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    Chapter 33: Founding of truth from Father Chun Ma (1)

    As Chun Yeowun was scanning the books, there was one person who was looking at him closely. It was Chun Yuchan, the prince from the Blade Clan. He had been focusing on the blade-related books, but he couldn’t stand watching Yeowun who was just skimming through countless books.


    He didn’t look like any of the other princes. Soon, most of the cadets ran out time and left. More cadets who entered, but it was more empty than when it was filled with over 100 cadets.

    [Scan completed.]

    [Scan completed.]

    [Scan completed.]

    When Yeowun’s candle was almost at the line, Nano spoke to him.

    [156 books scanned.]

    While most cadets memorized one to two books, Yeowun was able to scan a hundred times that.

    ‘This should be enough.’

    He had scanned too many books. Jegal Hyun, who was known for having the most knowledge in the Force of Justice would know less than Yeowun regarding low-ranking martial arts skills now.

    ‘Nano, analyze all the books I scanned today and save it in the program.’

    [Yes, Master.]

    Yeowun scanned these books not to just learn them. It was because of Submeng’s advice regarding the experience.

    ‘From what I can see, my Butterfly Blade Dance is probably within the top ten in the cult, but don’t be too arrogant.’

    ‘Yes, Teacher.’

    ‘Even if you have the skill, you need to train hundreds and thousands of times.’

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    Training was the hardest parts of martial arts. Luckily, Chun Yeowun was able to skip the hart part with Nano’s help.

    ‘The second thing you need is experience. I have perfected my martial arts after countless battles where I risked my life. In that sense, the Demonic Academy is a good place to gain such experience.’

    Those were his teacher’s words, but he didn’t have any chances to get that experience until now. Only the real fight he had experienced so far was between him and Chun Mukeum. That of course helped Yeowun with his simulation, but it was limited as Mukeum’s avatar only knew three formation. This was where his scanning came in to help.

    ‘Nano, can you create Guard Jang’s avatar also?’

    [It is possible since his basic information has already been analyzed while scanning for the dagger skill.]


    Yeowun was then able to fight Guard Jang. He was weaker then Chun Mukeum, but he was harder to deal with because unlike Mukeum who knew three formations, Guard Jang used all the formations of the dagger skill.

    ‘Wait.. then I can make him use more skills!’

    That’s how Chun Yeowun came up with a new idea. However, there was one more thing he needed to do beforehand. He wanted to look more closely at those sword formations in the blue pearl stone and transfer them to himself.

    ‘Oh, I’m almost out of time.’

    His candle was almost at the limit. Yeowun quickly returned and left the library. The instructor got the candle from him and circled Yeowun’s name in the booklet.

    “Hmph. You are free to go now.”

    “Thank you, sir.”

    And when he turned, the instructor mumbled, “Oh, and he wanted to know when you were coming out?”



    Yeowun felt curious about that, but turned back to return.

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    ‘Did someone wait for me?’

    He wanted to ask who, but it didn’t seem like the instructor would tell him anyway. Yeowun looked forward to returning to his private training room so he could transfer the sword skill. The sky was now quite dark. He had to return to his dorm before 10:30PM so he didn’t have much time.

    There was a wide building next to the main building that had 250 rooms for the cadets to practice alone. It was fully accessible after the second test. As Yeowun was going in, someone appeared and blocked him.

    “There you are, 7th cadet.”


    Yeowun looked at the boy blocking him. It was Ha Ilming, the leader of the 6th group.

    “Why were you looking for me?”

    Ha Ilming answered with an annoyed voice, “What? You think I don’t know that you made half my group members become limp?”

    Thanks to Yeowun, Ha Ilming had to give up on every formation plan he had to achieve victory with his own strength.

    ‘Ugh… I’m busy, man.’

    However, Yeowun was only focused on learning the sword skill. His thought that he had attracted an annoying enemy was correct.

    ‘He’s not weak though. Do I need to fight him?’

    Yeowun then thought there was no other way around it and decided to taunt him so he that he would lose his calm.

    Yeowun smiled, “Oh, I didn’t tell you to leave the room that night though.”

    “OH! Of course! Thanks to you, isn’t that right?”

    Ha Ilming didn’t fall for his taunt.

    ‘He’s not like you know who.’

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    Not everyone fell to taunts like Chun Mukeum. Ha Ilming already saw Chun Yeowun using the blade skill and he also cracked his ribs, so he was very careful.

    ‘I have to be serious then.’

    Yeowun turned serious and readied himself. Right when they were about to lunge toward each other, someone called them. But two boys did not look away as they were focusing on each other.


    And the man appeared in between them, blocking their sight.

    “Who are you!” Ha Ilming cried. When Yeowun saw the intruder’s face, he became wary. It was Chun Yuchan from the Blade clan.

    “Haha, you two sure were focused.”

    Chun Yuchan laughed and turned to Yeowun. It looked like he had been waiting for Yeowun. Yuchan then turned to Ilming.

    “I’m sorry, but I’ve been waiting for him for a while. Can I talk to him first? It won’t take long, please?”

    He then bowed. This was an act that was never before seen from any prince. Ha Ilming became dumbfounded.

    “I have been looking for him all day. Don’t give me that crap and get lost.”

    “Oh? But I can’t do that. Hmm…”

    Chun Yuchan kept on speaking with dumb look on his face and Ilming couldn’t hold back any longer. He jabbed his fingers forward like a sword to use his sword skill. He wielded strong internal energy with the attack.

    Yet, Chun Yuchan easily blocked the attack and his hand stopped right next to Ilming’s neck. If it was a real blade, it would have killed Ha Ilming.


    Ha Ilming was shocked. Yuchan smiled at him.

    “Will you give me some space now?”

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