refuse.”


    Chun Yuchan stopped his act at the cold rejection.

    “You are not enough to take me in.”


    “Let me give you an offer instead.”


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    Yuchan raised his eyebrow.

    “Don’t stand in my way and I will let you live.”

    At that moment, Chun Yuchan’s face scrunched up into terrible scowl. White lines began snaking around Yuchan’s right hand and arm, and numbers began to rise in Yeowun’s sight.

    [The enemy is focusing strong energy in his right arm. Take a half step to the left and activate the second formation of the Butterfly Blade Dance.]

    Chun Yuchan’s right arm moved slightly and Yeowun took a half step to the left. At that moment, Yuchan’s face returned and he began laughing again.


    [Enemy has ceased their attack. The energy focused in the right arm is decreasing rapidly.]

    Yuchan laughed for quite some time and answered expressionlessly, “It made me a little angry, but it was funny after I thought about it. Don’t stand in your way? That really sounded cool.”

    There was no friendliness in his eyes now. Yuchan then shook his head as he sighed, showing he had lost interest and turned away. He took a few steps forward and then stopped to speak.

    “If you walk the same way, we will soon cross paths. However, you are too far from talking about my life just yet.”

    [Enemy is focusing energy into his right hand. There is no intention to attack Master.]

    As Nano’s voice trailed off, Yuchan raised his right arm in the air and slashed it toward the ground. With the sound of a strike, a blue spark appeared, leaving a clear line on the ground.

    ‘Blade qi?’

    It was blade qi, clearly in shape of a blade around Yuchan’s arm. Only top class warriors could shape qi into a certain form.

    ‘Are you showing off your level?’

    This was to show the difference in power.

    “We’ll talk again.”

    Yuchan then left the scene. Chun Yeowun was left alone, clenching his fist. He thought he was now at a similar pace, but he still had a long ways to go.

    ‘Don’t think ahead… I need to rule over them, not just catch them.’

    He then reformed his thoughts again.

    And as for Chun Yuchan, he wasn’t all that pleased. He replaced his anger with laughter, but it was for a certain reason.

    ‘…He read my attack first.’

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    He was going to cut Yeowun’s right arm. If he wasn’t going to join Yuchan, it was better to cut his arm off so he couldn’t use blades anymore, but Chun Yeowun had moved out of range before Yuchan could bring up the power to unleash the blade qi.

    ‘So he’s not just an ordinary fool.’

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